It’s Time for More MOBA and MMO Console Games

by in Dota 2 | May, 27th 2019

There are a few different genres that PC gamers have had pretty much on lockdown since the creation of the genres. But there are so many different gamers, including myself, who prefer the convenience and ease of playing on a console.

As such, it’s time for more MOBA and MMO console games to release. These are two genres that are mostly solely meant for computers. There are others like RTS and adventure games, but the former is something that I don’t claim to be an expert in, and adventure games have completely changed to be available on mobile and consoles, too.

But MOBA and MMO games still remain mostly exclusive to PC. There are a few notable exceptions to this rule like Final Fantasy XIV and Smite, but there shouldn’t have to be exceptions. Here is why I think that this should be more common and what games should specifically come to consoles.

Why MOBA and MMO Games Should Come to Console

There are a few different reasons why these two genres should have more games to offer on console and mobile, too, if it works. For starters, there is the point of accessibility. Games look great these days, but each new game does seem to me like not as much of a major improvement as it used to be.

As such, one focus that video game companies should start to switch to is accessibility. Games should become more and more accessible to various audiences that would like to enjoy them like PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch players.

This requires time and money, as teams will have to dedicate resources to ensure that the games run and work well on console platforms. But I think that it’s totally worth it as console players have shown that they are willing to spend money on these types of quality games.

The financial potential of bringing these games to consoles is another reason that companies should do this. It brings their franchises to a whole new audience with possible benefits of this. Plus, it would result in fan appreciation.

I know that I prefer to play games on my console hooked up to a big TV screen. I like the controller support and overall ease of everything. While I don’t hate playing on PC, everything is much simpler on a console platform, and that appeals to me. Here are some games that need to come over to the console side and why.

10. Dota 2

Dota 2 on Console Header

This list wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t acknowledge the influential and incomparable Dota 2. This MOBA has been one of two major defining factors for the entire genre (more on the other in a moment). Created by Steam owner Valve, there is no doubting its stake in the PC community.

However, its placement at the bottom (top?) of this list is simply because of two major factors. The game would be great for more people to play on console with better controls that would fit a controller or even the touchscreen on Nintendo Switch.

But the problem with this is the complexity of the game. It would really need some important changes to the controls to allow for it to fit on the limited number of buttons on a controller. This is one of the most complex MOBAs around, if not the most complex, so this would really take some time to suit to consoles.

While it wouldn’t be impossible for this to happen, it’s made further unlikely due to a certain creator of the game. Valve has certainly brought games to console before, but considering how tough this one would be compared to Portal or Left 4 Dead, it may not be worth it to Valve. However, I would still like to see it happen.

9. League of Legends

League of Legends on Console Header

League of Legends is the other MOBA giant that has defined the genre and every game that followed after it. The difference is that it’s not actually Valve that made League of Legends, so there is less of the stigma that is associated with that.

In addition, League of Legends is a much more popular game than Dota 2 around the world, making it a more viable possibility for console experiences. However, even it has issues of its own that may trump this happening for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or mobile.

While it is a Rather complex game, I do think it’s worth attempting and certainly possible on console. The problem is how old the game is. It’s well past the time that it would have made sense to happen, so I don’t think it will happen at all.

Sure, stranger things have happened, but League of Legends is in a comfortable place where it really isn’t necessary for the game to come to console. But since I do think it’s more likely, and I would, personally, want this game more than Dota 2, it placed just barely above it.

8. Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI on Console Headers

If you know me, you know I’m a massive Final Fantasy fan. Final Fantasy XIV (also more on that in a little while) is one of the games that I really love, but I’ve never had the chance to try out its predecessor Final Fantasy XI. This MMO is one that I really wanted to play during the Xbox 360 generation.

The only thing that kept me from doing that was lack of money for a subscription and, more importantly, the lack of a stable internet connection. Thing is, that’s changed for me and for many other people around the world since, too.

Final Fantasy XI has been slowly dying off due to its age, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a little bit of life left. What better way to do so than bring it to new platforms where new players could experience it for the first time?

It’s been on console before, but it would be great to see it come to new platforms like the current or next generation of systems. There have been talks of a mobile version, so just taking some time to bring it to consoles, too, shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

7. Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 on Console Headers

Ah, Guild Wars 2. There’s a lot that can be said about this unfortunate MMO. It’s not a bad game at all; quite the contrary, in fact. But the studio behind it is essentially no more, and the development on it is pretty minimal from what it seems.

It doesn’t even seem like there is hope for a third game in the beloved series either. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for a console version of Guild Wars 2. In fact, it might be a great way to honor the legacy of the series and bring it to a new audience.

If the series is sadly fated to never get another game, it would be great for it to finally be brought to consoles. It’s one of the most action-based games on this list and one that I think will feel amazing on a controller. Here’s hoping that a console version will happen.

6. Star Citizen

Star Citizen on Console Headers

Now it’s time for the more positive MOBA and MMO console games on this list. Star Citizen is sort of a weird game that I am absolutely fascinated with. Will it be a success? Will it not? It’s hard to say at this time, honestly.

However, the sheer ambition of it all has me overwhelmed with excitement. I’m currently waiting for it to finally approach some sort of beta or, dare I say it, full release to really dive deep into this massive sci-fi game.

Considering how colossal it is, it is probably hard to say when it will finally release in full on PC. But one way to recuperate some of the insane costs behind its development could be bringing it to consoles, too.

But given its scope and technical complexity, it might not be best for this generation. This is actually the only game on this list that I would recommend come to the PS5 and next Xbox consoles. It’s not the most likely scenario, but it would be great to happen.

5. RuneScape

Runescape on Console Headers

RuneScape was the very first MMO I ever played and one that I still go back to every few years. It keeps bringing me back in, no matter how old or dated it may seem today. In fact, there is a nice core audience keeping Old School and its latest incarnation alive.

Jagex has made the smart decision to bring the classic MMORPG to mobile recently, which has, hopefully, paid off well for the company. But it doesn’t necessarily have to stop there, though. I think it would be amazing for it to come to other systems, too.

I think that with some small tweaks, it could work well on a controller. But I do understand that this may not work as well as it does in theory. That still doesn’t mean that it can’t come to a console. I think it would work nicely with Nintendo Switch given its touchscreen. I would really like it, especially since it has a bigger screen than my phone.

4. Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm on Console Headers

Heroes of the Storm is the MOBA that I expect and predict would be most likely to come to PS4, Xbox One, and/or Nintendo Switch. Coming from Blizzard Entertainment, it’s actually one of the few Blizzard games these days that isn’t on a console.

It features characters from across Blizzard’s various franchises and, while it isn’t Dota or LoL, it’s still a worthwhile MOBA in its own right. Considering Blizzard’s willingness to bring its games to other platforms, I think it’s highly likely this will happen.

However, Blizzard has been kind of slow in releasing games lately, so at the same time, there is the chance this won’t happen or at least anytime soon. Regardless, I think it would fit well with controller support and could bring MOBA games to a mainstream audience.

3. Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars the Old Republic on Console Headers

Star Wars: The Old Republic is one of my favorite MMO games of all time, but it has fallen off my radar in recent years as I’m sure it has for many other players like me. It’s a great game with one of the most engaging and player-driven storylines I’ve seen in an MMO.

Even though I stopped in the level 30s range, I really do want to go back. But when I tried to, I found myself quickly losing interest due to playing on my PC. I’ve been spoiled in recent years by console MMOs like FFXIV and the like.

I think it would be great for the game to get more exposure from new audiences by coming to new platforms. It would also be a great way to bring back old audiences like myself who fell away. It doesn’t even matter if I can’t get my old account back, since there are so many different storylines to follow.

2. Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV on Console Headers

As I mentioned before, Final Fantasy XIV is one of my favorite video games of all time. In 2017 when the second expansion released, I put in just under 1,000 hours into it on PS4. Those are numbers that no other game has come close to in total, let alone in just one year.

It’s a game that is already on PS4, though, so you may be wondering why it’s on this list. Well, it’s because it’s only available on PS4 in terms of consoles. Even the PS3 version is gone. I put it on this list because I want to see FFXIV come to other platforms in the future.

It’s been long talked about, but it would be great to see it on Xbox One and, more importantly, Nintendo Switch. It’s also important that the upcoming PS5 support the game as well since more expansions will release after that console comes out. Since it’s already available on one console, it’s not nearly as dire as the final entry on this list.

1. World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft on Console Headers

World of Warcraft defined the MMO genre in so many ways. It is a game that mainstream audiences know of, it’s a pop culture icon, and it’s still going even today. But there is one thing that it doesn’t have, and that’s a console version.

Be it the classic game or the main game, either one or both would work well on consoles. It’s long overdue, too. Before you say it’s too complex to play, FFXIV has taken roughly the same controls and translated it perfectly to a controller.

There is no doubt in my mind that Blizzard could make it feel right to play on console. The only question is whether or not it will do it. I think that it needs to happen, but I’ve also wanted this for many years now.

Since it hasn’t happened, it does have me concerned it never will, but with the release of classic WoW, I don’t see why it can’t still happen. Considering it is declining, albeit slowly, this could be a way to ensure it sticks around for at least another decade or so.


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