Things We’ve Learned From the God of War Ragnarok Trailer

by in General | Sep, 20th 2021

The latest God of War Ragnarok trailer was a sight for sore eyes, especially those partial to the game’s Norse setting. It’s been quite a while since we’d last seen Kratos and Atreus. We’re dying once again to traverse the game’s spectacular world(s) and clash off against the Aesir/Vanir pantheon. 

The first entry in this oh-so-interesting duology took its time in establishing the world’s (noticeably altered) mythology. It also showed us the dynamic between Kratos and his son, along with the many trials and tribulations they had to face to fulfill a promise. On our path to Jötunheim (the land of the giants), we faced a wide range of creatures and deities, and every single step along the way was packed with action and peril. 

The sequel, however, will have a wholly different purpose and narrative core: it is about exploring one’s destiny and the consequences of one’s actions — those made in the past and present. Well, that, and probably a myriad of other things the writers’ team managed to cram in!

And, by the looks of it, our protagonists will encounter a slew of important figures and deities, including Tyr, Angrboda, Thor, and probably even Odin. Some will serve as foes, and others as supporting characters that’ll help move the plot forward. In particular, Ragnarok (“the end of the world of gods and men”) is one of the most interesting stories amongst all Norse myths. The fact that we’ll get to “experience” it through the lens of Kratos and his son — who’ll no doubt play a prominent part — means you’ll need to get your hands on a PlayStation 5 once this oh-so-anticipated sequel hits the shelves!

The most recent trailer didn’t show us too much, but it did give us a few interesting hints and tidbits, all of which warrant our undivided attention!

Prepare for Ragnarok — The End of All Things

If you’re even remotely acquainted with Norse mythology — or happened to have read a few comic books or watched a few Marvel movies — then you’re surely aware of Ragnarok and its importance. In short: Ragnarok is inevitable and will spell the doom of the world as we know it, including the Aesir/Vanir gods and most of their offspring. 

Vigrid — a large field foretold to host the battle between the god and giants and a slew of other horrible creatures — will witness many horrible events, including the deaths of Thor, Loki, Odin, Heimdall, and most other Aesir gods and goddesses. No one will emerge victorious from this fated battle, although the world will regenerate. 

This, of course, is all according to the Prose and Poetic Eddas. What’ll happen in the game is anyone’s guess at this point, but the writers’ team will surely take things in a wholly unexpected direction.

Moreover, Kratos and Atreus are a part of the equation means that a twist is all but guaranteed to happen!

Tyr Will Play A Big Part

The Norse god of war is quite an interesting character. Of course, he’s a formidable fighter and a tactician, but he’s perhaps best known for his encounter with Fenrir, one of Loki’s three children. He had taken a liking to the Fenrir wolf — a connection that would eventually cost him one of his arms. In the trailer, though, he has both, which means Fenrir still hasn’t become a problem worthy of Aesir’s attention.

Lore-wise, Tyr plays a vital part in the whole narrative and will surely receive a lot of attention in God of War Ragnarok as well — especially considering the twist at the end of the first installment!

Angrboda — Expect the Unexpected

Angrboda, a well-known giantess and the mother of Loki’s three children, will also make an appearance, although, to be fair, her age is nowhere near what we expected it would be. Whether that’s just a pinch of creative freedom taken by the writers’ team or magic (for which the frost giants are known for) remains to be seen. 

Based on all available information (along with the ever-engaging Eddas), Angrboda could very well be a romantic interest for Atreus. Where that could lead and how it could unravel is anyone’s guess at this point. 

Thor — A Most Imposing Adversary

One glance at Thor’s Mjölnir is all you need to understand that we’ll face our stiffest test yet once God of War Ragnarok is released — and the trailer makes it quite obvious, too. Killing Magni and Modi — Thor’s somewhat dimwitted sons — has left the hammer-wielding god in a bad mood (and justifiably so). Whether he’s looking for revenge or is on a mission from Odin (perhaps both) remains to be seen.

Either way, players can expect a mind-blowing, high-stakes face-off that’s bound to deliver!

Expect the Unexpected

If there’s one thing that became evident with 2018’s God of War, it is that Santa Monica Studio isn’t in the business of retelling age-old Norse myths. Instead, the writers’ team wants to use these tales and legends as a backdrop for something else entirely. 

In other words: God of War Ragnarok will surely deviate from the stories we all know and love. No one should be complaining for the fact — that’s how the best and most unexpected twists come into existence!

Last but certainly not least, we suggest you brush up on your knowledge of Norse mythology before God of War Ragnarok hits the shelvesNeil Gaiman’s retelling is a superb (and quite palatable) way of experiencing these myths and would no doubt serve as a great foundation for the many twists and turns that Ragnarok will bring to the table!


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