These are the Best FUT 22 Triangles You Should Use in Season 1

by in Sports Games | Oct, 4th 2021

FIFA 22 is officially out, boys and girls! Finally, everyone who purchased the game one way or another now has full access to it. The Ultimate Team is already packed with players climbing up the freshly-redesigned Division Rivals ladder system. Online seasons are popular to, but nowhere near the popularity of EA’s Golden Goose – the moneymaker itself – FIFA 22 Ultimate team!

But, if you don’t want to spend too much money on this game, you’ll have to settle with cheaper players early on. Luckily, some exceptional FUT 22 triangles aren’t too expensive. Some of them can be made from scratch for roughly 10,000 coins.

Of course, we won’t just talk about dirt-cheap stuff here. We’ll target the 50,000-mark as the max price for our FUT 22 triangles. If you’re looking for clean connections, no matter which league/nation/hybrid you currently got going on, some of these FUT 22 triangles ought to tingle your imagination!

FUT 22 Triangles | Defense

Let’s start off with two excellent defensive FUT 22 triangles. Whether you’re looking for a GK-based option or something for the flanks, these two will have you covered with numerous options for either keeping things clean or expanding to a hybrid setup later on.

Pope, Tomori, Stones

Pope, Tomori, and Stones is the first of our FUT 22 triangles here. Why Pope? Well, he’s the best English goalkeeper in the game, miles better than Pickford and the company. Tomori, with 82 pace and dirt-cheap price tag is an excellent choice for your first center-back. As for the second, you can either go with 82 pace Gomez (around 40,000 coins) or dirt-cheap Stones with 70.

What makes this triangle so good? Well, you can expand into a nice little hybrid on either of the sides. If you want to go right, you can opt for Atletico’s Trippier. He’s not the fastest option, but he’ll do fine once you give him extra pace and passing with chemistry styles.

As for the left, you can either go with Hernandez and keep building on Italian Serie A, or go with someone like Luke Shaw. Not the paciest, just like Trippier, but can be great when equipped with a proper chem style.

Trapp, Lacroix, St. Juste

Lacroix may sent you back 40k, but he’s totally worth it (credit Futbin)

Here we have a pacey center-back tandem from the German Bundesliga. Lacroix will set you back for around 40+k, though, so this isn’t one of those cheap FUT 22 triangles some of you expected. But, Trapp is dirt cheap and St. Juste can often be found below 10,000.

88 pace on Lacroix, 91 pace on St. Juste who’ll have a green link with Trapp is just what you need in your defense. Best of all, this gives you an opportunity to connect with other leagues on the flanks. For instance, you can go with Dumfries on the right, incorporating a Serie A/Bundesliga hybrid. The left side perfectly fits AC Milan’s Hernandez. A pricey option, but one that would make this defense rock-solid in the first FUT 22 season!

FUT 22 Triangles | Midfield

Picking midfield-based FUT 22 triangles is much more difficult. It’s because of the sheer number of possibilities given how many different formations exist in the game. That said, take these with a pinch of salt as the formation they require might not fit your style of play.

Valverde, Suarez, Cavani

It might not be that meta, but this trio fantastic will surely get you through the early stages of your FUT 22 gameplay. Valverde as the CDM, Suarez as the CAM, and Cavani as the striker. These three pair up with each other and form a solid attacking base around which you can create a mighty Premier League x La Liga hybrid.

But, the price is pretty significant! Valverde will set you back for around 40,000 to 45,000, depending on your platform. The remaining two are much cheaper – expect to pay around 15,000 coins for both of them combined.

Saul, Moreno, Inaki Williams

Inaki Williams returns as a solid cheap-gem (credit Futbin)

Here’s what I’ve been using in FIFA 22 since day one – Saul, Moreno, Inaki Williams connection that helped me climb to fifth division in just two days. They are absolutely amazing. Saul and Moreno are left-footed so I love to set them up in a formation with plenty of CM/CAM options. Moreno is often on the right, Saul in the middle – but they both have scored plenty of goals from outside of the box thus far.

As for Inaki Williams, I reckon he needs no further introduction. His FIFA 21 card was absolutely brilliant, and this year’s iteration delivers more of the same. The base stats have remained the same, meaning Inaki is a fully-fledged cheap-gem that will grant you wins with his superb pace and prolific shooting. Best of all, all three of these can be purchased for less than 10,000. That’s less than 10,000 combined, mind you.

FUT 22 Triangles | Attack

Last but not least, let’s check out two awesome FUT 22 triangles to settle your attacking segment. Let’s roll!

Ocampos, Correa, Martinez

If you’re looking to build a Serie A x La Liga hybrid, which are highly popular in FUT 22, you can’t go wrong with this mix. Ocampos on the left-wing, Martinez as the CAM, and Correa as the striker. Yep, I like using Martinez as a CAM – I used it on this position in the last FIFA and he was absolutely amazing.

I expect the same kind of consistency from him in FIFA 22 too. He’s off to a good start, I have to say, though I had to let this mix go in favor of Saul, Moreno and Inaki Williams. If you want pacey, prolific goal-scoring machines, this trio ought to be right up your alley.

Malen, Baku, Diaby

Malen is having a great season in BVB (credit Futbin)

That’s right – we can’t finish this piece without mentioning Malen. The Dutch striker is having a blast in BVB this season, and his FIFA 22 card is absolutely brilliant. Best of all, the German Bundesliga has plenty of talented, pacey individuals with good goalscoring abilities that can be nicely connected with Malen.

Best of all, you can connect Mbabu and Lacroix with green links on the right side thanks to the fact Baku is also from Wolfsburg. If raw pace is what you’re looking for, then this Bundesliga beefy squad (or a potent hybrid, whichever way you put it) ought to be fantastic in the early game.

The Wrap-Up

What are your thoughts on above-featured FUT 22 triangles? Are you satisfied with our picks or do you have suggestions of your own? Would you like more of these pieces? Please tell us more in the comments section below!


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