The Worst League of Legends Skins

by in League of Legends | Sep, 12th 2019

League of Legends’ revenue model primarily revolves around skins. While you can buy a ton of different stuff as well, the lion’s share of Riot’s yearly earning comes from cosmetic items.

Because of this, Riot wants to create the best and most attractive skins imaginable, and to be fair, they’ve succeeded more often than not. But back in the day when League wasn’t as polished as it is now, there was a surprising amount of underwhelming cosmetic abominations.

So let’s take a closer look at the worst League of Legends skins that are currently obtainable in-game.

Now, the number of shoddy skins has definitely decreased over the last couple of months and years. Riot is fully aware of their cringe-inducing history, and they’ve been working around the clock to remove any leftover traces. Whenever an older champion is reworked, they also invest ample time into rethinking and redesigning all of their skins as well.

Because of this, we’ve lost more than just a couple of legendary — albeit disgusting — skins.

Like Lollipoppy. Yeesh.

League of Legends Lollipoppy Skin

Despite this, there are still more than enough outdated and atrocious skins left in the game. Making a list of the worst League of Legends skins currently available is no easy task, although it is noticeably easier than making the top League of Legends skins list.

This time around, however, there’s no complex criteria — the skin has to be either appalling or meaningless. Nothing more, nothing less.

Finally, these abysmal skins are listed in no particular order. They’re all awful in one way or another, so there’s no use in ranking them.

11. Rusty Blitzcrank

A list of worst League of Legends skins cannot be complete without Rusty Blitzcrank. The sheer fact that this skin exists really boggles the mind. One has to wonder if someone actually got paid to come up with this.

“We need ideas for new skins, guys.”

“We could take Blitzcrank and make him rusty?”

“Genius! Design team, get on it!”

There is nothing praiseworthy about it. It really is just Blitzcrank in a darker shade. For 520RP, you get an eroded hunk of metal. Nothing worth bragging about. Then again, this skin is so darn bad it’s almost good. Almost. Picking it in champ select is like a badge of honor.

That said, this skin is definitely a precursor to today’s chromas.

League of Legends Rusty Blitzcrank Skin

10. Nightmare Cho’Gath

This aptly-named abomination of a skin is a hard pill to swallow, especially if you happen to get it three times in a row through Hextech Crafting, like a certain someone who’s writing this article.

Again, much like Rusty Blitzcrank, this is literally just a recoloring. But for a skin that has so much potential on paper, it sure is a let-down.

The splash art has to be the worst part.

Hideous in every regard. As if it’s laughing in your face: “You could have gotten any other skin in the game, but you ended up with me. Again.”

If anything, there is some truth behind it all. Opening a chest and getting this skin truly is a nightmare.

League of Legends Nightmare Cho’Gath Skin

9. Magnificent Twisted Fate

For a skin that has “magnificent” as a prefix, this one sure feels underdeveloped. And bad. As if playing a bearded slim fit dude who’s shuffling cards for a living isn’t bad enough (not exactly a sought-after fantasy), Riot went and added a cape.

Oh, the creativity! The sheer ingenuity of it all.

And here’s the real kicker: this is a legendary skin. You need to pony up a whopping 1820RP to don this magician-esque cape. So on paper, this should be one of the best and most insane skins the game has to offer.

Hardly worth $20.

League of Legends Magnificent Twisted Fate Skin

8. Spectacular Sivir

Continuing the trend of false advertising, we have a not-exactly-spectacular skin for Sivir. Now, Sivir, in general, doesn’t wear a lot of clothes, so there’s not much you can design around.

Unless, you know, you give her an outfit.

Regardless, if you’re going to ship just a slightly recolored bathing suit, might as well call it something other than “spectacular.”

This skin, however, is a two-way catastrophe. It’s hard to decide what’s worse — the in-game model or the splash art. The former is downright dreadful. The latter, however, is disgusting.

Yes, this is the actual in-game splash art. Or, to be more exact, it was the in-game splash art. After a bafflingly long amount of time, Riot realized that it didn’t meet their criteria, so they “updated” it.

It’s hard saying whether something is beautiful or not. After all, it all comes down to personal preference. Subjectivity plays a key part, and yet we can all agree that this is some of the worst art the game has ever seen in its ten-year history.

It is almost spectacularly bad.

League of Legends Spectacular Sivir Skin

7. Deadly Kennen

Nothing screams “deadly” more than a slight change in color. Had Riot not opted for this bloodish shade of red, we really wouldn’t know this Kennen was deadly.

Much like every other offender on this worst League of Legends skins list, there’s nothing inherently attractive or praiseworthy about it. It blurs the line between a chroma and an actual skin, and it’s not particularly creative by design either.

League of Legends Deadly Kennen Skin

6. Union Jack Fiddlesticks

Next up, we have Fiddlesticks wrapped in a United Kingdom flag. That’s pretty much it. Do you really want to flaunt your flag that much? Is this luxury worth 520RP? To make matters even worse, this skin is by no means a visual upgrade from the vanilla Fiddlesticks model.

When we compare this to basically any other contemporary League of Legends skin, it’s hard not to be at least a bit confused at how this one saw the light of day. It’s not exactly a recolor, but it is an underachiever. Union Jack Fiddlesticks was released back in 2010 to commemorate the start of the Winter Olympics.

Needless to say, it made no one proud.

League of Legends Union Jack Fiddlesticks Skin

5. Shamrock Malphite

As if Malphite’s vanilla model wasn’t bad enough, imagine buying a skin that makes him almost fluorescent. One thing is for certain: he’s long overdue for a rework. Then again, when Riot reimagines the “Shard of the Monolith,” how will they approach redesigning such a basic, one-dimensional skin?

Heck, there are more complex chromas out there right now. They shouldn’t even bother; this one is too bland and uninspired.

League of Legends Shamrock Malphite Skin

4. Vancouver Amumu

Imagine paying 520RP to recolor your feet and torso. This skin screams “lazy” and is laughably bad in every way, shape, and form. Then again, there aren’t many Amumu mains out there in the world, so the number of people who complained never went above five.

This skin was released in conjunction with the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, and it surely didn’t do the Olympics justice.

On the other hand, you can consider this skin as four chromas in one. From that point of view, it’s not such a bad deal?

League of Legends Vancouver Amumu Skin

3. Nosferatu Vladimir

Now, while playing as a completely bald version of Vladimir might be enticing to some, it’s hard to highlight just how hideous his in-game model looks — especially the face. Riot tried to recreate the famous monstrosity from the 1922 German expressionist horror film with Max Schreck as the titular vampire.

The film has a unique place within the annals of history. It is of great historical importance. The skin, albeit eerily accurate, is still a bit too revolting.

Regardless, depending on who you ask, this skin might fall under the “so bad it’s good” category.

League of Legends Nosferatu Vladimir Skin

2. Badger Teemo

If you’re a Teemo main and you’ve always wanted the little devil to be a bit less green, you’re in luck! By buying this glorified chroma, you’ll be able to slightly recolor everyone’s least favorite champion in yellow!

All for a meager price of 520RP!

League of Legends Badger Teemo Skin

1. Black Belt Udyr

This skin is basically Udyr wearing a black belt. To be quite frank, this wouldn’t even pass as a chroma nowadays, and if you ever get the skin out of a chest, you have every right to furiously scream at the top of your lungs.

There’s even a fairly visible Riot Games logo on the front. Just in case you forgot who made the game.

That’s it for our list of worst League of Legends skins! No matter your taste, there has to be something you truly dislike from the list above. It’s hard not to be grateful for the many awe-inspiring skins we get on a bi-weekly basis after seeing these outdated cosmetic monstrosities.

League of Legends Black Belt Udyr Skin


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