The Biggest Hero Buffs and Nerfs in Dota 2 Patch 7.30

by in Dota 2 | Aug, 20th 2021

While the sad news of Dota’s biggest tournament of the year, The International, not taking place in Sweden disappointed Dota fans, Valve has been hard at work getting into their fans’ good graces. Valve quickly pivoted to Romania as the new host city for The International and released the Nemestice battle pass event which just recently concluded. No one could have expected Dota patch 7.30 dropping soon after.

The 7.30 patch introduces some significant hero buffs and nerfs that are sure to disrupt the Dota meta, as well as create new possibilities for heroes in positions/roles players haven’t seen them in before. While the patch introduces some gameplay changes and item changes, we’ll be focusing primarily on heroes who have received significant changes and stand out as either the patch’s biggest winners, losers, or notable in some other way. A full list of the patch’s changes can be found here.

Patch Context: The 7.29 Meta

To get a better handle of the impact of 7.30, we’ll briefly touch on the previous meta of the previous Dota patch.

Many agree that the previous patch felt fairly balanced and that no particular phase of the game stood out as being crucial to victory. However, the pool of viable hard carry (position 1) and mid-lane (position 2) heroes had turned into a puddle.

Tanky offlaners saw a lot of priority as pros cycled through heroes like Dragon Knight, Mars, Timbersaw, and Viper. These heroes saw success in the offlane as they could bully most melee carries out of lane and even stomp them. The most notorious of these heroes had to be Axe, who with only an Aghanim’s Shard and a Manta Style could push down lanes, deal significant hero damage, and still be a reliable initiator for his team.

Dragon Knight - Dota 2
Tanky offlaners like Dragon Knight have dominated the pro meta (image credit Valve)

The abundance of tanky offlaners meant that ranged heroes like Luna, Medusa, Gyrocopter, and Drow Ranger were typically the last choice for a team’s draft in terms of hard carries as their range meant they could farm lane safely, then ramp up farm in the jungle with their multishot abilities. Some illusion carries like Terrorblade and Phantom Lancer saw play due to the late-game strength of their illusions, but these heroes would be met by potential counters like Lion in lane.

Holy Locket made healing supports incredibly popular with heroes like Phoenix, Winter Wyvern, Enchantress, Abaddon, and Oracle picking up the item to provide sustain and support for tankier heroes. The abundance of these heal-centric supports made Ancient Apparition a highly contested pick as his Ice Blast ability could assist ganks globally and prevent healing.

Other popular heroes included heroes with good engagement spells such as Nyx Assassin, Lina, and Hoodwink as well as versatile mids such as Templar Assassin and Puck.

Overall, the patch was received as stable, if a bit stale in terms of hero variety.

The Biggest Hero Buffs for Patch 7.30

Now that we have a better understanding of the previous patch, let’s look at the heroes that have received some game changing buffs.

Bounty Hunter

Changes to Bounty’s Shuriken Toss and Jinada make the hero viable as a core in either the offlane and possibly the safe lane as you can now reliably confirm last hits and harass with Shuriken Toss and apply Jinada without drawing aggro.

Shuriken Toss has become more spammable with its mana cost and cool-down reduction, and Jinada can now be toggled. The hero’s talent changes also improves his overall utility for the team making him a prime candidate in the offlane as a position 3 hero.


Tinker’s entire kit has been changed. Tinker’s Lazer now splashes in a 250 area of effect for 100% of his damage, effectively becoming his new farming ability. He also gains Keen Conveyance, which allows him to channel a teleport to a nearby friendly building/unit/hero. His March of the Machines is now locked behind an Aghanim’s Shard upgrade and is replaced by Defense Matrix.

In the past, Tinker had to prioritize Boots of Travel in order to farm around the map and be a nuisance to the enemy team. Keen Conveyance essentially lets Tinker build into his core items sooner and opens up another item slot for the hero.

Tinker DOTA 2 Hero Guides on DOTAFire
Tinker got some solid buffs in patch 7.30 (image credit Dotafire)

With Defense Matrix being a standard ability on Tinker, it’s possible that the hero could be played as a defensive support who can transition to a semi-core later in the game, freeing the mid-lane to another hero teams may wanna prioritize more.


Clinkz has always been a popular hero at the lower rungs of Dota 2 play, but struggled at the upper echelons due to his inability to clear creep waves and sustainably farm.

Clinkz’s new ability Burning Barrage channels piercing arrows in a target direction that deal 60% of his attack damage as well as applying attack modifiers. Its low mana cost and cooldown make it a great ability to spam on waves before Skeleton Walking to another lane or to a possible fight.

Ember Spirit

Changes to Ember Spirit’s Flame Guard allow the hero to return to the mid lane now that the ability absorbs 110 damage, effectively neutering the level 1 nukes of popular caster mids. The change also makes him tankier against neutral creeps, allowing him to farm nearby jungle camps earlier.

His Level 20 talent change to gaining an additional Searing Chains target gives him an advantage against heroes who like to naturally build Manta Style like Phantom Lancer or Spectre, ensuring that the real hero will get rooted every time.

The Biggest Hero Nerfs for Patch 7.30

Every game has winners and losers. Unfortunately, the following heroes are the biggest losers of patch 7.30 receiving changes that effectively take them out of the viable Dota hero pool.

Chaos Knight

A single talent change is enough to absolutely dumpster Chaos Knight, who saw some time in the limelight last patch as a hard carry pick. His Level 15 cleave talent has been removed which negates his ability to farm at the same pace as other carries.

Changes to his Level 10 talents also remove his ability to gain stats which he appreciates as a core, and basically make it harder for him to be an effective carry. This hero may see some use as an unconventional support, but his ability to carry games has effectively been thrown into the trash.

Winter Wyvern

Winter Wyvern received nerfs to nearly everything in her kit, but what stands out the most are changes that affect her healing ability, Cold Embrace. The healing percentage has been decreased by .25%/.5%/.75%/1% and a talent that boosted the ability’s healing percentage has been replaced with a flat +25HP/s.

Winter’s Curse had its range nerfed and Arctic Burn now requires more investment to get the same payoff. After several patches changing this hero specifically, we can finally say goodbye to Winter Wyvern.


While these changes may not influence Invoker too much at pro-level pay, Invoker mains are going to have to completely re-learn the hero’s ability timings. Invoker’s Tornado lift duration has changed along with Deafening Blast’s knockback.

Dota 2 - Invoker
Invoker’s timings are gonna need some relearning from mains (image credit Valve)

As a hero that relies on precise timing, spacing, and targeting, this can throw off a lot of players who have become used to the hero’s rhythm.


Nerfs to Whirling Death and Timberchain’s damage means that Timbersaw will now have a harder time harassing heroes in lane or confirming kills early. As a hero who loves to snowball, these nerfs really take a lot of momentum out of Timbersaw and leave him kind of dead in the water.

Cooldown Reduction has been essentially cut out from hero talents in this patch, and as a hero who needs to constantly be spamming abilities, Timbersaw really enjoyed having a 12% cooldown reduction at level 20. It’s been replaced with +3% Chakram slow, which doesn’t do a whole lot for the hero.


A Puck with a Witch Blade was seen as a devastating monster last patch, but now that the item has been nerfed along with Puck’s base damage, Puck should see a pretty steep decline in popularity. Phase Shift’s cooldown increase by .5 at all levels jeopardizes the hero’s survivability and turns what used to be easy getaways into desperate gambles.

Dream Coil no longer having an initial stun also prevents Puck from canceling channeling abilities like Pugna’s Life Drain.

Other Notable Hero Changes & Expectations

Heroes like Disruptor, Vengeful Spirit, Pudge, and Shadow Shaman got some ability changes that make them more reliable supports than they were in the past, especially Pudge who can now use his hook to confirm ranged creep kills or kill jungle creeps.

Some heroes that were being played unconventionally like Axe and Omni in the carry role have seen changes that now relegate them to positions that they’ve historically performed well in, which should help ease expectations of any viewers returning to Dota for the International’s tenth anniversary.

Overall, the hero changes in Dota patch 7.30 lean pretty heavily into the trend of hero picks where you can’t be absolutely certain where heroes are going to lane and what position they may be played in. This ambiguity really makes Dota exciting to watch as pro teams engage in mind games against each other using popular meta picks, pocket strategies, and comfort heroes to try and gain an advantage over one another. With this year’s International looming on the horizon, we can expect some exciting Dota to come out of this patch.


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