The Best Video Games to Play on 4/20

by in General | Apr, 19th 2021

It’s almost 4/20 2021, boys and girls, and you all know what that means! Yep, we’re here to talk about the best video games you should play tomorrow. In other words, the best video games you should play when you’re high!

First of all, we need to emphasize the following – if marijuana is legal where you live, please respect the age limit and consume it responsibly! Using a weed vape is probably the best way to consume marijuana because smoking it with tobacco isn’t good for your lungs. If marijuana is not legal where you live, don’t consume it, I guess…

Right off the bat, I have to say that I’m not that big on weed. I do love smoking it, but mostly alone and not nearly as much as I did back in my college days. I’m microdosing, to be more precise! I just don’t like the feeling of being too high now that I’m a (sort of a) grown-up.

But, every now and then, I do end up having a sweet little session – just me, some weed, and video games! And boy, do I love to mix things up in the video game department! When I take a puff or two, I stop caring about my favorite genres. I don’t care about first-person shooters, MOBAs, or battle royales – I don’t dig FIFA either!

When I take a puff or two, I start looking for games that have unique concepts, games that I can play in outright absurd ways, games that help me get into my chill zone and fully immerse me into their digital worlds.

Best Video Games to Play This 4/20

The following is basically the list of my all-time favorite video games to play when high. It has a lot of similarities with other lists I’ve found online. I guess weed makes us love the same silly things in some of these games… I kid you not!


Grand Theft Auto V - Wikipedia
A wild ride in GTA V

With 4/20 just around the corner, we need to find a few awesome games to play! Grand Theft Auto V is the first name on this list. Why is it here? Isn’t GTA your typical sandbox experience? Isn’t GTA V eight years old? What could it possibly have to offer? Well, that’s the point – GTA V is a graphically pleasing game with numerous opportunities. Its sandbox experience is why I love it that much.

It’s a virtual city; a living, breathing city that you can roam around and wreak havoc in. What exactly do I recommend doing in GTA V? Well, GTA Online is a great place to start! There are tons of stuff you can play and compete against other players in.

If you’re not that competitive, you can always play the main story. If that’s not your cup of tea either, you’re still left with a genuinely brilliant scenario – just drive around the map following all traffic laws. Enjoy!

The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable is one of my personal favorites. It’s a narration-driven single-player experience that’ll suck you into the world of your typical office worker named Stanley. The best thing is, we’re talking about a short game here! You can finish The Stanley Parable in one sitting! Yep, it’s that short!

This game doesn’t have any unique game mechanics. It doesn’t have a mesmerizing art style, nor is it a massively popular competitive title. What’s so special about it then? Well, The Stanley Parable’s narrator is… let’s just say, one of the best executed narrative pieces in the history of gaming!

The narration is what makes this game special, and its distinctive but intuitive gameplay mechanics are what make it stand out! The Stanley Parable is a work of art. Heck, the launch trailer perfectly depicts what kind of a game we’re talking about here!

Size Matters

If you love a good puzzle game, Size Matters ought to be right up your alley. The same goes if you love mindfuck games as well! You see, Size Matters puts you in the shrinking shoes of an experimental scientist. What do I mean by shrinking shoes? Well, this experimental scientist (read you) accidentally ingested chemicals that made him start shrinking. It’s up to you to find the antidote in a chaotic race against time.

Size Matters - Completely NEW Trailer and NEW Screenshots! - Steam News
No you can’t use a test tube for THAT!

Your lab is packed with formulas, science(ish) equipment, and all sorts of chemicals. Your goal is to figure out how to create the antidote using the provided information. It sounds easy, but it’s far from it!

At first, everything is normal. You can find chemicals, organize the formulas and stick to the plan. But, once you think you’re getting a hang of it, the game takes you for a wild ride and starts complicating things. It’s so easy to mess things up in Size Matters, even more so if you’re under the influence. But, all in all, it’s a great escape for an hour or two. A fun way to spice up your 4/20 this week, that’s for sure!

The Flame in the Flood

This is one of the best indie games I’ve ever played, and you’ve probably never even heard about it. It’s not that popular, but it really should be. It’s not just one of the best video games to play when you’re high, but one of the best all-around survival experiences out there.

The Flame in the Flood - Wikipedia
Go with the flow down the flooded river

The Flame in the Flood is a survival adventure with certain roguelike aspects developed by The Molasses Flood. You take control of a young girl called Scout who, with the help of her canine companion, travels around an apocalyptic, post-societal, flooded America.

The game’s art style, the soundtrack, and the immersive atmosphere it brings forth ought to glue you to the edge of your seat and keep you busy for hours. Once you set some goals, it’s difficult to stop playing. One thing leads to another, you’re four hours in and you’re loving every second of it. Yep, that’s the magic behind The Flame in the Flood!

VR Games

There are lots of outstanding virtual reality experiences you should try out! Plus, VR equipment isn’t that expensive anymore. The first-generation Oculus Quests can be found for dirt cheap, yet they’re still very capable machines.

Beat Saber - Feint - "We Won't Be Alone (feat. Laura Brehm)" on Steam
Vibe to your favorite music with Beat Saber

Which VR games should you play when stoned? Well, Beat Saber, Superhot VR, and Half-Life Alyx are a typical bunch. All three are outstanding VR experiences worth playing whenever you can. If you’re looking for something that’s 4/20-specific, games like Cosmic Sugar Pro, Chroma Lab, and Lucid Trips VR should top your list.

Honestly, go ahead and boot up any sort of VR experience you can get your hands on… especially if you’ve never experienced it before. It’s nothing like playing “regular” video games, the immersion is on a whole different level!

In fact, we have a piece about five awesome VR games you should check out. If you have a VR headset ready and you’re preparing for wicked 4/20 entertainment, that piece ought to help you out You can thank us later!


Here we have yet another indie adventure game. Yep, you can already tell what sort of games I like to play during my chill sessions. But yeah, Journey truly is a mesmerizing experience! If you haven’t tried it out, please do so! It’s available on numerous platforms, including iOS! It’s worth the money, trust me!

Journey, a once Epic Games Store exclusive, is making its way to Steam -  9to5Toys
A gaming classic good for chillin

As its name suggests, a journey that’ll captivate your total attention and guide you through a digital voyage unlike anything else out there. The game features unique companionship mechanics that revolve around you and other players working together to progress, but without any sort of concrete communication. You can’t even see their names until the final credits.

That said, Journey is more like a digital experience than a conventional video game. The visuals, the auditorial effects, the soundtrack – Journey is another masterpiece well-deserving of a spot on our best 4/20 video games list!

Portal 2

Yessir, Portal 2 is on our list of the best video games to play this 4/20! The game mechanics are so simple – the orange mode shoots orange portals; the blue mode shoots blue portals. Your job is to successfully travel from point A to point B. Everything will be straightforward at first, but GLaDOS is there to make your life living hell. And no, you won’t get a cake in the end; stop asking silly questions!

Heck, the original portal is a great game too! In fact, if you’re one of five people on planet Earth who haven’t heard about Portal series till now, please do yourself a massive favor and buy it right away. It’s a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, an essential part of the repertoire of every serious gamer!

Portal 2 on Steam
A great time for you and a bud(dy)

If you’ve played through the Portal series three times already, perhaps the fourth playthrough is suitable for your… let’s call it highness? Playing this game stoned is just too darn fun. If you haven’t tried it out yet, you’re missing out!


Similar to Portal 2, Superliminal takes your conventional first-person adventure and takes it for a wild spin. When talking about exceptional mindfuck games that have well-executed gameplay mechanics and are a joy to play, Superliminal has to take one of the top three spots.

Superliminal on Steam
Your mind will be blown by this one

Superliminal is a game that messes around with your on-screen perspective. Yep, perspective is the focal point here. Forced perspective, to be more precise. You see, the game allows you to resize objects with forced perspective. It’s the main gameplay mechanic of Superliminal, as well as the characteristic that makes it so enjoyable.

But we all know thinking about simple stuff like this isn’t that straightforward after taking a few puffs. Don’t be alarmed if you get stuck in Superliminal and suddenly remember that you can control objects with forced perspective. I know it sounds silly, but it’s bound to happen at least once in your first half an hour!


What’s the best competitive game to play when you’re high? If your guess is Hearthstone, you’re damn right! Hearthstone is my go-to game for when I’m high but on the lookout for some competitive gaming. The same is soooo accessible – you can play it no matter where you are, and getting into a match takes not more than a minute.

When you want to be competitive, but don’t want to need fast reactions

The thing with playing Hearthstone when high is that you won’t be playing like you usually do. I’m not saying you’ll be worse; I’m not saying you’ll be better – different is the word I’m looking for here. If you love trippy experiences that contain a few competitive sparks, Hearthstone is the game you should play this 4/20!

There’s nothing more to add here. The newest Hearthstone expansion has a ton of excellent cards. The new standard deck solutions offer outstanding opportunities, so make sure you give Hearthstone a go this 4/20!


Lastly, Everything! To be honest, I didn’t play this game for too long… but that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it. It was a different experience. I know I keep saying that for every game, but they’re all (more or less) unique.

The best way to describe Everything is that it’s one big trip. What kind of a trip? Well, that’s up to you; that all depends on what you make of it. The game has an interesting way of dealing with stoners, and you’ll either love it or hate it.

Everything (video game) - Wikipedia
One of the trippiest games on our list

I loved it, I really did. However, I played it just once and was never able to return back to it. It left a weird (not necessarily bad) impression on me. You have to give it a try to see what I’m talking about here. Everything, just like all other games on this list, is worth trying out!

Honorable Mentions

I’d like to finish this piece off with two more games; two notable honorable mentions that truly deserve a spot here! The first of them is Minecraft! The game is still breaking popularity records and keeps getting bigger and more complex. Even though I typically play much older versions of the game (1.7.2 ftw), the principle is still the same – Minecraft’s endless opportunities suck you right in. This game is capable of providing endless hours of fun. When you’re high, time usually goes slower. If you’re playing Minecraft, three hours will fly by, and you won’t even notice!

The second game I’d like to emphasize here is No Man’s Sky. Thanks to constant updates, the game is finally looking more like the one we should’ve gotten at the release date. There’s a ton of content, more complex game mechanics, and whole galaxies to explore and conquer. What are you waiting for?


That about wraps up our journey here, boys and girls! Remember, don’t go too crazy this 4/20! Keep your parties small, follow safety precautions, and don’t let that good hit you too much! If you end up playing some of the games on this list, please do let us know!

Happy 4/20 guys!


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