The BEST Loadout in Call of Duty Warzone

by in Call of Duty | Mar, 24th 2021

Warzone is a game of strategy and skills, but you also need the tools to boost your skills. From my time playing Warzone and the countless times playing with my friends, we have devised what I consider to be the best CoD Warzone loadout to help you keep your shots on the mark and with a little skill, help you play at peak performance.

The Primary Weapon

The usefulness of the primary weapon is in the name. It’s the gun you’re going to be using to take down all the bad guys who dare stand in your way, the weapon I always use and recommend to you is the M4, a go-to gun for many in Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone, but the real deal lies in the attachments. For this gun I recommend:

The best gun in Warzone, the M4

The Lightweight Suppressor (Unlock at Weapon Level 37)

This is a make or break sometimes in situations, the less enemies hear you, the more likely you’re able to get the drop on them and take them out before they notice you. The Lightweight part allows for faster hip fire movement, which helps when you’re in close range situations.

The Corvus Custom Marksman Barrel (Unlocks at Weapon Level 59)

This attachment completely cancels out the loss of range from the suppressor, so using this in conjunction with the lightweight suppressor is a net win for your gun, you keep the range and gain the sweet sound of shooting a silenced gun, your enemy won’t know what hit them.

Integral Hyrbid (Unlocked at Weapon Level 27)

These sights give you the best of both worlds, allowing you to switch between the close range of the red dot and the long range of the 2x Optical sight. With both options available to you, this sight is perfectly equipped to deal with both close- and long-range scenarios.

Commando Foregrip (Unlocked at Weapon Level 4)

 In most CoDs the foregrip is a go to attachment for accuracy, and this gun is one of those builds. With the commando foregrip, you’ll be able to land your shots and remain calm during firefights when it counts. And its a crucial part of the build, and you’ll understand why when I mention the crowning jewel of this class’ M4.

9mm Para 32-Round Mag (Unlocked at Weapon Level 48)

A controversial pick for many players, the idea of putting the weaker 9mm ammo into the M4 may seem like a bad decision in a game mode like Warzone where damage is key. But this attachment is a diamond in the rough, as it increases two very specific and two very important stats. Rate of Fire, and Accuracy. With these two stats near the top of their margins, a small decrease in damage is not going to matter. As you won’t just have one of the steadiest aims in Warzone, but you’ll shoot so fast that by the time the enemy has realized what’s happening, they won’t have any time to react as you take them down in no time flat.

The Secondary Weapon

For your secondary, it depends on what your feeling, some go with the pistol, some use a shotgun, but for me, I prefer the AX-50 Sniper Rifle. A go-to weapon for sitting on the high ground and focusing on taking out long-range targets. With your best primary weapon functioning as both a close and medium-range weapon with above loadout, why not go the whole nine yards and pick up a sniper rifle to prepare for all possible fights you could get in during a CoD Warzone match?

The best secondary weapon, the AX-50 Sniper Rifle

The only attachment I recommend is the Lightweight Suppressor (Unlocked at Weapon Level 4) Since you have the silencer on your Primary Weapon why worry about appearing on the enemy’s Mini-map and Compass with the loud boom of your sniper rifle?

Lethals, Tacticals and Perks

For your Lethal I recommended the claymore, as you will likely find yourself in a defensive position and since guarding your doors while looking for people will be your top priority, and while you only have one, that little extra bit of comfort is more than enough to keep yourself safe until it’s time to move on.

For your Tactical, the Heartbeat sensor is a no-brainer, as a lot of players in Warzone find themselves using one. It is the perfect tool for finding that one or two pesky enemies you just aren’t quite able to pinpoint the location of.

When it comes to perks, your best bets are Cold Blooded, Overkill, and Spotter.

Coldblooded for being invisible to Enemy UAVs so you can pick that perfect spot to hunker down in if you’re trapped between some players. Overkill for holding that sniper instead of a regular secondary, and Spotter. So you can get the jump on other players who have placed down any kind of trophy system, drone, claymore, mine, or any other field upgrade, as the spotter perk allows you to see them through walls.

So there you have it, the best CoD Warzone loadout (in my opinion of course) I’ve won some games with this loadout, and I think it does the job well enough that in the right hands, maybe you too can use this loadout to the fullest potential.


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