Teamfight Tactics Glacial Build Guide – Tactics to Teamfight: Glacial Rangers

by in Teamfight Tactics | Jul, 14th 2019

Welcome back to another edition of Tactics to Teamfight, where we break down the different team comps and how to utilize them to improve your Teamfight Tactics gameplay.

Today, we’ll be covering a rather frosty set-up that’s sure to leave your opponents furiously waiting to get an attack off: the Teamfight Tactics glacial build.

Teamfight Tactics Glacial Build – Glacial Rangers (GR)

Available Champions


Glacial – Lissandra, Volibear, Sejuani, Anivia, Ashe, Braum

Rangers – Ashe, Kindred, Varus, Vayne

Guardians – Braum, Leona

Elementalists – Lissandra, Anivia, Kennen, Brand

Recommended Items:

Base – B.F. Sword (BF), Recurve Bow (RB), Chain Vest (CV), Negatron Cloak (NC), Giant’s Belt (GB), Spatula (S), Tear of the Goddess (TG)

Combination – Runaan’s Hurricane (NC+S), Frozen Mallet (GB+S), Guinsoo’s Rageblade (Needlessly Large Rod [NLR]+ RB), Spear of Shojin (BF+TG), Zeke’s Herald (BF+GB), Seraph’s Embrace (TG+TG)

Probably the most difficult comp to deal with in the game, Glacial Rangers is a build all about slowly chipping at your opponents until you suddenly snowball the fight and roll over them like an avalanche (yes, you’re going to get a lot of snow puns today).

The teamfight tactics glacial build focuses around quickly building up a number of glacial units, converting an extra ranger into glacial, and then waiting as you slowly perma-freeze the entire enemy team to death.

Teamfight Tactics Glacial Build Champs

League of Legends Braum Transparent

This build is a little harder to pull off in the beginning as many of the units you’ll want/need are three coins or higher in cost, meaning you might not get one in the initial carousel or first few rounds.

If you can catch a Lissandra or Braum early on, do so, but also make sure to grab some DPS characters to go with them, as they’re incredibly slow to attack and will lose every round against human opponents. Don’t worry too much about the first few rounds, however, as they should be able to deal with the minions.

If you can’t get either of these two, try and grab a Vayne or something else like Kha’Zix until you can start getting some glacial units showing up in your pool, then start snapping them up.

You’ll likely be grabbing Braum and Lissandra early on, both of whom are fairly weak in the early game too, but the main components are Ashe and Sejuani.

Ashe will make up the core of your back line, providing a consistent range source to freeze opponents with, while Sej makes a good mid-liner. I say mid-line because you don’t want her quickly dying at the front, as you’ll want to get at least one active off from her in a round.

The AOE freeze will absolutely devastate most comps and give you time for your rangers to clean up.

Grab a Vayne if you can, as she’ll get plenty of usage out of her passive with so many frozen enemies unable to fight back. Kindred is also a good take to keep your rangers alive, though both are fairly popular characters and can be a bit hard to get.

If you aren’t able to grab Vayne, get Varus; with so many frozen targets, he’ll have an easy time lining up multiple targets for his active.

For your front line, set Volibear and Braum. While their abilities are alright, their main usage is to add additional glacials to your roster and be beefy front lines to allow your Rangers more time to get shots off before they come under fire.

Give Lissandra a Seraph’s so she can quickly get her ult off, allowing her to lock down a target or hold herself in the fight a bit longer all while slowly chipping at opponents sitting in the field surrounding the frozen target. Set her in the mid-line with Sejuani to act as a second layer of defense for your Rangers but not so far forward that you never get any actives off.

If you’re facing a lot of assassin comps or know your next opponent is, swap the lineup around a bit. Assassins jump to the furthest away target, so putting a tank or two in the back with your Rangers up front will force them to jump to your tanks, saving your Rangers from quick elimination and possibly winning you an otherwise lost fight.

When you hit late game, grab Anivia if you find one, as her active will slow enemy attack speed inside of it while doing massive damage, making it even harder for your opponents to get through your beefy line.

Grab some Elementalists and a Leona too if you get the chance to throw a little extra tankiness into your lineup. Remember: the longer it takes for the enemy team to kill you, the higher your chance of winning with Glacial. You want to get as many freezes off as you can to win, so look for class and origin combinations that synergize well and add beefiness to the team.


For items, you’ll want to grab a Spatula and Giant’s Belt to get a Frozen Mallet. Put it on one of your non-Glacial Rangers to allow them to take advantage of the frost passive: Nothing is scarier than a Vayne that freezes you every other hit.

In addition, grab Spear of Shojin for Lissandra and Sejuani so they can get their actives up more often and faster while throwing some of the tankier items like Zeke’s Herald, Thornmail, and Dragon’s Claw onto your front line to keep them alive just that much longer.

If you find yourself with extra Frozen Mallets, throw them on your Leona or any bruiser you get and put ‘em in the field; you’ll get the buffs for their classes and still have more Glacial champs to proc frost with (Cho and Leona, in particular, are very scary with this).

As usual, throw your Guinsoo’s Rageblade and Runaan’s Hurricane onto your Rangers to spike their DPS even further and freeze your enemies right in their tracks.

This comp, again, takes a little time to get off the ground, but once you get going, it’s nigh unstoppable for most team comps to deal with.

That’s all we’ve got for this edition of Tactics to Teamfight. Thanks for reading! For more TFT content be sure to check out our guide to Noble Knights! Stay tuned for next time when we’ll be covering one of my personal favorite comps: Swashbucklers!


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