Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Hero Guide: How to Play Hero From Dragon Quest

by in Fighting Games | Aug, 23rd 2019

Nintendo is continuing its support of post-launch content for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with the release of its second paid DLC character Hero. Hero hails from the Dragon Quest series, and players can play as him right now in the game. But you might find that he’s a bit weirder and more random than most characters.

At a glance, the Hero looks like a rather normal character who just carries around a sword and has some magic techniques and seems similar to other characters in the game like Link, the Fire Emblem gang, Cloud, and others. However, what you’ll find is that the Hero is by far one of the most complex and unique characters to date.

As such, it can be daunting picking up the character for the first time expecting simple sword attacks and a few special abilities only to find that that is just scratching the surface of this historic fighter. With that said, we’ve created this Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Hero guide as the ultimate place to learn about the character.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in and look at everything you need to know about the new DLC character in our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Hero guide.

Who Is the Hero, and Why Is He in Smash?

To kick things off, a little history lesson is necessary. For those who don’t know the Hero, he hails from Square Enix’s long-running Dragon Quest series. The only real competitor to its other JRPG series Final Fantasy, the Dragon Quest franchise is a staple in Japan.

With every new release of a game, there are lines out the door to pick up a copy, kids ditching school to play, and the game even sells out many times at launch. Without a doubt, it’s a massive part of the Japanese gaming culture even if it hasn’t been as successful in the West.

With the release of Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age coming out soon on Nintendo Switch, it’s no wonder that both Nintendo and Square Enix would want to promote the title with the release of a new DLC character in the form of the Hero.

The Hero joins Joker as the second paid DLC character as part of the season pass that includes a total of five fighters. This is also in addition to Piranha Plant, who released for free for a limited time shortly after the launch of the game last December.

How to Get the Hero in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

But in order to play as the Hero, you’re going to need to purchase him first. Since he is a post-launch DLC character, you do need to spend some cash if you want to check him out in the game both offline and online. Now, there are two ways that you can do this at this time.

The first is by purchasing him through the season pass that has been available since the game’s launch. The season pass is expensive, to say the least, making up a cost of almost half the price of the base game alone. However, that price might be worth it if you are interested in most of the DLC characters.

The season pass comes with all five DLC fighters, their new stages, and more as they release. Once you’ve paid for the season pass, all you need to do is update your game, and you’ll be good to go. But again, if you aren’t interested in some fighters like Joker, there might be a better option for you.

The other method of acquiring Hero is by purchasing him standalone. You’ll still get his character, stage, and music but for a cheaper price. You do need to beware of this method, though, as if you end up buying all five characters anyway, you’ll be spending more than you would have otherwise.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Hero Guide: Basics

Once you have Hero in your possession, all you need to do is boot up the game, and he’ll be available as part of your roster. The basics of the Hero is that he is four different heroes in one. Other characters have eight skins, and he does, too, but they are based on four characters.

The four characters you can play as are four of the protagonists from games in the series. You can find the full list below along with their in-game names and what game they come from:

  • Eleven: Hero of Dragon Quest XI
  • Eight: Hero of Dragon Quest VIII
  • Solo: Hero of Dragon Quest IV
  • Arusu: Hero of Dragon Quest III

Then, each of the four heroes has one alternate skin that represents yet another main character from the series. It is worth noting that these different protagonists are cosmetic changes only and have no direct effect on how the character plays in battle.

As for how the character plays in matches, he is a versatile fighter that can fit a decent range of different play styles. He can be a standard melee hitter for those who like that, a ranged-only spellcaster, or a mix of both. It all comes down to his moveset that is the most extensive in Smash history.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Dragon Quest Hero

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Hero Guide: Moveset

To begin with his moveset in our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Hero guide, his basic attacks are a normal set of sword skills. These are your basic sword attacks that you can use in close range to deal some decent damage or send your opponent flying for a finish.

To be honest, though, your sword skills aren’t going to be what you use the most as the Hero. They should only be backup moves for combo attacks or when you run out of MP. Like his JRPG counterparts, the Hero uses an MP bar to measure how many more spells he can use.

The MP bar caps out at 100, and each spell uses a varying number of magic points based on how strong or complex the spell is. The Hero has three basic spells that will be your go-to moves for the most part.

The first is his neutral attack that conjures up the fire-based Frizz spells. Each of the three main spells like Frizz can be held down and charged up and even stored for later use. The Frizz line of spells is great for dealing long-range damaging blasts.

Your side special abilities are the Zap line of spells. These lightning-based spells are best used for sending down lightning on top of an enemy but can be easy to miss as well. His up special attacks are also his recovery and are known as the Woosh line of spells.

Woosh is an interesting recovery spell because it can be charged to become more effective for getting out of bad situations. At the same time, Woosh can be used to send your opponent flying up as well, so it does have some defensive and offensive capabilities to it.

When it comes to blocking, the Hero uses his signature shield to block projectiles as well as other magic attacks. Like with all other fighters, the Hero has a Smash Ultimate that you can use. His Final Smash is a sword sweep directly in front of the player and up some.

This allows you to hit players right in front of you and some who try to jump up as well. What the Final Smash does is bring together other heroes from the series for one massive attack. With that, those are the basics of his moveset.

You might be wondering about the down special attack, though, and you’re right to do so. The down special is, well, rather special as it brings up the Command Select menu. As such, this one move alone is worthy of its own entire section devoted to it.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Hero Guide: Command Select Detailed

For anyone who has played a Dragon Quest game, you’ll recognize the Command Select menu. It is the traditional turn-based select screen that shows all the magic options available to you. You can select between four at a time to use right then at the cost of some MP, which recharges over time.

The entire Command Select menu is randomized and broadcasted to all players in the match, so it can be tricky to master. You have four possible spells at any time, and there are a lot of possible options, so it can make finding the perfect one a pain at times.

Thankfully, you can keep cycling through the Command Select menu as many times as you want at no cost. There are a ton of spells available, some of which make you invincible for a time, others that counter an invincible Hero for an instant death, and so on.

There are a couple of them that are the best in the bunch, though, and ones that you should look out for as you’re going through the menu. The first of these is Snooze. This puts the opponent to sleep for a good while and guarantees a critical hit when you attack them.

We have seen players die from a single Snooze and sword attack when they were only at around 60 percent of damage and in the middle of the map. Another useful spell in the Command menu is Zoom. This spell will help you recover from anywhere right back to the stage and can very well save your life.

The last spell worth mentioning is Thwack. This is a randomly generated spell that has a certain percentage of killing the foe right then that is based on the damage the enemy has. For the full list of possible spells, be sure to check out the entire list below:

  • Acceleratle: Receive a huge speed boost
  • Bang: A smaller explosive move that pulls enemies in and then explodes
  • Bounce: Allows you to reflect projectiles and even bounce off of other Hero fighters for increased damage
  • Flame Slash: Wide-sweeping sword attack
  • Hatchet Man: Flame sword attack that is always a critical hit
  • Heal: Restores your damage
  • Hocus Pocus: Random effect. Can be good or bad
  • Kaboom: Explosive spell; great for launching enemies
  • Kaclang: Turns you into metal and invincible for a few seconds
  • Kacrackle Slash: A sword attack that freezes opponents
  • Kamikazee: Powerful explosion that destroys yourself
  • Magic Burst: Uses up all remaining MP to create a large explosion with damage based on how much MP used
  • Metal Slash: Can instantly kill a Kaclang or metal opponent
  • Oomph: Raises your attack power for a time
  • Psyche Up: Increases the attack power of your next attack
  • Sizz/Sizzle: Only one appears at a time. Throws a fireball attack at enemies
  • Snooze: Puts the enemy to sleep and readies them for a critical hit next
  • Thwack: Can defeat an enemy with one hit; based on percentages
  • Whack: Similar to Thwack but less common one-hit KO with extra damage or knock back
  • Zoom: Teleport back to the map stage from anywhere

Who’s Next for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

With the release of the Hero, there are three fighters remaining in the season pass that is set to conclude by February 2020. We already know the third fighter will be Banjo & Kazooie. That dual fighter character will be releasing this fall with two more unknown characters later.

We don’t expect the wait for Banjo to be if the Hero, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the character arrived in October or so. That would put the fourth fighter at around December or so and the fifth and final fighter at the end of January or in February, which is the last possible month.

The identities of the two additional DLC fighters are unknown at this time, although there are rumors and hints that it could be characters like Doomguy from Bethesda’s Doom series, Minecraft Steve, Dante from the Devil May Cry series, Ryu from Ninja Gaiden, and more.


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