Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Byleth Guide: How to Play Byleth

by in Fighting Games | Feb, 6th 2020

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has reached a monumental point in its lifecycle by releasing the fifth and final DLC character from the first fighters pass for the game: Byleth. Players can play as one of the most interesting and newly released characters in the video game industry.

With a new character comes new moves, a new play style, a new map, new music, and more. We are going to give you our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Byleth guide with everything you need to know, including how to play Byleth.

Who’s Byleth and Why Are They in Smash?


Before we can get into the moveset for the new character and how to play Byleth in general, there are basics you must know about this fighter. Who is Byleth? Why are they in this game now of all times?

Byleth hails from the Fire Emblem series. Specifically, the latest game to come out: Fire Emblem Three Houses for Nintendo Switch. It was one of the biggest games for the Switch in 2019, selling a few million copies of the game around the world and counting.

With such impressive sales numbers, it looks to be one of the highest-selling games in the series. Many players and critics regard it as one of the best games in the strategy-based franchise. In the game, you play as Byleth, a newly appointed teacher at a military academy.

You choose, as the player, which of the titular three main houses based at the academy you wish to lead. You can recruit and teach certain students while also leading them into battle where strategic turn-based gameplay is king.

The series is the highest-selling fighting game of all-time now because of its timing. The game came out six months before the release Byleth as a DLC fighter. Nintendo likely planned and waited for this for some time now.

While unfortunate for players disappointed by another character from the Fire Emblem series, this is not a surprising representation for one of the biggest Nintendo Switch-exclusive games of the previous year.

The memes, videos, beloved opening song, memorable characters and more made this game one of the hottest titles to have on the portable hybrid console. It is understandable to capitalize on this as a publisher and release a character to get more fans buying the DLC.

Byleth General Info: How to Buy & More

Speaking of the Byleth DLC, the fifth and final DLC character from this fighters pass is available. To have Byleth in the ever-expanding, insanely massive roster, you must fulfill a few requirements first. First, make sure your game is updated with the most recent patch version.

If you aren’t sure, go to the main Nintendo Switch home screen and press the “plus” button for more options. From there, connect to the internet and update the game to the latest version.

After that, open the game. You will be notified that Byleth is now one of your playable characters. Well, just as long as you own the character in the game that is. If you don’t own the character, you must do that as well.

There are two main avenues of purchasing Byleth in the game currently: Fighters pass or by buying them separately as their DLC pack.

We no longer have to warn you before buying the fighters pass due to not knowing all the fighters. All five fighters, in order of release, are Joker, Hero, Banjo & Kazooie, Terry Bogard and now Byleth.

With knowledge of all five fighters in the pass, you can make an educated decision about whether you want the fighters pass.

You do save some money by buying the pass versus buying all the characters separately. For anyone interested in at least four of the characters, we recommend buying the season pass. For those interested in three or less, we suggest buying them individually.

How to Play Byleth: Basics and Compared to Other DLC Fighters

Now, time to get to the good stuff: How to play Byleth in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Jumping from turn-based to real-time fighting is quite the leap for the military academy teacher. So, learn as much as you can before playing as them.

For starters, you might be wondering if this is yet another Fire Emblem fighter who plays like almost all the rest of them. The short answer to that question is no. What makes Byleth unique is that they are by the simplest fighter among those in the current fighters pass.

While many like Joker and the Hero have unique movesets that we haven’t seen before with strange quirks about them, Byleth is as standard as they come. This is both a blessing and a curse for the character. They are easy to jump into but somewhat difficult to master.

At the same time, this also means that they aren’t the most fun or interesting fighter to play as so that could be a problem for some players out there. For the most part, Byleth is the most typical melee fighter that you come across, with one specifically unique ability in their moveset.

How to Play Byleth: Moveset and Costumes

When it comes to the moveset that Byleth has, it all boils down to the main unique ability that they have. This male or female teacher has not one, not two, but a whopping four different weapons that they can switch between on the fly in combat.

The four weapons are intrinsic to the game that they hail from. They are the standard sword whip that Byleth uses in the game, a bow, a lance and an axe. These are what you are going to use mainly in battle.

For starters, we have the standard tilt attacks you can use in battle. These mainly use the sword whip that Byleth is famous for in various ways for some standard damage-dealing combos.

What sets Byleth apart is the smash attacks at their disposal. Essentially, each of the four main directions you can smash in are the four different weapons that you have. If you do your up smash, use your sword’s whip to launch opponents.

If you use either side smash attacks, pull out the lance and attack the opponent. If you use your down smash attack, pull out the massive and strong axe for some serious damage. Lastly, your neutral smash attack lets you use the bow that can go far and be charged.

Therein lies the crux of the combos you have. Byleth has a good bit of versatility at their disposal. Adapting to specific situations with a button press and do whatever you need to do is easy. It concludes with the final smash that Byleth has.

The final smash lets the player whip their sword in a wide sweep in front and somewhat around them to get anyone that is in that range and smack them with the power of Sothis. The strong final smash helps this decent fighter.

The problem with Byleth is that they are great in some areas but then problematic in others. For instance, they aren’t that interesting to play as. They have some of the worst mobility we have seen for a melee fighter of this kind.

Byleth is not only slow but surprisingly difficult to get them to respond quickly enough even to do certain attacks. Stuff like using the axe and even the lance can take a bit longer than you need them to, which can result in your opponent attacking you first.

This is countered by two things: power and reach. The reach that Byleth is insane and can wreck just about every other melee fighter out there. At the same time, though it takes a while to land attacks, they are usually strong, especially like the overpowered bow that land some easy kills.

Byleth has some of the best costume variants ever seen for a DLC fighter before. Like in the case of Joker, all their costumes are variations of actual characters in the game. You can pick the normal male or female Byleth and then costumes inspired by their top students and others from the game.

What You Need to Know About the Fire Emblem Three Houses Stage

Unlike other guides, going over how to play Byleth isn’t enough when there is an excellent stage like the monastery that you teach at in the game. Not only do you get to see some of the fan-favorite locations from the monastery, but you can see some of the characters, too.

The stage begins in the marketplace in front of the entrance to the dining hall and the like where there are breakable stores, the hilarious guard that you could talk to and get to know in the main game. Members of the Blue Lions house you can teach, too.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

A glimpse at the entrance of the Fire Emblem Three Houses stage

From there, the map quickly moves you and the gang to the dining hall area where you find chandeliers that you can go up and fight from, tables that can break and even members of the Black Eagles here. The map then moves you to the third location.

That location is the bridge in front of the chapel with a long and narrow bridge section. Many of the craziest fights take place there. It is perfect for Byleth’s bow and, fittingly, features some members of the final house: The Golden Deer.

From there, you move to the fourth and final location, which is the chapel itself. Here, you find a few key side characters from the main game. You also find the last location in this monastery unless you are in a rather long match. Or in a match with no time limit whatsoever. In this case, you rotate back to the beginning of the stage and start all over.


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