What Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass 2 Needs to Change and Our Predictions

by in Fighting Games | Jan, 27th 2020

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is entering a new stage in its history as the highest-selling fighting game of all-time. With the first fighters pass on its way out, players are beginning to look to the future of this unbelievable celebration of everything that is gaming.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighters Pass 2 Detailed Alongside Byleth

We knew that the Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighters pass 2 was coming as Nintendo previously teased it, but we got our first minor details on it during the reveal of the final fighters pass one DLC character.

In mid-January, Nintendo held another Direct focused on Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of the series, where he revealed the final character in the pass. We didn’t know who it was beforehand, as that was going to be part of the fun of tuning in and finding out.

Many fans and rumors in the community led us to believe that it would be someone like Ryu from Ninja Gaiden, Doomguy from the Doom series, Minecraft Steve, and, most recently, Dante from the Devil May Cry series. However, it turned out that all of those were utterly wrong.

Instead of going for a guest video game character who has appeared on a Nintendo platform before, Nintendo opted to release one of its proprietary characters. It does make sense since the entire fighters pass went by without a single Nintendo character as part of it.

The final fighters pass character was Byleth from 2019’s critically and commercially acclaimed Fire Emblem: Three Houses. While the announcement was met with both praise and a ton of controversy from the community, it was still a great video to watch, nonetheless.

As part of the Direct, Sakurai also revealed the first details about the upcoming Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighters pass 2. What is interesting about this new pass is that it will be a complete one like the first and contain six characters in it rather than just five like before.

What’s even crazier is that all six characters in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighters pass 2 have already been decided on, hinting that you aren’t likely to see characters from games that have yet to release. The six characters will be released through December 2021, which is almost two years away from the announcement.

This leads us to believe that it will divide up into three characters or so per year in 2020 and in 2021. While we are curious about who the fighters will be – more on our predictions later – there are some important changes and improvements that we would like to see in the second fighters pass.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighters Pass 2 Needs Some Changes

While the first fighters pass was great, giving us a wide range of DLC characters from across video games that offered someone for everyone, that doesn’t mean that it was perfect. There are still some improvements that a second pass could bring.

What the first pass did do right had a balanced roster of five DLC characters. There was Joker who no one saw coming and set the bar high, Hero, who offered something great for Japanese players, Banjo & Kazooie, who were shocking and paved the way for, hopefully, more Western characters, and more.

We even got the more niche character in Terry Bogard, which is a series staple for the fighting game, as well as a Nintendo character in Byleth. We expect that the second pass will have similar offerings, but we do hope that there are some changes.

Thankfully, we already have proof that Nintendo is making changes to the Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighters pass 2 in that there will be six fighters rather than five like before. But there are other improvements needed like widening the range of possible characters, certain crossovers, and more.

New and Different Content Offered with Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighters Pass 2

It starts with new and different content offered in the fighters pass. The pass is set in stone and has been since the fourth game on Wii U and 3DS. A new character will release with new music, a new stage, and new Mii fighter costumes to select.

What would be great is for the second pass to break tradition and have all six fighters come with something new and different that we haven’t seen before. Perhaps one of the fighters could come with two different stages from their respective series.

Another fighter could offer a special boss fight either standalone or in their singleplayer content based on their series. This could be the unveiling of a new villain character to fight in the game that we haven’t seen before. Another could come alongside expanded singleplayer content.

After all, the World of Light singleplayer content is rather controversial in the community. And the Spirit Board isn’t the greatest either for players as it is extremely repetitive. It would be nice to see a perhaps brief but more substantial singleplayer content offered for one character or all six new DLC fighters.

This new and different content is necessary for shaking things up in a way that fans wouldn’t expect from the DLC characters and offer more reason to pick up the fighters pass to see more. It would even be awesome to see all six fighters come with a short cinematic that introduces them or concludes their story in the game.

More Fighting Game Crossovers

Another improvement that the Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighters pass 2 can make is by having more fighting game crossovers. There was one in the first fighters pass and we hope to see this continue. This is by far the clearest of the improvements that we think is bound to happen but is worth mentioning, nonetheless.

Being that it is a fighting game, the crossovers with other games in the genre have been great for ushering in fans from those series as well as showing off new fighting styles. Characters like Ryu, Ken, and Terry have been welcome additions to the game but there needs to be more.

It begs the question of where is our Tekken fighter or someone like the Soulcalibur series? We hope that there will even be crossovers with Western fighting games like Mortal Kombat 11 since there are more Western characters in the game now.

We’d love to see someone like Scorpion or Sub-Zero go up against the likes of Mario and the gang in a hilarious way. While, yes, those characters come from one of the most violent games ever made, it wouldn’t be the first time an M-rated character has joined the series.

Fighting games are at the core of what makes Super Smash Bros Ultimate what it is, so it is a no-brainer to add some great ones from other series that don’t have any love just yet.

Removing the Video Game Characters Restriction

This next change is one that could be quite controversial, and that is removing the video game characters restriction. Super Smash Bros Ultimate has proven that this is a series that can have Western characters in it, rather than just being about Japanese-developed characters.

This trend has been broken. There is another that needs to join it. So far, Sakurai and the team have been clear that this is a game that is all about the gaming industry, so it will only feature characters from throughout all of video games.

So, this means that you aren’t going to see characters who originated from other media forms but have turned up in games like Spider-Man, Goku, and the like. But this is a trend that we believe needs to change and there are reasons for it to do so as well.

For one, Sakurai made it clear that Nintendo oversaw deciding who the DLC characters would be in the first fighters pass, and it is likely that this is the case for the second one, too. As such, it stands to reason that Nintendo might be more willing to have non-game originating characters in it.

Not to mention that there are characters who have originated somewhere else but have become synonymous with video games, too. We aren’t even expecting all six characters or even half of them to be from other forms of media. We would just like to see one, and that would improve things greatly.

After all, Goku, for instance, has become a gaming icon even though he originated in manga and anime. One of the best fighting games out there right now is a Dragon Ball Z game, and this would be greatly pleasing for both Japanese and Western audiences. This is something that needs to happen.

Characters With Unique Movesets

Finally, we come to more characters with unique movesets that we haven’t seen before or just in a while. The first fighters pass did a decent job with this in offering up varied characters, but there was one problem with them all: they are all mostly melee fighting characters.

We haven’t had a primarily ranged or magical-focused character in quite some time, so it would be nice to see someone like that in the upcoming fighters pass. And though we are grateful for stuff like Byleth’s reach, it still doesn’t compare to an actual ranged character like Palutena.

It would also be great to see someone like Goku who can transform themselves and go to higher stages. Perhaps he could go Super Saiyan at will or have to charge himself up to reach that stage. It would be interesting to see stages above that, too, like Super Saiyan 3 and Blue.

One thing that is unfortunate – or fortunate, depending on who you ask – is that we only have one true two-fighter character in the Ice Climbers. Though they can be problematic, it would be fantastic to see another character that requires intense skill and mastery to use.

Unique movesets like these and ones that we haven’t even thought of keep players on their toes and make the metagame more interesting. This is another improvement that we do expect Nintendo to make good on in the second pass, but it is worth bringing up anyway.

Our Predictions for the 6 Fighters

This list wouldn’t be complete without going over the six fighters that we predict will be part of the fighters pass. These are the characters most likely to show up in the pass, so we won’t bring up Goku again, even though it would be excellent to see this happen.

First is Steve from Minecraft. The relationship between Nintendo and Microsoft is great at this time, so we expect that we will see another Western character come out of this partnership. While it could be Master Chief, Steve is on Switch and is a perfect fit. Not to mention, he could have one of the most unique movesets we’ve ever seen.

Second is Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat 11. We do think that there will be a character from the series in the upcoming fighters pass. Sub-Zero is our pick for who it should be. He is instantly recognizable, beloved by many, and the freezing techniques would help with the metagame.

Next up is the Monster Hunter from the Monster Hunter series. This series is Capcom’s biggest property right now as World is their highest-selling game of all-time. It would be crazy not to add a character from the series into the game and with Rathalos already a thing. This seems to be a guaranteed addition.

The fourth is Travis Touchdown from the No More Heroes series. This series has suddenly gained a resurgence in the last couple of years. With the third entry coming soon, it makes sense for Travis himself to join the character roster. We see him as a more traditional fighter but one that is welcome regardless.

The fifth fighter that we predict will be part of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighters pass 2 is Sephiroth or another character from the Final Fantasy series. Even though Square Enix is quickly coming back to Nintendo, we only have Cloud currently in this game. It’s high time for another addition from the series. We could see anyone from Lightning to Noctis being the choice.

Finally, we do think that we won’t see the fighters pass come out without at least one Nintendo character in the bunch. For better or for worse, we do believe that this will be a Pokemon character and, specifically, someone from the generation eight games that released in 2019.

The original launch of this game saw Incineroar join the group as the final announcement. We expect another Pokemon as well. Our pick is Rillaboom if it is one of the starters as we do need more large characters and grass types. However, we would like to see a new legendary join, instead.

It would be amazing to see Zacian and Zamazenta join the roster as one fighter. Perhaps you could switch between the two a la Pokemon Trainer in the middle of the match, and they each have different functions like Zacian being quicker and more of an attacker, while Zamazenta is more focused on defense.


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