Street Fighter V Tier List 2020: Breakdown of the Best and Worst Fighters

by in Fighting Games | Feb, 18th 2020

Street Fighter V is one of the single most popular fighting games in the world currently. The fifth entry in the long-running Capcom-developed fighting game series is one of the best around with dozens of characters to choose from, all with a wide variety of play styles.

From fan favorites that have been around since the first game to newcomers who shake up the metagame as we know it, there is a lot to love about Street Fighter V. The Champion Edition is the latest version of the game to come out. It wraps everything together into one package.

Players can purchase this version and get almost everything released for the game throughout the years since its initial release. From the additions after the release of the Arcade Edition to newcomers like Seth, players can enjoy a complete experience in the Champion Edition.

Street Fighter V Tier List 2020 Criteria

The most notable addition in the Champion Edition is the addition of the 40th and possibly final character in the game: Seth. This returning villain from the fourth game in the series, Seth is back and crazier than ever in a new physical form ready for decimating the competition.

This is alongside most all content released for the game, both in its original form and the Arcade release. It includes all 40 characters available now, costumes for each of them, the various stages you can fight on, and so much more.

With now 40 characters available in the game, it can be tough trying to figure out who is the best option for fighting as in the game. That’s where our Street Fighter V tier list 2020 comes in. We’ve done a tier list in the past but this is our updated version of it.

With five fighters that have been released since our initial tier list, including Seth, it changes up the metagame and Street Fighter V tier list 2020 considerably. Our criteria for determining this list is simple: the overall strength of the fighter, how well they do in combat, their versatility against different types of enemies, and how they compare to everyone else.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at our updated Street Fighter V tier list 2020 so that you can know who are the best fighters to play as and who to watch out for, including Seth.

Street Fighter V Tier List 2020: S Tier

Our Street Fighter V tier list 2020 begins with the S tier, which includes the very best fighters from the entire roster. These are characters that you need to watch out for when you are doing matches and the ones that you should consider the most for becoming your main.

You can find the current S tier fighters below, along with some detailed descriptions of how they work.


Street Fighter V Tier List Akuma

Akuma is the king of glass cannon damage dealing. If you don’t know what a glass cannon is, it’s a character who can deal out massive amounts of damage to opponents but isn’t able to take it back in return. With Akuma, he does some of the best damage in the entire game.

If you know how to use him well, you could decimate opponents within a few seconds if you know his combos well. The strength he has is unbelievable and unparalleled by the other characters on the roster. However, it does take a true master to unlock his devastating potential.

That’s because one wrong move and you could lose a huge chunk of your health in one go. He has one of the lowest health in the game and can’t take too many hits. As such, it takes strategy and back up plans to get a firm grasp on Akuma. But if you can, you will find he’s one of the best in the game.


Street Fighter V Tier List 2020 Birdie

Birdie, like Akuma, can deal some heavy damage against foes in battle. But where the two differ a lot is in the fact that Birdie can deal damage from far away. Birdie does best at mid-range with his signature headbutts and other attacks.

He also has a good bit of versatility, too, that helps him survive against various attacks, be it close range, long-range or even air combos. All this variation and damage allows Birdie to be one of the strongest fighters around.

However, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t come without his faults, too. The main issue with Birdie that players have to account for is her long recovery for most of his attacks. These can leave you open some but in the right hands, it won’t be an issue.


Ibuki is one of the most popular fighters in the esports scene for the game for a reason. This unique fighter has a special trait that no other character in the roster has: Ninjutsu. On the side of the screen, you will see that she has a meter that shows how many kunai that she can throw at enemies.

These deal lots of damage and are at the core of what makes Ibuki such a strong fighter. Using a special move, she can refill her kunai and start blasting away at opponents again. Couple this with her bombs, and you have a terrifying combination that could go up against most fighters well.

M. Bison

Street Fighter V Tier List 2020 M. Bison

M. Bison has been terrorizing Ryu and the rest of the Street Fighter gang since almost day one. And that doesn’t end in this latest game either. This complex fighter takes some real skill to understand and use in battle correctly, but if you can, you will find that he will treat you right in return.

The biggest issue with M. Bison is his slow walking speed. But even that isn’t a problem for veteran players who know how to work around it. After all, he has an infinite dash that helps close in the distance as well as his special moves.

Once you close in, if you can use his combos in the right way, you will be able to challenge and take out enemies with ease. Many players in the community argue that M. Bison is the best character on this entire Street Fighter V tier list 2020. There’s a reason for that.


Street Fighter V Tier List 2020 Rashid

Rounding out the S Tier list is Rashid. He is one of the new playable characters that you will find in the Street Fighter V roster and the best of the new fighters. This Middle Eastern fighter is one of the most aggressive in the game and is all about cornering your opponent.

The point of Rashid is to trap your opponent, unleash attack after attack, keep away from their attacks, and rinse and repeat. It’s a simple formula making him not too hard to figure out even for newcomers. As such, he, too, has become popular in the online community.

His only issue is that he doesn’t have a lot of damage output compared to the rest of the roster. He more than makes up for that, though, in his speed and aggressive playstyle. In the right hands, Rashid can be a whirlwind of attacks that can stand toe to toe with the rest of this S Tier.

Street Fighter V Tier List 2020: A Tier

While the A tier fighters aren’t enough to make it into the best tier around, they are not fighters that you should ignore either. A tier fighters are just barely below the S rank with perhaps slightly lesser stats or some other notable feature keeping them from rising to the top. That doesn’t stop them from being devastating opponents, though.


The crazy antagonist from Street Fighter 4 is back and better than ever in the Champion Edition of Street Fighter V. The insane mechanical fighter arrives on the scene with a new coat of paint with a more feminine physical form and some V Triggers to boot.

At the core, though, Seth still has the same move stealing Tanden Engine as you would expect from the character. Able to steal someone’s moves from them and use it against them, this fighter will have enemies spiraling out of control.

A technical fighter that requires a bit of time to master with the ever-changing moves from the Tanden Engine, we find that Seth fits nicely in the A tier at the launch of them in the Champion Edition.

  • Cammy
  • Cody
  • Guile
  • Kage
  • Karin
  • Kolin
  • Menat
  • R. Mika
  • Ryu
  • Urien
  • Zeku

Street Fighter V Tier List 2020: B Tier

When it comes to the B tier fighters, these are good fighters who can still stand on their own against even S tier opponents. In the right hands, they can be powerful enemies that shouldn’t be underestimated. With some minor tweaks, they could easily jump to the A or even S tiers.

  • Abigail
  • Balrog
  • Blanka
  • Chun Li
  • Dhalsim
  • E. Honda
  • F.A.N.G.
  • Falke
  • G
  • Gill
  • Juri
  • Kage
  • Ken
  • Lucia
  • Nash
  • Necalli
  • Poison
  • Sagat
  • Sakura
  • Zangief

Street Fighter V Tier List 2020: C Tier

The great thing about our Street Fighter V tier list 2020 is that we believe that there are no bad characters in the 40-strong roster currently. All characters are at least good, with the C tier fighters just being the least good of them all.

That said, that doesn’t stop them from still being worthy characters, but you will likely need a lot of time, patience, and practice to make these fighters be able to hold their own against the rest. But with some diligence and mastery, even a C tier fighter can be among the great.


Street Fighter V Tier List Alex

In an ironic sense, Alex is one of the least combo-centric fighters in the game. He is all about grappling, which is something you don’t see too often in the community. But just because he doesn’t use a lot of combos doesn’t mean that he’s great for newcomers.

It takes a certain type of player to be able to use Alex well. You need to have the patience to think through the strategy of what your moves do and what your opponent is doing. You also need to be sure you always understand the placement of yourself and your opponent.

Because of this, it makes Alex more complicated than he’s worth. His stats are fine all around, but it’s not worth the effort for most players. With the right player who is willing to take the time, though, you will find that Alex is a decent enough fighter.


Street Fighter V Tier List 2020 Ed

Ed is a pretty good fighter, better than most of the ones in the C Tier. He certainly has the potential to move up from this tier to the B Tier with just a few tweaks here and there. He is one of the fastest fighters around, allowing him to overwhelm his enemies with quick attacks.

His combos are easy enough to learn, too. This makes Ed not the hardest character to control, unlike Alex, but Ed comes with his issues at the same time. For one, Ed is awful when it comes to mid-range, where several fighters excel. This problem is detrimental to a lot of opponents.

What’s worse is it can be difficult to overcome this problem, too, making it so that Ed is only great against certain types of players. This limitation makes it so that you could be a severe disadvantage because you picked Ed.


Street Fighter V Tier List Laura

Laura suffers from a similar issue to Ed but in a different way. To begin with, Laura is one of the strongest fighters on this Street Fighter V tier list when it comes to close-range fighting. She is a powerful melee fighter that is sure to wreck you if she gets too close.

But therein lies Laura’s problem. When it comes to anywhere other than close range, she is inept at doing much on the battlefield. And she isn’t the best at closing in the distance between two foes either. This puts her at a disadvantage against a good number of foes.

If the enemy can keep their distance by dodging, dashing, and so on, Laura will probably be beaten. Only the most experienced players could overcome this and be able to win against mid and long-range enemies.


Street Fighter V Tier List 2020 Vega

Vega has speed that is uncanny compared to everyone else on this Street Fighter V tier list. With his speed alone, he can dash in close to foes and pound them to pieces before you know what’s happened to you. His attacks aren’t the best but paired with his speed. He can be dangerous.

The issue is that his defense isn’t that great. If you can get past his speed and stop him for a moment to turn the tides, it’s going to be over for Vega. As long as a player can anticipate Vega’s instant ability to close the distance, he’s toast.

It also doesn’t help that his best combo is a technical one that requires the skill and knowledge to pull it off. If you can, though, you will find that you can take out most enemies with it. But the challenge of getting there causes it to be in the C Tier on this Street Fighter V tier list 2020.


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