The Story Behind CSGO Betting: A Scene That Continues to Flourish

by in CS:GO | May, 28th 2020

Betting on CSGO is, slowly but surely, becoming the favorite pastime of thousands of people all across the world. The numbers continue to grow rapidly, and it seems as though not even the ongoing coronavirus pandemic will slow them down. CSGO betting, just like the entirety of the esports betting industry, is still going through its golden age and today we’re going to take a closer look and see what exactly makes it so special!

We are not here to promote CSGO betting! We are, however, aware that numerous websites promote such activities to earn money through affiliate deals. We’re not in it for the money – we have 0 (zero, null, nada) affiliate links on this piece – it’s purely informative! That said, if you’re interested in learning more about CSGO betting, keep on reading!

Esports Betting 101

The esports betting scene started developing way back in the late 2000s. We’re talking about an underground scene that wasn’t anywhere near the popularity it enjoys nowadays. With games like Counter-Strike 1.6, StarCraft and WarCraft III ruling the scene, esports betting enthusiasts didn’t have a lot of variety to choose from. The esports betting industry was merely taking its first steps and was not only underground but illegal (for the most part), too.

Fast forward to 2014. That’s when the esports betting industry, the one we all know and love today, started developing. It leaped the underground, illegal schemes to a fully-fledged but still not 100% legit industry. Skin betting was a growing tumor in an industry that wanted to flourish and work on its legality and integrity.

There are lots of additional things to talk about as far as the history of esports betting goes. If you want more information on the topic, make sure you check out our esports betting 101 blog. It features a ton of information about the history and development of the esports betting industry and it’s a must-read for everyone interested in how our favorite pastime was brought to life.

Biggest CSGO Events People Bet On

Dota 2 has The Internationals. League of Legends has LoL World Championships. Call of Duty has CDL. What does CSGO have? Well, CSGO has Major Championships, biannual events that serve as the pinnacle of its competitive season… but it also has an abundance of equally important leagues and circuits that spice up the CSGO competitive calendar.

CSGO Major Championships

As mentioned above, CSGO Major Championships are the bread and butter of the CSGO’s competitive ecosystem. They are the primary candidates for CSGO betting enthusiasts, bring forth the hottest teams, have the most lucrative prize pools, and enjoy vast coverage from the top CSGO betting sites. We’re talking about biannual events here, meaning they happen twice per year. 2020 is an exception. It will feature just one CSGO Major Championship because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

BLAST Premier

RFRSH Entertainment’s BLAST event series has kicked off another season with a brand-new IP. BLAST Premier is their top-tier event. It’s more like a league/circuit than a standalone competition, aiming to further decentralize the already stale CSGO competitive scene. It offers unique betting opportunities and is not to be taken for granted in the growing CSGO market.


Flashpoint is a brand-new CSGO league that had massive plans of conquering the CSGO scene by annihilating its biggest competitor, the ESL Pro League. Needless to say, things didn’t go according to plans and Flashpoint got stuck with tier-B sides and millions of dollars of potential debt. It’s still an active competition, although we can expect major changes if it’s going to remain a part of the CSGO esports scene.

ESL Events

ESL is the oldest, biggest, and most popular esports event organizer. In the CSGO ecosystem, ESL has the Pro League, ESL One, and Intel Extreme Masters in collaboration with Intel. All of their events are known for nothing but utmost professionalism, AAA production, and lucrative prize pools. Lastly, ESL events are typically important aspects of the Intel Grand Slam.

DreamHack Events

Last but not least – DreamHack, every gamer’s wet dream. Even though still active, DreamHack has lost its place at the top of the esports scene. As far as CSGO goes, DreamHack has two event series, Open and Masters. DH Open are small(ish) events typically featuring tier-B sides and lower prize pools. DreamHack Masters are slightly bigger events featuring top-tier sides and are usually a part of a circuit, be it BLAST Premier Circuit or Intel Grand Slam.

Most Popular CSGO Betting Special Lines

After inspecting the biggest, most popular events CSGO betting enthusiasts love to bet on, let’s check out the crème de la crème of Counter-Strike specials. For those of you who aren’t well-versed in online betting terminology, here’s a quick explanation.

Specials, as their name suggests, are special types of bets that reflect on specific in-game occurrences other than the end results.

CSGO is a round-based tactical shooter with a ton of quantifiable stats that help pave the way for numerous specials. Come to think of it, the abundance of specials must be one of the reasons behind CSGO’s immense popularity in the betting sphere.

Round-based Totals

Round-based totals are by far the most popular specials available for CSGO. All major esports betting sites feature them and many CSGO bettors swear by their epicness. The premise is as straightforward as they come. The bookie specifies the number of rounds and you’re supposed to guess if the overall rounds’ count will be below or above that number.

Pistol Rounds

Team to win both pistol rounds is becoming an insanely popular CSGO betting special. As its name suggests, all you’re supposed to do is pick the team you think will win both pistol rounds. There’s no need to explain the importance of pistol rounds in CSGO, so go out there, do some research, find the best pistol-rounds, and profit!

Overtime Bets

Overtime in CSGO possible in certain events that don’t recognize 15-15 draws as valid end results. In those scenarios, overtimes are played. Your job as a CSGO betting enthusiast is to guess if the given match will have overtime. In other words, you’re betting on the match to end as a draw in “regular time.”

Knife Kills

Last but not least: Knife kills! Yep, you can bet on knife kills in CSGO. It’s the ultimate tool of humiliation in the game which is why players use it to assert dominance over their opponents. Bookies allow you to bet on whether or not the given match will have a knife kill. The premise is identical to the aforementioned overtime specials.

Biggest CSGO Teams

At the moment, Astralis is probably the biggest CSGO team. They had been at the top of the CSGO rankings for over a year in 2019, which just goes to show you their dominance and superiority. There are teams, however, that struck the Great Danes by surprise and dethroned them as soon as their forms fell down a bit.

New CSGO hopes are coming up the ranks. Teams like Vitality and Evil Geniuses are inching closer to the giants like NaVi, FaZe, Team Liquid and similar. The CSGO scene is in a pretty chaotic state right now, which is why CSGO betting enthusiasts are doing their best to keep themselves in the green for as long as they can.

Most Notable CSGO Professional Players

As is the case with every other esports title out there, CSGO also has its fair share of legendary-tier professionals. You know, the first few names you think of when someone starts discussing the greatest CSGO players of all time.

The first few names that pop to mind are olofmeister, S1mple, KennyS, flusha, and device. Those are, in no particular order, the world’s greatest CSGO players of all time. Of course, many of you won’t argue with my list since it’s all, more or less, a matter of personal preference.

Numerous other pro players could’ve been placed on that list. Players like NiKo, ZywOo, PashaBiceps, and f0rest are worthy of the flattering title. As far as the CSGO betting scene goes, knowing the top players, their roles, and forms is of crucial importance for increasing the number of successful wagers.

Betting on CSGO | Can It Survive the Pandemic?

Let’s talk about the question that gets dropped daily these days. Can CSGO betting survive the pandemic? In my opinion, the question isn’t whether or not CSGO can survive the pandemic but how much can it grow by the end of it.

Yep, I’m not even exaggerating here. I expect CSGO betting (and esports betting in general) to keep on flourishing through these chaotic times.

Have I gone completely mad? Nope. Well, at least I hope so. Allow me to elaborate.

Considering recent events, and by recent events I’m referring to numerous sporting events that got canceled/postponed since the start of the pandemic, esports events are among the rare professional competitions that are even remotely similar to conventional sports. Yes, I know some wildcard leagues still play soccer, but that’s nowhere near the top-tier quality sports betting enthusiasts have come to expect.

Esports betting enthusiasts, on the other hand, are crying tears of joy because they still have stuff to watch and bet on. Yes, the pandemic did mess up the esports industry’s plans. A bunch of major events have been canceled or postponed and esports organizations must’ve lost millions, but it’s far from the catastrophe that struck other industries.

The thing with esports, you’ve guessed it, is the fact that it can be played online too. Yes, the lag is bound to cause issues now and then, but games/events can still be played and keep the industry afloat. Not just the esports industry itself but esports betting industry too, which ought to experience even bigger growth with the lack of sporting events.

The lack of sporting events for people to bet on ought to result in a massive influx of new bettors into the ever-growing esports betting scene.


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