StarLadder Major Berlin Favorites That Got Eliminated Way Too Soon

By Pavo Jurkic

September 5, 2019


StarLadder Major Eliminations

Even though the Champions Stage just started, we can already point out several StarLadder Major surprising eliminations that shook the CS:GO scene. They all had high expectations but failed to show their A-game in Berlin, resulting in lackluster performances and surprising eliminations before the playoffs.

StarLadder Major Surprising Eliminations

The first team (FURIA) got eliminated right off the bat in the Challengers Stage while others had their mishaps in the Legends Stage.

Here are five teams that underperformed in Berlin and an honorable mention that took the CS:GO world by storm and almost got their taste of the playoffs.


The first team we’re going to talk about here is FURIA. Indeed, the Brazilian youngsters are among the biggest StarLadder Major surprising eliminations, failing to reach the Legends Stage and getting eliminated after just four matches. Yep, that’s the story of FURIA!

But what went so wrong for them?

Well, for starters, they must’ve underestimated their opponents. There’s no other way I can think about their defeats against ForZe and Syman. CR4ZY was the start of their misery, but not due to underestimation, as much as the sheer power and individual prowess of the Balkan team.

However, KSCERATO, yuurih and the boys should’ve played better against ForZe and Syman. Especially against Syman since that was their first (and only) Bo3 which they had to win. Unfortunately for Brazilian fans, the most robust SA team in Berlin (not counting MIBR, because zews) failed to show up for the occasion with only KSCERATO showing glimpses of being alive. The rest of the team were unimpressive at best, making silly mistakes across the board and basically gifting the victory to Syman.

I don’t think we’ll see drastic changes in FURIA’s roster in the future. If their slump continues till the end of the year, I wouldn’t be surprised if the org gets rid of ableJ who was by far the weakest link on the Major.


Mousesports Logo

Mousesports was a force to be reckoned with in the Challengers Stage. ChrisJ, ropz and the company clinched the next phase without a single loss, beating the likes of ForZe, AVANGAR, and G2 on their way to the Legends Stage. Led by ropz, woxic and the experienced ChrisJ, mousesports looked dominant and were among the favorites to get their Champions Stage ticket.

Even though they lost their opening match vs. FaZe, which was a surprising game to begin with, they came back on track with two crucial wins against North and NaVi. Unfortunately, the draw wasn’t doing them a favor, pinning woxic and the fellas up against two best teams in the world (according to, Vitality and Team Liquid.

Despite mousesports failing to reach the Champions Stage with their overhauled roster, I doubt we’ll see any alterations going forward. This team looks superb at times, and their consistency against lower-tier teams is on point. The only thing they have to work to step their game up a notch is deepening their map pool and working on strats to push them ahead of top ten teams. Experience ought to play a vital role here, too, which is another reason why I believe this mousesports roster has a certain future together!


G2 Esports Logo

What is there to say about G2, the second-best French team with extremely high expectations coming into this event? With in-form KennyS and an experienced roster playing off him, the bar was set high, and everyone involved with G2 was expecting the team to qualify for the Champions Stage.

Their Challengers Stage performances were off the charts, losing only to Mousesports and easily qualifying for the next phase with a match to spare. The Legends Stage kicked off with a superb match in which G2 overcame NaVi on overtime. They did lose against Astralis, but it was on Nuke, and we all know what a powerhouse the Great Danes are on this map despite their recent struggles. A win against MIBR further cemented their superiority, thanks to two decided matches that could see them through to the Champions Stage.

Best of all, both of their opponents were “lower-level” teams, Renegades and AVANGAR, but despite that, G2 still managed to choke and ended up missing their Champions Stage spot. That’s too bad, really, especially considering KennyS’s form which was off the charts in recent months.


FaZe Clan Logo

Another devastating blow for FaZe Clan. We’re talking about a roster made for winning trophies; a roster made for winning Majors. Instead, this roster won only one notable tournament in the entirety of 2019 and managed to win just a single match in Berlin. This sort of flukes is not even funny anymore, and I’m sure we’ll see a massive roster overhaul in the coming months.

Yes, there have been plenty of speculations on Coldzera signing for FaZe, but with 100 Thieves joining the scene, I reckon the experienced Brazilian rifler/AWPer won’t opt for out-of-form FaZe. In other words, I’m not expecting a single roster alteration as sort of an upgrade. FaZe Clan already tried this by getting rid of Karrigan and then AdreN.

Replacing players one by one with a weak core won’t do much in the long run. FaZe is undoubtedly one of (if not the) biggest StarLadder Major surprising eliminations. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the entire roster disbanded and replaced with a fresh one pretty soon.



Let’s face it, this MIBR roster with zews onboard wasn’t meant to do much on this Major. This MIBR roster isn’t really among StarLadder Major surprising eliminations, according to many members of the community. Their failure to clinch the Champions Stage and take one win (against out-of-form NiP of all teams) isn’t surprising, considering they prevented Coldzera from playing one last event with them.

Needless to say, if the 24-year-old Brazilian rifler/AWPer was in the starting lineup, I reckon MIBR would be a likely Champions Stage contestant. However, with zews (MIBR’s coach) playing as the replacement, the team might’ve gotten a stellar strategist but lost an essential round-to-round contributor, kills and clutch-wise. Hopefully, zews goes back to his coaching role as soon as possible, and MIBR finally finds a decent replacement for Coldzera.

Honorable Mention – CR4ZY

CR4ZY Logo

Perhaps not as well-established as the rest of the above-featured bunch, CR4ZY’s disheartening elimination was still a shock for some people. Especially after their convincing Challengers Stage performances in which they easily defeated the likes of Grayhound, FURIA, and DreamEaters. CR4ZY is one of the main reasons why Brazilian youngsters failed to reach the Legends Stage.

On the bright side, just like FURIA, this CR4ZY roster has a ton of potential. It’s a fresh org with young players who haven’t spent an awfully lot of time playing together. Still, thanks to their aggressive mentality and superb dueling capabilities, they’re already a force to be reckoned with in the top flight. Just imagine what a tough team they’ll be a year from now… if the roster stays intact, of course.

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