Squid Game Video Games That You Should Play: Roblox, Danganronpa, Fall Guys

by in General | Oct, 20th 2021

Squid Game has quickly overtaken Netflix and social media everywhere, dominating as one of the most-watched TV series of all time now. The show’s appeal has led to many wanting more of it, including some very own Squid Game video games to play.

Squid Game Video Games We Think You Should Play

While there are no official Squid Game video games at this point, there are plenty of games similar to it in one way or another. Some are more similar than others. There are some legit copycats of the entire show, but nothing official has been released at this time. 

However, though there are no official games available at this time, there are plenty of Squid Game video games with the same core ideas and themes that we should recommend you play. For me, the whole death game/survival game genre is something that I’ve loved for about a decade.

It all started with my introduction to the battle royale genre through the titular Japanese movie Battle Royale about a decade ago, and I became obsessed with this idea. To that point, I consumed just about every single good, mediocre, and bad game that is remotely close to this since then. 

Through this, I have compiled the 10 best Squid Game video games that are most similar to the Netflix show that I think are worth playing. There are more than these, of course, but they might not be as good as these or are not as close to the show. 

I tried to cover all aspects of Squid Game that you might want in a video game, from ones that are more focused on the amazing characters in the story to the actual plot itself to the general gameplay style and so on. With that being the case, here are the 10 Squid Game video games that you should check out if you enjoyed the awesome Korean Netflix series. It is worth noting that these games are in no particular order. However, I did put the focus on certain key ones. 

1. Roblox Copycats

As mentioned, this list is in no particular order; however, there is one that stands above the rest in this list: Roblox. If you do not know Roblox by this point in time, it is a PC, mobile, and Xbox title similar to Garry’s Mod and Minecraft in that you can craft your world and game to share with others. 

Through this, Roblox has countless games ranging from roleplay-style servers to recreations of popular games and other media. With this case, Roblox quickly filled up with Squid Game video games inspired by the show. They are some of the most popular games on there right now. 

There are several of these that you can find, and they all bring their elements to the table, but I think the best one is the actual Squid Game itself. It has every single game from the actual show, except ironically the titular Squid Game itself.

It has Red Light, Green Light, the bridge, tug of war, and, yes, even those certain nights that happen pretty frequently. The games are rather simple to grasp and work well. It is quite fun, and I spent a couple of hours playing rounds over and over with my family online, and it was an amazing time. Without a doubt, the best of the Squid Game video games that you can play right now. 

2. Danganronpa Series

Moving away from the exact copycat of the Squid Game TV show for a moment, it is now time to focus on certain aspects of the series and games that have perfected it. Danganronpa, a murder mystery death game visual novel, is a series that you will hear mentioned a lot. 

Perhaps tied with Ace Attorney and Doki Doki Literature Club as the most well-known visual novels out there, you probably already know about this game. But if you do not, each main game is a group of high schoolers kidnapped and thrown into a death game where you have to kill and get away with it to escape. 

Though it has dark and morbid themes, it is quite hilarious, too, as one of the funniest games I’ve ever played. From Monokuma, the white and black bear that hosts the game, to the goofy soundtrack to the pink blood helps capture the perfect mix of comedy and tragedy that Squid Game does well. And it helps that the characters are amazing, too, certainly have a passionate community because of them. 

3. Your Turn to Die

Your Turn to Die is a very indie visual novel title similar to Danganronpa and was likely inspired by it and the other games around. Developed by basically one person, Your Turn to Die has been translated into chapters and is not done at the time of writing this. 

But it is a solid indie death game story that I think Squid Game fans will enjoy. It can teeter on the horror side a bit more than some of the other games on this list, but it surprisingly has a lot in common with Squid Game in the gimmicky games that the characters play.

Each chapter has various minigames that they must play, including an entire amusement park-like chapter reminiscent of the children’s games that the characters in Squid Game play. Though, in my opinion, the mechanics for the games are the weakest part of the experience, you can come for that reason and stay for the cool characters and brutal deaths. 

4. Among Us

Among Us is another survival game-style title that everyone knows quite well at this point. Similar to Squid Game in that it blew up out of nowhere and broke records in the process. While there are not too many similarities between the two, it does at least capture the idea of not trusting others and alliances. 

In Among Us, you are either the crewmates looking to complete minigame-themed tasks and finding the killers on the other team who are trying to eliminate everyone and get away with it. The minigame tasks are probably the closest idea to Squid Game, but the familiar themes are deeper than that. 

Among Us is great for Squid Games fans because it is easy to get in and out of matches, and it does not ask for too much commitment from you. It also captures the latter parts of Squid Game, where it was hard to trust other people. Your enemies are no longer just the games you are playing, so I recommend it for those reasons.

5. Battle Royale Games

I will focus on a single game but an entire genre of games instead for this next one. That genre is battle royale games, an entire genre built around going into a game and watching the numbers dwindle until you are the last person or team left. 

There are plenty of good battle royale games out there, to the point where I’ve already made an entire list about the best battle royale games that you should play right now. However, I would like to note some highlights from that list here are Fortnite and Call of Duty Warzone. 

Warzone is fine since it focuses mainly on gunplay and does not do much other than that. While Fortnite does focus on the building aspects, it has the childlike nature that Squid Game can have, which I appreciate. It also has other game modes created by the community that you can check out, similar to what Roblox does. 

6. Gnosia

Moving back to the Among Us-like gameplay for a moment, we have a visual novel known as Gnosia that is quite similar to it. You are on a spaceship where one or more people on the ship is an impostor that you must vote out of the round. 

The problem here is that you are not just playing one long game, but bite-sized matches similar to Among Us, but entirely offline with NPCs. You have to learn the RPG-like stats in the game, level them up, go through countless loops, and find out the true story. 

Along the way, though, the most shining part of Gnosia is the fascinating and beautiful artstyle and the characters. Like Squid Game, it has a colorful and great cast of characters that carry the game to the point where I was willing to do 200 loops (or matches) throughout a couple of weeks when it first came out on Nintendo Switch. 

7. Raging Loop

Speaking of loops, we have Raging Loop, which is on the opposite end of the spectrum from the last game. Raging Loop is a title that focuses on the Werewolf Game, where a small Japanese village has werewolves that kill people and get away with it. 

Enter the main character, who ends up at the village and is forced to play the Werewolf Game, similar to Among Us, where the werewolves want to kill the villagers and the villagers want to vote them out. It is quite complex and has different loops to play, but this story is far more complicated and intricate than the gameplay-centric Gnosia. 

Raging Loop is one of the best death games that has been released in recent years, probably the best type of visual novel in this genre since Danganronpa V3. To say more would be spoilers but know that the Werewolf Game can get sinister and shocking, giving that sense of distrust in Squid Game where you are not sure who is a friend or foe. 

8. The World Ends With You Series

Next is The World Ends With You series, including the original DS title and its sequel from this year: NEO The World Ends With You. The original game is a cult classic for me, being one of the first death games that I played, but, in hindsight, I do not think it holds up all that well. 

Unfortunately, the story of that game is decently important for the latest game, so I recommend watching the new anime to get its story. Once done with that, it is time for NEO The World Ends With You, one of the best games I have played this year. 

Though it is technically a death game, the games here to survive are focused on the simple and fun action-based RPG system. In this sequel, you slowly gather a team of awesome characters to survive alongside, capturing the core team’s feel in Squid Game. It is a bit more light-hearted and colorful at times, so it is a breath of fresh air compared to some of the darker entries on this list. 

9. Zero Escape Series

Speaking of darker entries on this list, few are as dark and high-quality as this next entry: the Zero Escape series. Encompassing three games (but honestly, don’t play the third one if you still want to love the story), it is about people being kidnapped and forced to play a game. 

What is fascinating here is that the games play out in each of the games as escape rooms where you have to complete sometimes complex puzzles to escape a room or fulfill a task. It forces you to think to get out of the rooms and continue the story.

Speaking of the story, I would argue that 999, the first in the series, is the best story I have ever played in a video game period. While its sequel, Virtue’s Last Reward, is a more well-made game, I still prefer the original story. And though the final game in the series has gruesome games and is potentially more appealing to Squid Game fans, the ending is horrible and resolves nothing with no hope of a true resolution. That said, I do highly recommend the first two, at least. 

10. Fall Guys

Finishing off this list is Fall Guys. Though it is a battle royale game, I think it deserves its entry for being the most like Squid Game. It is Wipeout and TV show survival games, but in a massive online multiplayer game with up to 60 players. 

You run along obstacle courses to be among the first to reach the finish line; you try to survive on platforms, play tag against other teams, and so on. You are playing a more colorful and bizarre version of the Squid Game in these games as you see the number of players dwindle. 

Perhaps the most intriguing part of Fall Guys, though, is the promise of some Squid Game-like modes in the future. It has been noted that a Red Light, Green Light game mode was canceled in development but could be coming back in the future because of Squid Game. If there is a title that can have an official Squid Game crossover, this one (in my opinion) makes it one of the exciting on this list. 


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