How to Complete Fortnite Season 10, Week 4 Smash & Grab Missions

by in Fortnite | Aug, 22nd 2019

Season 10 of battle royale continues to chug along as Epic Games has released the Fortnite week four challenges this week. They are available starting today and offer players a chance to complete some throwback challenges in exchange for some great rewards and a creepy back bling item.

The week four challenges this week are known as the Smash & Grab missions, which is the latest incarnation of the weekly missions system that Epic introduced this season instead of the typical weekly challenges. As always, the missions this week are themed around a certain mechanic.

In the case of the Smash & Grab missions for week four, they are themed around, well, smashing and grabbing stuff. This means things like smash other players into the dust and grabbing items from chests and the like. As such, expect the challenges to revolve around eliminations and chests.

Also, though, the Smash & Grab missions this week revolve around the hot spot locations that were added a while back to the game. So, there are a few solid challenges that require you to visit those glowing areas, which we’ll be sure to cover in detail in case you don’t know anything about them.

Full List of Smash & Grab Normal Missions

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the full list of normal missions that are available this week in the week four challenges:

  • Search a chest within 60 seconds after landing from the battle bus three times
  • Land at a hot spot in different matches three times
  • Deal 100 damage within 30 seconds after using a launch pad
  • Search two chests within 30 seconds of each other three different times
  • Pick up a legendary item in three different matches
  • Search a supply drop within 10 seconds of it landing three different times
  • Deal 200 damage to opponents at hot spots

Full List of Smash & Grab Prestige Missions

That’s it for the normal challenges. Now, per usual this season, completing the normal challenges will open up the prestige missions for you to do as well. You can find the full list of the prestige missions below:

  • Search a chest and an ammo box within 30 seconds after landing from the battle bus three different times
  • Destroy loot carriers within 60 seconds after landing from the battle bus three separate times
  • Eliminate an opponent within 30 seconds after using a launch pad
  • Search three chests within 30 seconds of each other
  • Pick up three legendary items in a single match
  • Collect 100 of each material within 60 seconds after landing from the battle bus
  • Eliminate three opponents at a hot spot

How to Complete the Chests and Ammo Boxes Missions

Fortnite Ammo Box Transparent

Of course, we aren’t just going to leave you hanging without a guide to all of these challenges and what you will get for doing them. The first challenge up is to search a chest within 60 seconds of landing from the battle bus. This is a rather simple one (like most of these challenges) and is something that you may already do on a regular basis.

One of the best things that you can do when you are playing the game at the start is to land somewhere and immediately go for those glowing chests. Opening them up will likely give you some great stuff to start out the match. As such, this is something that you should already be doing.

However, if you aren’t and need help with this, we recommend heading to places that aren’t super popular on the map like Lucky Landing, Snobby Shores, the Viking Village, and others where players won’t be competing for you in terms of opening up the chests. Do this in three matches and you’re done with this challenge.

Now, the prestige version of this challenge amps it up a little bit more. Not only do you have to also open up an ammo box in addition to the chest but you must do all of this within 30 seconds after landing from the battle bus. Now this is a bit harder than the initial incarnation.

To do this, you are going to want to land somewhere where you can see the chest right in front of you so you don’t waste any time getting to it. This could be somewhere like Tilted Town or a favorite chest of yours that you know its exact location on the map.

However, you also need an ammo box so be sure to check under staircases, in basements, and the like of houses so you can easily find one of these. You have to do this whole procedure not just once but three different times in total to complete this challenge.

How to Find a Hot Spot and Loot Carriers

The next challenge is another simple one as long as you know what it is. All you have to do is land at a hot spot on the map once across three different matches in battle royale. To be able to do this, though, you need to know what a hot spot actually is in the game if you don’t already.

For those who don’t know, a hot spot is a named location that the color of the text has changed from the normal white to yellow. This indicates that there is better loot there of some sort and it is a hot spot. All you need to do is look while on the battle bus for one of these locations and head there. Do this three times and you will be good to go.

Now, the prestige version of this mission is a bit different and requires you to destroy a loot carrier within 60 seconds of landing from the battle bus three different times. Loot carriers are these little drones that carry around supply drops for you to collect.

They can be found most of the time in the hot spot locations. So, like with the normal version, you will want to head to one of these hot spots and find a gun to shoot down the loot carrier with. Do this three times and you will complete the prestige mission.

How to Do the Launch Pad Missions

Fortnite Launch Pad Transparent

The next mission requires you to deal 100 damage within 30 seconds of using a launch pad. To do this, you are going to need a launch pad and there are two ways to do this. You can either find one in a chest and then use it on the field or use someone else’s.

The latter will make dealing the 100 damage easier since you just need to go after the person who placed it and attack them. For the former option, though, you will want to wait until the latter portions of the match where you can easily launch and find someone near you to attack.

100 damage isn’t a lot as it is just the same as eliminating an opponent who only has 100 health or taking out the shields of someone with 100 shields. But the prestige version is a little bit harder as it requires you to actually eliminate the person and it has to be within 30 seconds instead of 60. Make sure to follow after someone and get the kill for this mission.

How to Find Chests Close to One Another

The next mission in the Smash & Grab missions is one that requires you to search two chests within 30 seconds of each other. This is a difficult one since other players will likely find the other chests that you don’t grab first in your area. And you have to do this three times.

So, you will want to, again, visit areas that aren’t frequented often by other players. This is to ensure that there are plenty of unopened treasure chests in your area that will allow you to complete this challenge. The same goes for the prestige version that requires you to find three chests within 30 seconds.

Your other option for this is to turn on the party assist feature in the game. Then you will want to find some friends to help you do these missions together and you should be able to divide up duties to find enough chests in the required set of time.

Where to Find Legendary Items and Supply Drops

Fortnite Legendary Rocket Launcher Transparent

Your next mission on the list is to pick up a legendary item in three different matches. This is a simple one but it does require a bit of luck. What we recommend that you do is keep destroy loot carriers, opening up chests, and searching any supply drops that you find.

Doing this will increase your chances of finding a legendary item. In addition, the same goes for the prestige version. We recommend focusing on searching for these items in matches rather than trying to win or get kills like usual if you want to be able to finish it.

Speaking of supply drops, this mission goes well with another mission that requires you to search a supply drop 10 seconds after it lands on the map. What you will want to do is head to the next circle as fast as you can and look in the sky for supply drops landing.

You can speed up them landing if you’re worried about other players by shooting at it. Then make sure to be ready to search it as soon as it lands on the ground. Make sure to do this three times in total and you will finish this mission.

The prestige version of that challenge isn’t really related too much. What you need to do is gather up 100 of each material within 60 seconds of landing from the battle bus. This one isn’t too hard and there are two ways you could do this.

The first is the old fashioned way of going to some trees and destroying them, then some rocks, and finally some metal. Alternatively, you could land and get into a Brute mech and then begin destroying everything around you. This can quickly gather up the necessary materials.

How to Deal Damage and Get Eliminations at Hot Spots

The final normal and prestige missions bring us back to the hot spots area we covered above in a previous mission. That mission was to land at a hot spot. The final normal mission takes it one step further and has the player deal at least 200 damage at a hot spot.

Meanwhile, the final prestige mission takes it even one step further and requires the player to get at least three eliminations at a hot spot. These three missions as a whole go together really well and, as such, should be completed together in tandem to make it easier on you.

You already have to land at a hot spot in three different matches so be sure to make each landing count. If you set your goal to get at least one elimination per landing there, you’ll complete all three of these missions together.

After all, landing there three times and getting a kill three times there completes two of the missions. As for the 200 damage one, that’s also likely solved in those because all that takes is defeating someone with full health and shields or two players with just full health.

Fortnite Week 4 Smash & Grab Missions Rewards

Fortnite Battle Star Transparent

For completing these missions, you get some rewards. If you didn’t know already, rewards this season work differently than before. Instead of giving you a certain reward for completing a mission, you get rewards based on how many missions you’ve done this week.

Here are the full set of rewards for completing the Smash & Grab missions this week:

  • For completing one mission, you get 10 battle stars
  • Two missions: 10 battle stars
  • Three missions: 10 more battle stars
  • Four missions: 5,000 experience
  • Five missions: 10 battle stars
  • Six missions: 10 more battle stars
  • All seven missions: you get an epic back bling item


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