Settling the Valorant Phantom vs Vandal Debate Once and For All

by in Valorant | Aug, 31st 2021

Valorant has a wide array of weapons, all of which have their place. However, the two most-purchased weapons in Valorant are the Phantom and the Vandal. These two rifles are important to master, and they’re the most well-rounded weapons in Valorant. However, there are subtle advantages and disadvantages that come along with both options. Phantom vs Vandal is a long-running debate in the Valorant community, but one rifle stands above the other in a few key areas.

The Vandal

Valorant’s most-purchased weapon, the Vandal, seems to be the go-to for most players. According to Valorbuff’s database, 34.3% of all kills across Valorant’s competitive playlist are with the Vandal. If over a third of the kills in Valorant are carried out with a Vandal in-hand, it has to be the best option, right?

What Makes the Vandal so Popular?

There’s a lot to love with this rifle. The Vandal feels nice to shoot, and one-tap headshots are oh-so-satisfying. There’s no damage falloff with this weapon, meaning it does well at pretty much any range. Its recoil is a little hard to get the hang of, but tap-firing the Vandal makes it very effective at mid-range. You won’t be outgunning someone with an Operator, but the Vandal outclasses most weapons in Valorant past the 15-meter mark. In the battle of Phantom vs Vandal, many Valorant players would likely prefer the Vandal.

With a fire rate of 585 RPM and a mag size of 25, the Vandal lacks the high fire rate other automatic weapons have. If you want to do well with this weapon, you need those first few shots to count. It’s a 4 shot kill through heavy armor, so tearing through the opposition shouldn’t take long if you know what you’re doing. The Vandal rewards players who have the patience to learn its quirks, and its versatility makes this weapon a viable option at almost any range.

So, what could possibly make the Phantom a better choice?

The Phantom

The Phantom’s damage numbers are near-identical to the Vandal’s. The Vandal does 40 with a body shot, while the Phantom does 39. Both have a 4x headshot damage multiplier, so they’re both capable of one-shotting. The main detractor for the Phantom is its damage falloff at 15 meters. You lose that one-tap potential at range, and this major weakness tends to lead many away from the Phantom.

However, the Phantom has a leg-up on the Vandal in one key area: Ease of use.

Finding an Edge


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