A Guide to Sett: How to Play the Momma’s Boy Pit Boss Part 2

by in League of Legends | Feb, 11th 2020

We started our coverage of how to play League of Legends newest champion, Sett, looking at his abilities, what they do, and what order you should level his skills in. Now, this week, we’re going to focus on runes and items, and which you should take for any given situation.

So, without further ado, let’s look at how to build League’s coolest brawler in our Sett top lane guide.

Sett Top Lane Guide: Runes and Summoner Spells

Before we get into item builds, let’s look at the most important pre-game part of playing Sett: picking runes and summoner spells. The latter is rather easy: you’re a top laner, take Teleport and Flash. But it’s the Runes that are the truly creative part of Sett’s ability kit, as what you choose here can easily mean the difference between winning lane and losing the game.

Despite being a tankier champion, you don’t want to run Resolve as your Keystone tree, instead running Precision to allow you to brawl with your opponents, with Sett’s standard rune page looking like the following:

  • Precisions: Conqueror > Triumph > Legend: Tenacity/ Legend: Alacrity > Last Stand
  • Resolve: Second Wind/Bone Plating > Revitalize
  • Stats: Attack Speed > Flex > Armor (if AD top) or MR (AP top)

Conqueror is Sett’s bread and butter keystone. His kit revolves around getting his punches off in fights, meaning you’re already strong hits will only get more powerful as you go. The biggest benefit, though, is the heal on hitting 10 stacks, or five hits: 15% of the damage you do heals you. That can be huge given the bonus damage he gets from his second punch due to his passive. However, he is stronger with the further bonus damage he gets from his Q. He can fight like he’s got a Death’s Dance after the first few seconds of the fight, making it harder to duel him.

The rest of the rune set-up is simple with Triumph to help keep you healthy and save you in dives. Legend Tenacity is also great to help you reduce how long you’re locked up in CC. Legends of Alacrity is also a good choice in low CC matchups where getting more punches out can be more useful (fighting a Tryndamere? AS will be much more important).

Last Stand is a great final rune here. Sett tends to get massive amounts of health into their builds considering how well he scales with it. You’ll find plenty of time to be in the sweet spot range where you’ll maximize damage with it.

For your secondary tree, run Resolve to get some of the tankier runes needed to keep Sett going in a fight. Second Wind is a fantastic rune in short trade matchups, making it harder for them to effectively push you out of lane with their abilities. If it’s not a slow casting or short trade matchup, however, like against a Lucian or a Tryndamere, Bone Plating is a better option.

You can reduce the rapid damage they’re going to try and put out (as Second Wind doesn’t stack, only resets the health regen). For your last rune, take Revitalize every time. Your W shield is impacted by it. It’s already a large size. You’ll get a huge bonus chunk if you’re below 40% health, which you’ll usually find yourself at if maximizing its damage.

For stats, you’ll want attack speed to help you last-hit and trade, as well as the flex rune to give a bit more bonus damage. The last one is dependent on whether you play into an AP top (grab MR) or an AD top (grab armor). If it’s a tank like Maokai that can’t trade with you, feel free to take health for the last stop. But often you’ll take the defensive stats instead.

Now in our Sett top lane guide, it’s time to look at the more flexible side of Sett, the item builds.

Sett Top Lane Guide: Item Builds

Sett’s item builds can vary a bit depending on the matchup you’re going into. However, there’s one consistent theme to them all: health, lots and lots of health. A standard start to Sett is to buy a Doran’s Shield and a single health pot, starting the lane out with a bit of tankiness to help you as you work to get all your abilities online.

From there, start working towards one of two items depending on your opponent. Do they have good waveclear? Build a Tiamat and work towards a Titanic Hydra later. Is their waveclear bad? Do they have an escape tool? Grab a Phage and work towards Black Cleaver to hunt them down. This also works for tanky opponents you need to dual a lot, such as other juggernaut class characters or an Ornn who can get tanky fast.

I also find Blade of the Ruined King a great item in tank matchups. It shreds through their larger health pools and gives you a slow to catch them. While some people choose Trinity Force, I’m against it. You waste a lot of gold on mana here (Sett doesn’t use any).

From there, grab boots to match the game (lots of AS and AD? Grab Ninja Tabi. Lots of magic damage? Grab Mercury’s Treads). Then, work into the next item in your build, Sterak’s Gage. The item is an important core item on Sett. It allows him to get an extra shield in fights and a huge AD buff with its passive. This item can make the difference between a won and lost fight. It should always be the third item you build.

After this point, a lot comes down to enemy comp for your final items. The sixth piece should always be the same. If you’re having a hard time chasing down enemies and they’re very AD heavy or have a fed ADC, grab a Dead Man’s Plate. It is highly effective in helping you get to the backline. If the team is reliant on critical hits to finish targets, a Randuin’s Omen can also be good. This is great especially if you aren’t having too much trouble getting to the enemy.

If there’s a lot of MR, you can also run a Spirit Visage here. Picking one up later is always good unless they don’t have any AP on their team. The item stacks with your health regen for a huge boost. If there’s a lot of rapid firing AP, like from a Cassiopeia or a Karthus, an Adaptive Helm can be good here as well.

For the last item in your build, I always recommend grabbing a Warmog’s Armor, a fantastic item for Sett. With an insane boost to your health regen, you can weave in and out of late game fights with ease. Stepping out of combat long enough for the item’s passive to kick in boosts your health regen to over 300 a second. This means you can leave a fight for a few seconds and pop back in with your health regened mostly up. You can lure enemies who think they have an easy kill on you. When you’re low into a trap, turn around with full health from a bush.

The items combined in this build turns you into a terrifying force on the battlefield. Your enemies will struggle to tear through you but are forced to for fear of you punching them into oblivion. It can feel a little hard at first given Sett’s weaker early game until he gets items. Combining this with smart play and utilizing your Haymaker, you’ll turn lost fights into pentakill and slug your way to a slew of victories.

That’s all we have for today, thanks for reading our Sett top lane guide. What do you think of our item and rune choices? Are there better options we missed or gold efficiencies of items we didn’t consider? Let us know on social media. Stay tuned for more exciting League of Legends content!


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