Rocket League Esports Team and Player Analysis for 2021

As one of the most passionate esports scenes in the world, there’s always something new to learn about Rocket League and its community. Our goal is to provide you with in-depth information and analysis to showcase what makes this game and its community so special in our Rocket League blog.

Rocket League Esports Blog

Sebastian Lubbers | August 28, 2021
As a game, Rocket League is a title that’s seen some well-warranted support in both […]
Pavo Jurkic | September 2, 2020
Let’s face it – no one could predict 2020 would be this chaotic! It’s as […]
Cody Perez | January 1, 2020
Competitive multiplayer has been at the core of video games since the moment that Pong […]
Pavo Jurkic | October 4, 2019
Another month, another series covering the hottest esports events. October is settling in, while autumn […]
Pavo Jurkic | September 5, 2019
2019 was one hell of a year for Rocket League esports. Numerous top-tier tournaments haven’t […]
Pavo Jurkic | February 1, 2019
Rocket League is a game about playing football in cars (they call it soccer). Sounds […]