Ranking the Best Call of Duty League 2021 Teams

by in Call of Duty | Jan, 13th 2021

The Call of Duty League is gearing up for its second season ever. It is looking to be much bigger and better than the previous one. This upcoming season will feature all-new teams with only one team actually remaining the same, and even then, it is slightly different. To help with this, we have come up with our list of the best Call of Duty League 2021 teams. 

Call of Duty League 2021 Season Is Going to Be Different

Without a doubt, the Call of Duty League 2021 season will be wildly different from the original one. Many factors play into this, not least of which is the format of the entire event. Full details about the schedule and format haven’t been shared, but the parts we know are crazy. 

For one, this will be a more organized event where even the global pandemic going on right now will not be able to stop players from competing in the World Championship as it should be. Instead of what happened last year, only the top eight teams will make it there. 

That means that the bottom four teams will be out of the running automatically and, therefore, every match and event counts much more than they did last year. This means that moments like OpTic LA, now known as the LA Thieves, will not be able to be in the losers bracket as a bottom four team and make it to the top five. 

Also, there is the fact that every team had to at least drop one player from the roster, if not more, as the event moved back to the traditional four-player squad format. Then, we are playing a more traditional game in general with Black Ops Cold War, a title that Treyarch has built from the ground up for competitive play. 

Even one of the teams that is mostly the same as they were last year, the Dallas Empire, is different because it is missing one player who made the team what it was and helped it to be the world champion that it currently is. So, all of this makes creating the best Call of Duty League 2021 teams list very difficult.

But I have attempted to rank the best Call of Duty League 2021 teams from the 12th place team all the way to No. 1. This is based on many factors like the players themselves, accomplishments, ability to work together, personal opinions, and predictions for how the season will go. 

Let’s look at what I think are the best Call of Duty League 2021 teams and how I think the season could go without further ado. 

12. Los Angeles Guerrillas

When it comes to the last place team, we have the Los Angeles Guerrillas, who found themselves at the bottom of the leaderboard in the overall season and playoffs. Overall, I would say that the Guerrillas weren’t the worst team in the 2020 season, as I would give that to the Seattle Surge or the Minnesota Rokkr.

But in the end, the Guerrillas’ new roster doesn’t give that boost that the team desperately needed to get out of the hole it was in. It is a collection of good players in many ways, but it is also the place where a lot of displaced players from the aforementioned teams ended up. 

It is a collection of misfits that I honestly have a soft spot for. I would say that the Los Angeles Guerrillas team is a dark horse, without a doubt, capable of potentially surprising us. It is important to keep at least someone from the original team, and they did that with Vivid.

He was the best choice, for sure, as I truly believe that we have not seen the best out of this relative newcomer just yet. And then there is Apathy, Assault, and Silly. All three are good players with established experience. This team could find that they work together well. Though their accomplishments last season weren’t great, landing them in last place, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are a shocker team. 

11. London Royal Ravens

While I am hopeful for the Los Angeles Guerrillas, I am not as hopeful for the London Royal Ravens this year. This team removed everyone but Seany from the team and started fresh with only him after their unbelievable performance in the postseason. 

This was a terrible decision and one that has me questioning the leadership over at the Royal Ravens. Yes, Seany is great. He is joined by some good players like Alexx and Zer0, but they are both players who didn’t do too well in the previous season. 

In all honesty, the most exciting player is Dylan, a newcomer of sorts to this level of play. He could be the one to shine on the team and make it better. But still, I can’t help but feel that the London Royal Ravens would have been better off keeping one or two more players from the previous roster. 

10. Paris Legion

The Paris Legion is one of two teams in the entire Call of Duty League who dropped their entire roster for this season. While one of those two teams recreated their team from scratch with unbelievable talent, Paris Legion fell into somewhat redoing what it did before. 

The Paris Legion roster was weak in the previous season. It is mostly pretty weak this season as well. Picking up Aqua is an alright move, but he did not shine too much in the Los Angeles Guerrillas. Fire has potential as one of the more fresh faces around, but Classic and Skrapz are interesting. 

Without a doubt, I think that Skrapz should have stayed with the London Royal Ravens. It was an absolute mistake to let him go. And then there is Classic, another player who was a significant part of the Toronto Ultra. Both of these players were, in my opinion, unfairly let go from their teams. In this way, it puts them slightly above the London Royal Ravens. 

9. Toronto Ultra

While writing this list, Toronto Ultra was initially ahead of the next team on this list, but I moved them later. The more I thought about it, the more disappointed I felt by the Toronto Ultra this year. They are one of only two teams that have largely stayed the same. 

It and the Dallas Empire are the only two teams that have all four players coming back from the previous roster. They dropped only one main starting player, and that was Classic, who I think was not the right person to drop from the roster at all. 

That leaves Bance, Cammy, CleanX, Methodz, and newcomer substitute Insight. Don’t get me wrong, the four starters are great players, but Toronto was one of those teams that were so strange last year. They would do decently and then shot through the ranks at the end to do well. But I think that there needed to be a little bit more change to help this team out.

I would have kept Classic and dropped one or two of the other four remaining players, adding at least one fresh face to the starting roster. This would have kept things new and left room for growth that this team needs in 2021. 

8. Seattle Surge

From here, we come to the Seattle Surge. Potentially the worst team in the league last year, depending on who you ask, they have a pretty good team this time around. I would argue that this is the first team on this list where things start to pick up and get to a great level. 

Seattle went for the smart choice of dropping everyone but one player to keep the existing fans happy. The choice was Octane, which was the best option, in my opinion, so that is good. Then there are three additions: Gunless, Loony, and Prestinni. 

Both Gunless and Loony are excellent players who didn’t get a chance to shine in 2020, and they have a better chance here. And then there is Prestinni, who is one of the most disappointing drops of last year. Chicago dropping him and Arcitys were decisions I think they will regret, but we will have to wait and see. This year is the year where I think Seattle is the other dark horse alongside the Guerrillas.

7. Florida Mutineers

From here, we come to the Florida Mutineers. Ignoring their very disappointing performance in the playoffs, the Mutineers were almost always a top five team last year. Placing them at No. 7 might make it seem worse, but that isn’t necessarily the case. 

It is just because of how amazing the next six teams are that being largely what they were last year isn’t enough this year. They lost Frosty and would have continued with Fero, but his tragic passing changed the team forever. If Fero were here, this team would probably do better. 

Instead, the team had to sign one new player, Slacked, who comes from the Seattle Surge. I don’t think that Slacked can bring what Fero would have had, but Havok, Skyz, and Owakening are still a fantastic group of players. If they can work together as a tight-knit group, they can break back into the top five consistently once more, but we will have to see. 

6. LA Thieves

The next six teams are so close together that it took me a while to rank them. If you read my coverage last year, you know the two teams that I rooted for the most, and one of them was OpTic LA. Yes, I believed in the fake OpTic. They didn’t let me down in the end. And I think that the switch to LA Thieves is an amazing one that will not disappoint. 

The first roster of the 100 Thieves Call of Duty League team is stacked with mostly returning players, including Kenny, SlasheR, TJHaLy, and Drazah, who was tragically moved to sub, which I think was a bad move potentially. But they were joined by Temp to round out the starting lineup.

That is a fantastic team, with the first three working together correctly as one of the league’s tightest groups. Their teamwork is unmatched, so if Temp can get in there and fit in nicely, this team will be one of the very best that you can find this year. 

5. OpTic Chicago

You can finally say that OpTic is truly complete with the change of the Chicago Huntsmen to OpTic Chicago. The switch to this now true final form for Chicago saw the drop of the twins Arcitys and Prestinni, which was controversial in my opinion. 

I understood the decision since keeping one would be rather unfair to the other, so it made sense to drop both, but their loss could hurt this otherwise top four team. The one benefit the team has is gaining Dashy, a player who didn’t get to shine last season.

As part of the other OpTic team, he was relegated to the bench, unfortunately. Here, he can join his fellow OpTic players once again and, hopefully, be the amazing player he is again. If that’s the case, we have another team close in talent to the other ones in this rankings region.

4. Atlanta FaZe

Again, if you read my previous coverage, you know that I am an Atlanta FaZe fanboy. That is the case as I believe in this second-place team, but these teams’ tight nature has me pushing it back to fourth place for my predictions for the next year.

The Atlanta FaZe team was consistently at the top the entire season, and it was because of its group. Losing both MajorManiak and Priestahh damages that delicate balance, but the replacement for them is fantastic. Bringing in Arcitys was a good idea. 

OpTic Chicago is missing out. Hopefully, Arcitys can prove it here. I believe these four will be better than Chicago once again, given how skilled the returning players Abezy, Cellium, and Simp are. I still am a FaZe fan this year, but a couple of teams have my attention more. 

3. New York Subliners

As the end of the 2020 season approached, I found that I became more and more of a New York Subliners fan. I think they are one of the best teams in the league, simply because they are the only team who grew consistently throughout the season. 

They were right in the middle to the lower end of the leaderboard for so long, but they continuously got better while others got worse, were inconsistent, or stagnated. This improvement led to an unbelievably impressive finish, besides the playoffs, that I think gives them hope. 

The loss of Attach, Accuracy, and Temp were unfortunate, especially in our MVP contender Attach, but the squad is pretty fantastic. You have ZooMaa and Mack, two brilliant players, and up and comer Hydra, who has a lot of potential.

More importantly than anything else, they have Clayster, an absolute MVP contender for the 2020 season and quickly the most disappointing drop of the previous year. I will get into that situation more in a moment but arguably the strongest player of last year plus the already excellent other three players. The Subliners could be our champion next year. 

2. Dallas Empire

Yes, you read that right: I don’t think that the current world champion team, the Dallas Empire, is the No. 1 ranked roster at this time. This is the only other team with all of its players returning: Shotzzy, Huke, ILLeY, and Crimsix. 

This team is phenomenal and one that showed that it wouldn’t let some minor hiccups in the season stop it from finishing strong. It is also the only team on this list that has truly taken down Atlanta again and again. 

They are well-deserving of the world champion title. I think they would have it again if they dropped someone else and kept Clayster. That move alone brings this team down to the No. 2 spot for me, especially when compared to the team I’m most excited to see this season. 

1. Minnesota Rokkr

Take a minute to read our Call of Duty League inaugural season power rankings blog, and then come back here. You’ll notice something: yep, I put the last-place team there in first place here. This is the craziest move I’ve ever done, and I stand by it. 

It is shocking to me, too, but the decision to kick everyone from the roster was the right move by a longshot. I don’t know how they did it — I don’t — but they were able to bring together a god-level team for the upcoming season. 

Accuracy, Attach, MajorManiak, and Priestahh are here. Attach was one of my runner-ups for the MVP award. The others are about equally as talented. This isn’t just the team of outcasts but unbelievably amazing players who deserved better than being kicked from their teams (unless they chose to leave). 

Accuracy and Attach made the New York Subliners the team it was. MajorManiak and Priestahh made the Atlanta FaZe the No. 1 team it was week after week. Put the four of them together. They are on a whole new level that is unheard of. 

I have no doubt that if the four of them can work together as a team and figure out all of the kinks early on in the season, they can easily be in the finals come this summer and be our new world champions as well. Go ahead and consider me a new Minnesota Rokkr fan. 


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