Best PUBG Map: Ranking All Maps From Best to Worst

by in PUBG | Sep, 26th 2020

One of the most important parts of the entire experience is the map that you are on when it comes to battle royale games. Whether the game has only one map or five, a battle royale game lives or dies based on them. As such, we have decided to come up with the best PUBG map out there.

PUBG Has the Most Maps Out of the Major Battle Royale Games

While most battle royale games have just one or two maps that have ever existed for them, PUBG has been the overachiever in having a whopping five battle royale maps that you can choose from. The game made the genre so popular, so it makes sense that it would lead in many maps.

But that said, the other battle royale games trail behind it significantly. Fortnite, for instance, is insistent on having only one map available at a time, even though it has had two maps thus far in its life cycle. On the other hand, Apex Legends has two different maps, but that is it for now.

The other major battle royale game, Call of Duty Warzone, only has one map available to it at this time. Still, we do fully expect it to get another one soon with Call of Duty’s Black Ops Cold War, which could inspire a new map.

Overall, at least of the major battle royale titles, the closest game is Apex Legends, with two maps that you can switch between. While it wouldn’t make a ton of sense to rank those two, five is a significant number, so we will rank the maps and find out which is the best PUBG map around.

The Best PUBG Map List: Criteria

As with any ranking list that we do, some criteria went into deciding the best PUBG map but mostly based on my personal preference. For starters, there is the map itself like its general layout, the look of it, the feel of it, how big or small it is, and so on.

Then there are the more specific criteria like how the map works in matches, what the metagame is like if the map is balanced well or not, the pacing of it, how matches play out on it, and the map’s overall appeal, and so on. There is a lot that can go into determining the best PUBG map.

With five maps to choose from, there is a lot of choice in PUBG. They each include different terrain and environments like the green jungle nature of Sanhok, the snowy mountains of Vikendi, the desert wasteland of Miramar, and green hills and waterways of Erangel.

One thing to keep in mind is that technically a sixth map is available in the game, and that is the training area, but we decided to keep it out of this list for obvious reasons. Sure, you can run around in it a lot, but you aren’t going to be competing there, so it feels irrelevant for this list in which it would just automatically come in last place.

With five maps to its name, PUBG has a lot to offer players in diversity and choice. But if you are new to the game or want to know what the best map to check out, feel free to view our list below. Here is our list of all PUBG maps ranked from worst to best.

5. Karakin

Starting this list in dead last is none other than Karakin, the newest map to release in PUBG and the smallest one. Though it may seem like the order in which these maps were released does play a part (it does a little bit), some of the issues with them are the bold steps they took.

Such was the case with Karakin that went from the large maps of the game’s beginning to the mid-sized ones to the smallest map released. Matches played on Karakin are different from the ones that you would get on Miramar or Erangel.

The player count lessened to make up for this map’s small nature. While it does cater to those who want a faster experience, the experience itself is pretty lame on Karakin. Like Miramar, part of Karakin’s biggest problem is the actual look of the map itself.

Karakin isn’t that appealing to look at as a more desert map that is pretty one-note and unattractive. Then, there isn’t too much to the island since it is pretty small. But the island’s visuals aren’t the only issue as the actual gameplay can be problematic, too.

Since the island of Karakin is so small, it has a very different gameplay style to it than the other maps. The weapon spawn rate is way different, and the loot pool doesn’t matter as much since the metagame heavily focuses on a couple of weapons that you need to be using on it.

Given the complicated nature of Karakin, it is easily the worst map in the game, in my opinion. It is one that I will actively avoid and not play on if I have the choice. While it certainly exists for some players out there, I think the more aggressive playstyle is not what I come to PUBG for.

4. Sanhok

Next up on this list is the first good map here (Karakin being the only bad one in my opinion): Sanhok. The third map to join the game and the first one to change the island size, Sanhok is a more jungle-centric one inspired by Southeast Asia.

It is radically different from the other maps, with only Vikendi beating it in terms of uniqueness. The jungle aesthetic is nice. The smaller size allows for faster experiences that aren’t too wild, like Karakin. But the smaller map still lessens the experience for me some, hence its place on this list.

Overall, I am more of a fan of the larger maps, at least in PUBG, due to the slower nature of twitchy games like Apex Legends and others. That said, the dense nature of Sanhok is rather nice. It does elevate the tactical parts of the game to an extent.

I wish that Sanhok was a smidge bigger to the point of being at least on par with Vikendi, if not Miramar and Erangel so that it could show off its strengths as the matches here are just a little bit too fast for my liking in PUBG. Perhaps we could see a larger version of it in the future under a different name.

3. Miramar

When it comes to the two largest maps in PUBG, they are both the original maps in the game. While one is excellent, the other is problematic. The problematic one is Miramar. Remember how I mentioned before that I like the larger sized maps in PUBG?

Well, that is mostly true except for the issues that Miramar brings with it in the process. Though it matches Erangel in terms of size, the size can be detrimental to Miramar’s experience. It is honestly too big for its desert terrain. It makes the metagame and visuals too one-note as it is almost one big landmass that lacks any diversity.

When it comes to playing on Miramar, you are running around an island with little to no variation, elevation, or cover. You are pretty much an exposed player any time you run around in the wild, making this a paradise for snipers but a nightmare for just about anyone else.

This does make the overall balance of Miramar pretty unbalanced, in my opinion, requiring an overhaul in the future to make it better. That said, it is one of the best places to ride around on a vehicle with your squad, and there are some good memories to be made here, especially if you are someone who likes picking off easy targets.

2. Vikendi

When it comes to the best maps in all of PUBG, my second favorite has to be Vikendi. Not only is it one of the unique maps offered, but it is also a Cinderella story in that it has gone from one of the most problematic maps that wouldn’t have dared touched second place to one of my favorites.

The map has made it clear that it is alright to overhaul a map and make it much better than it was before. It is the only snowy map that we have in the entire game for starters, which makes it unique and appealing to the PUBG gameplay style.

Since it is snowy, it has weather as a major part of its experience. This elevates the island over others as it adds to the PUBG slower style experience in matches. Though it is a bit smaller than Miramar and Erangel, the dense and complicated nature makes perfect pacing.

There is a lot to Vikendi, from the amusement park to the castle to the resorts and more. But before its overhaul, it was one of the worst around with poor performance and uninteresting areas. But the overhaul in PUBG Season 7 was impressive and has paved the way for one of the best maps in the whole battle royale game.

If anything, Vikendi should be the example for other maps like Miramar and Sanhok to follow. They are well deserving of some overhauls of their own. That could be the factor that makes them rise through the list like Vikendi and make them much better overall.

1. Erangel

Though Vikendi is probably my favorite map right now, the best PUBG map still has to go to the original Erangel. It tops the list of best PUBG maps for a reason, as it is one of the main reasons that PUBG became so popular for so long when it first came out.

Players love this map and for a good reason. It is the perfect balance of being large while having diverse terrain that isn’t all the same as Miramar. You have green fields and a smaller island to the south, allowing players to have different experiences from match to match depending on where they go.

Also, out of the two largest maps in the game, it is the only one that justifies its size and makes it work, with a diverse landscape that is both nice to look and fun to explore. Vehicles feel nice on here, and the game has a more balanced metagame on this map than Miramar.

This is one where there is elevation, hills, mountains, cities, and tons of buildings so that you aren’t finding that snipers are the only winners here. Sure, snipers will do well, but you can also do well without carrying around a sniper rifle. Another huge part is the rivers and water that flow through and around the island, making swimming and boats a good part of the game. Even as the original, Erangel is, without a doubt, the best map.


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