Ranking All Fortnite Seasons From Best to Worst Including Season 4

by in Fortnite | Sep, 2nd 2020

Fortnite (and just about every other battle royale game out there) is defined by its seasons. 10 weeks or a few months pass, and there is a new season of content for you to enjoy. With so many that have happened over the years, what are the best Fortnite seasons ranked?

Best Fortnite Seasons Ranked: Criteria

This is something that I am setting out to do with the best Fortnite seasons ranked list. This list will go through more than three years of seasons with 14 in total that has happened at the time of writing this and counting. With Epic Games showing no signs of stopping anytime soon, this number is only set to grow in the future.

As such, I want to celebrate the recent launch of Fortnite Season 4 by going over the best Fortnite seasons ranked to date, including the newly launched season full of Marvel superheroes and characters. Though the season is just getting started, it has already defined itself as something rather unique.

But the question remains: what makes a battle royale season better than others? Well, many factors went into determining which of these seasons would be among the best and worst, respectively. It has to do with the overall content, skins, battle pass, map changes, metagame, items, etc.

There is so much that goes into a Fortnite battle royale season, and these all contribute to making the season what it is. There are some bad seasons, for sure, in Fortnite, and then there are some god-tier ones. Without further ado, here is what I believe are the best Fortnite seasons ranked.

Best Fortnite Seasons Ranked: 14. Season 3 (Chapter 1)

When it comes to the worst season in Fortnite history, I do think that Fortnite Season 3 in Chapter 1 is it. While the first three seasons of battle royale were the lamest, it wasn’t necessarily their fault. Epic Games was just getting started with Fortnite and figuring out what to do with everything like the battle passes and map changes.

As such, the first three seasons were met with either a few changes or almost none at all. The latter is the case with Season 3, which was the least changing of the original three. The only new named location was Lucky Landing, and there were few map changes other than that.

Sure, the game started to flesh out its world and environmental effects more, but that was about it. The battle pass was good with 100 tiers, but it wasn’t good compared to almost every other season. And yeah, it was the introduction to live events of a sort, which is noteworthy, but that is about it for this season. It was integral to making the other season what they were, but it is forgettable at best.

13. Season 1 (Chapter 1)

The second worst season in Fortnite history is none other than the very original one. It is here that we were introduced to battle royale in a way that was far different than what PUBG had made popular only months earlier. It was also where we were introduced to the (very sterile) original map.

This is where we first got to check out locations that would become fan favorites and beloved over time, including Retail Row, Wailing Woods, Loot Lake, etc. But that was all that this season mainly had going for it. The metagame wasn’t shaped just yet, and everything we’ve come to know and love from the game didn’t exist yet.

There were no events, very few map changes that happened over time (just names for locations like Salty Springs that wasn’t named prior), and there wasn’t even a battle pass. For sure, there was progression and skins, but most of them were rather simplistic compared to what we have now.

12. Season 2 (Chapter 1)

Of the three original seasons, Season 2 was the best among them, and even it is just passable at best looking back. But Season 2 paved the way for the changes that would come in the future. With its launch, we weren’t sure what to expect at all.

But Season 2 showed up with the first massive expansion to Fortnite with a whopping five new named locations and other unnamed areas introduced. Without this season, we wouldn’t have the potentially favorite named location of all time Tilted Towers and others like Haunted Hills and Snobby Shores that I like a lot.

There were also unnamed locations added to the game that would become significant to the lore in the future like the Motel and Epic Games attempted to salvage the terrible Moisty Mire location by making it unique. This is also where we got the very first battle pass, even if it was shorter and not as interesting as it would be later on.

11. Season 10

Moving out of the first three seasons, it might be shocking to say this, but I do think that Season 10, or Season X as it was officially known, was quite frankly one of the worst seasons in Fortnite history. It did little to change the map and was based too much on nostalgia.

For those players who missed locations like Dusty Depot and Retail Row, it was a grand return to them, but for others like myself who liked Epic Games trying new things, it was a boring season. The only real new locations that we got were Moisty Palms, a blend of Moisty Mire and Paradise Palms, and Pandora.

The Pandora area wasn’t great, but it offered something super awesome: the first crossover named location that would go on to be an integral part of Chapter 2 thus far, but the map changes were really bad. That said, the progression side of things is where this season shined more. The battle pass was good, and the missions system was a vast improvement for the weekly challenges.

And then there is the grand finale of Season X that changed everything and is the honest reason why it is at this point and not below Season 2. The end was a bold move from Epic that ended the game for a while before kicking off a new chapter entirely. Unfortunately, it was needed with how lame this season was.

10. Season 6

Speaking of nostalgia, one of the returning features in Season X originated in Season 6 is the floating island. This rather odd season is all about one thing: the cube. Sorry to trigger anyone reading this, but Season 6 was all about the ‘ole cube that made everything a mess in battle royale.

Initially, there weren’t too many changes to the map, just minimal ones caused by, well, the cube. Old Kevin boy was a controversial item in the Fortnite history for not only having an entire season about him but bringing along some destructive and game-breaking items like the Shadow Stones.

The most notable part of Season 6’s map was the floating island that was rather cool and added a much-needed vertical aspect to Fortnite that is honestly still missing from the game today. And then there was the great Halloween event that saved this season from being a dud.

9. Season 5

After some rather bad to mediocre seasons in Fortnite, we finally arrive in the middle of the road season: Season 5. This is where things start to pick up, but there are still problems at the same time. Season 5 is where Fortnite’s popularity and meme-worthiness grew even further from its predecessor.

But the actual season itself was pretty dull, to be honest. Much of what made this season good was built on Season 4 before it, and it just couldn’t compare to what was in that season. There were only two new named locations added in this season, and it was Paradise Palms and Lazy Links.

Paradise Palms was notable for being the first named location to finally bring a brand new biome to Fortnite: desert. It also fixed the main problem with the terrible Moisty Mire area. Overall, this was a decent season with a decent battle pass, but nothing quite as noteworthy as others before and after it.

8. Season 8

When it comes to competition, there is perhaps no better balance in Fortnite history than Season 8. This season was great for pros, with the introduction of pirates and the Baller vehicle that quickly became a staple for a rather long time.

The heavy pirate theme prevailed throughout the season by introducing Lazy Lagoon to the north and pirate camps to explore throughout the island. We also had the unique Sunny Steps that offered a new style for the game.

But in my personal opinion, I wasn’t a fan of the pirate theme, and this season did go on a little longer than I would have liked. If it would have been one thing if I loved this season, but it wasn’t very interesting. The one saving grace was the return of the amazing Avengers limited-time event that tied in with Endgame and offered one of the best game mechanics to date.

7. Season 4 (Chapter 2)

The next season on this list might surprise you, but it is the newest one to join the rankings: Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4. This season is newly released at the time of making this list, and it is already right in the middle of everyone, just based on what we know thus far.

There is a lot to love about the new season with the introduction of the Doom’s Domain named location that finally changes up Pleasant Park and the superpowers that you can use. It is like a full-on extension of the previous Season 4 that we will get to in a moment.

That said, the map changes are rather lame at this time, and it bogs down what is otherwise one of the strongest starts for a season ever. The battle pass is the very best one ever made, bar none, with several different official Marvel characters to collect and more.

But the battle pass can’t carry this season on its own. Given that it just started, there will likely be more named locations added later on and other changes that will undoubtedly bump it up on this list, but for now, it finds itself at number seven, which is quite good for only being a few days old.

6. Season 4 (Chapter 1)

Just narrowly beating our previous entry is, well, also Season 4. The original Season 4 remains one of my favorite seasons to date for many reasons. This is where I consider that Fortnite rose to the height of its popularity, both in the gaming community and pop culture.

Admittedly, there weren’t too many map changes in this season (much like its successor thus far), but that didn’t stop it from being amazing. The additions of Dusty Divot showed that anything could happen, and even lesser locations could become better with the right changes and a live event to help.

Then there was the addition of Risky Reels, a location that has become one of the top tier most beloved areas in the game’s history. So much so that even though Epic seemed to want to get rid of it for a while, it was one of the few locations brought back for Chapter 2.

Above all else, though, this is where the battle pass became fantastic with the superhero theme thrown in, and the lore began to grow. And then there is the Avengers crossover event with Infinity War that I believe brought the best game mode ever to Fortnite and no other one has compared since as players fought to become Thanos.

5. Season 3 (Chapter 2)

Coming in at No. 5 is the most recent season to finish: Season 3 in Chapter 2. Overall, Chapter 2 has been a much stronger chapter than the original 10 seasons, and Season 3 is a great example of why. It proved that little changes don’t have to mean a bad season.

So many seasons so far have had little changes to the map, and it caused them to feel boring and samey. But that wasn’t the case for Season 3 as it only added The Authority, Rickety Rig, Catty Corner, and The Fortilla. And honestly, one two of those were brand new areas.

Later on, it also added Coral Castle, which remains the best-looking and most visually appealing named location ever created. But it made up for its lack of changes by changing the entire map itself and flooding it. Though I think that this was reversed too quickly, it brought some excellent mechanics to the season. Not to mention, it didn’t overstay its welcome.

4. Season 2 (Chapter 2)

Coming in at number four is Season 2 in Chapter 2. This season wasn’t nearly as long as the first season of the chapter, but it still went on for quite some time. That said, it built upon what Season 1 laid down by adding a whopping five new named locations.

We didn’t expect that many locations this season after there were already so many in the previous one. But it came through with some amazing locations, one of the strongest universal themes to date with the spies, and a battle pass that was rife with new features like a fully customizable skin, the Shadow and Ghost factions, and more.

3. Season 1 (Chapter 2)

From here, we come to the top three seasons in the history of battle royale. When it comes to number three, I have to give it to Season 1 of Chapter 2. The groundbreaking season taught us that Epic Games could reinvent the wheel and do it even better than the first time.

I think that the new island is much better than the original, and we have the amazing locations of Sweaty Sands, Misty Meadows, and more to thank. The overall changes to the leveling system, battle pass, and more were welcome, and the game just looked a lot visually better.

The one downfall is that the season went on far too long, which hurt it quite a bit. It could have easily moved up a spot or two on this list, but the long season was problematic, but welcome in the end as it did introduce us to this new island gave us a chance to know it inside and out.

2. Season 9

The runner-up second-best season in the history of Fortnite, in my opinion, is Season 9. This comes down to my personal preference that I love the futuristic cyberpunk nature of this season that gave Fortnite a wholly different feeling from anything that had come before.

It boldly got rid of the two fan-favorite locations of Tilted Towers and Retail Row and brought in better versions of them with Neo Tilted and Mega Mall, respectively. Both of these locations remain perhaps my two favorite points of interest in the history of the game.

Then there was the mech’s battle and the monster to cap off what was an amazing season, map, and battle pass. It was one of the best live events to date for the game, and it showed us a diverse map that had a strong theme.

1. Season 7

But we wouldn’t have had the strong, diverse map in Season 9 if it weren’t for one season: Season 7. I believe that this season is the very best one ever made to date, and it currently represents what I think is the peak in quality in the history of Fortnite.

It showed that Epic Games wasn’t afraid to take massive risks and get rid of fan-favorite places like Greasy Grove. The iceberg arrived and brought a new biome: snow. It was a much better and larger biome than Paradise Palms’ desert.

It also brought several new named locations with it like Frosty Flights and Happy Hamlet. Many players aren’t fans of the Stormwing planes, but they remain my favorite vehicle to date. So much so that I would like to see them return, even if it is just for an aerial battle royale mode.

This season had such a diverse map that offered something for everyone and then amped it up even further with the stunning 14 Days of Fortnite holiday map changes and event. When it comes to nostalgia for me for Fortnite, it will always be this season that represents the pinnacle of what a battle royale season can be.


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