Rainbow Six Siege Recap Week 1 – ESL Pro League, Raleigh, More

by in Rainbow Six Siege | Jun, 27th 2019

Hello everyone and welcome to our Rainbow Six Siege Recap for June 27th. Today we’ll be taking a look at the ESL Pro League, the qualifiers for the Raleigh Major, and the surprise announcement of a new org for ‘92 Dream Team. A lot of exciting stuff has been going on, so let’s dive in.


Our first stop today is the ESL Pro League, which has just gotten underway with its Season 10 regional leagues last Monday.


In Europe surprises were abound as G2 dropped a match to middling Chaos Esports Club, going 4-7 on one of their best maps, Coastline. The team looked lost and had their players on off-role operators most of the game, including putting traditionally aggressive player Kantorakatti on Maestro, allowing Chaos to capitalize on the situation and eventually overcome the reigning world champions.

While the team had initially gotten off to a strong start in the week with a 7-1 win over Mousesports, the loss, coupled with another yesterday against the recently promoted Natus Vincere (Na’Vi), leave the team sitting at a shocking 1-0-2 in the standings, firmly planting them in 7th place and in the relegation zone . The team seems to be struggling in the online environment and adapting to the new season’s changes. Whether that transfers over to LAN, however, we’ll have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, just above them in the standings, Team Empire and LeStream Esports both came out of the gates sprinting, each going 3-0 during the first week. The teams, currently ranked first and fifth in the world respectively, are continuing to show why they’re rated so highly, with both teams going a combined 42-22 over 6 matches. That’s an average of 3 and half rounds a match, quite an impressive feat, especially considering nine of those round losses came on the first day as teams were readjusting to the new changes.

If both teams can continue to dominate as they currently are, their match-up on Playday 7 in late July will be possibly the most hyped match of the regular season. Of course, that’s not to say the team will have an easy road to that match, as both teams still need to play G2 and Na’Vi before they go toe-to-toe, though based on G2’s current form they might be an easier opponent than initially expected.

Na’Vi themselves have surprised a lot of people, going 2-0-1 in the first three days of play, with their other win besides G2 coming from long-time PENTA. The team making noise so early after their promotion bodes well for their future in the scene, though it’s still too early to tell just how good they really are.

North America

Across the pond, things have been a bit more surprising, as recently promoted Challenger League team ‘92 Dream Team has been smashing the league, going undefeated so far at 3-1-0, and taking down last season’s runner up DarkZero Esports in a brutal 7-1 schlacking on Border. The team currently sits in first place in the league after the first three days of play.

Even more exciting for the new squad, yesterday saw the announcement of a new org for the team to play under. Luminosity Gaming, the former team of famed Fortnite celebrity Ninja, has signed the roster, bringing much needed financial support to the team, and bringing in yet another large org into Siege.

Speaking of large orgs joining Siege, Team SoloMid (TSM), the famous League of Legends team, has also dived into the scene picking up the former roster of Excelerate Gaming, and boy has it been a doozy. The team had a lot of hype going into the season, but sits in seventh place currently with a 0-1-3 record, meaning they’ve yet to record their first win. The team still has ten days of league play to try and escape the relegation zone, but they’ll need to improve fast if they don’t want to get left behind.

Finally, while they did suffer quite the painful lost against Luminosity, DarkZero has been otherwise riding high on this season, with a 3-0-1 match-line for the first week. They and Luminosity are starting to pull rather far ahead of the rest of the league, with DarkZero, in particular, going 21-10 in round score over its three wins.

The upcoming week after DreamHack Valencia is looking to be an exciting one, with last-place Susquehanna Sinoqs taking on sixth-place Rogue as they look for their first win to open the week on July 10th.

Latin America

South of the border, Latin America had some rather surprising results rolling through in the first week.

Season 9 runner-up Immortals, like many top teams from last season, has been off to a rather poor start having yet to record their first win with a 0-1-2 match scoreline. The team has been looking rather average on Bank, where they’re currently 0-1-1.

But it’s the recently reworked Kafe where they’ve really suffered, failing to take even a single round against currently fifth-place INTZ on the map. With the popularity of the map skyrocketing since it returns, the team is going to need to find some sort of functional strategy on the map if they want to have any chance of making it to the playoffs.

Other teams in the region, while having recorded a few wins already, also are looking rather shaky in the new season, with a third of the matches played so far ending with the losing team recording two or less round wins. At 33% of the matches played, this is a rather painful statistic to see coming from such a powerful region.

Despite the shakiness, however, the top teams in the region have been running in a rather dominating form, with three teams already sitting at two wins apiece. The match-up yesterday between Ninjas in Pyjamas and FaZe Clan, in particular, got a lot of fans excited, as the top two teams played to a hard-fought draw Kafe.

Both teams have been showing a lot of promise this season, NiP, in particular, having recorded only six round losses in their first two games, tied with Team oNe for the lowest number of rounds given up so far. FaZe has also looked strong, though a bit more wobbly at times, and will be looking to repeat their regional championship, as well as make a run for the Season 10 championship after falling just short last season.


The Asia Pacific (APAC) region has been quietly getting underway this past week as well, with each of its sub-regional leagues beginning their campaigns for who will represent them in the main league playoffs later in the season.

This region hasn’t really seen too much in terms of surprises, with only PET Nora-Rengo and SCARZ (formerly Ageless) of the teams that made the playoffs last season not currently sitting in a current playoff spot. In their place, Japan has Season 9 fifth-place FAV gaming and CYCLOPS athlete gaming tied in first. Both have a 4-0-0 record so far and are running 28-11 in rounds.

In Korea, Cloud9 (formerly mantis FPS), has continued dominating the region, sitting at 4-0-0, and holding a 28-10 round score. The team is hoping to build off of their early exit in last season’s playoffs, looking showing that their support from a major org like C9 can take them all the way to the Pro League finals.

On the other side of the region, Fnatic and 0RGL3SS continue to dominate Australia and New Zealand, with the teams sitting at 4-0-0 and 3-1-1 respectively. Of slight concern is 0RG’s tie with sixth-place Team SiNister to end the week, but given how many matches they play (thirteen in total), a draw being their worst performance isn’t too bad a record to have.

Almost the exact same situation is happening in South East Asia, where Xavier Esports and Aerowolf sit at 4-0-0 and 3-1-0 as well. The major difference here is Aerowolf’s tie came against last-place NEX ESPORTS, who has yet to record a win this season, though it is more forgivable considering it was in their first day of play.

That’s all we have for today, thanks for sticking with us. The Pro League will be on break next week, but stay tuned for DreamHack Valencia, taking place July 5-7 for more Siege action. Tune into my Twitter for minute-to-minute takes on the tournament, and catch all our coverage here as well.


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