The Top 10 PUBG Weapon Skins

by in PUBG | May, 15th 2019

PUBG can certainly be a lot of fun if you’re racking up kills and constantly getting chicken dinners, but you know what can make your PUBG experience even better?

An exquisite weapon skin!

If you’re bad at PUBG, you can’t transform yourself into an amazing PUBG player with a cool weapon cosmetic. But you can at least make yourself feel like some Greek god with a majestic weapon by simply equipping the Gold Plate skin on your AKM. And that should improve your mood…until an enemy finds you and easily dominates you in a gunfight (and that player will probably teabag you as well).

But I mean, at least you got to admire your lustrous weapon skin for a bit. That counts for something, right?

Anyway, PUBG offers their players many cool weapon skins, and in this blog, I’ll let you know which ones stand out from all the rest.

Here is my top 10 PUBG weapon skins list.

The Top 10 PUBG Weapon Skins

10) Turquoise Delight

PUBG Weapon Skin Turquoise Delight

Available For: Kar98K, M16A4, P1911, and Tommy Gun

Players can find this weapon skin in Raider Crates.

This isn’t a super rare weapon skin, but it certainly looks cool. The best-looking part of this weapon skin is the actual turquoise-colored area combined with the black coloring (and there’s a little bit of white/orange coloring mixed in there, too).

I’m admittedly not a big fan of the orange and white colored spaces located near the muzzle of the gun (looks like a parking cone), but once again, the black coloring nearby makes it look a lot better (I guess black really does go with everything).

9) Full Autumn

PUBG Weapon Skin Full Autumn

Available For: M416

This was a limited-edition weapon skin that was released to celebrate the 2018 Mid-Autumn Festival. It was available to PUBG players on the Asian servers and XB1 PUBG players that simply logged into PUBG from Nov 22-26 in 2018 (sweet deal).

At first glance, you might think this weapon skin is celebrating Canada (eh?) because of the red/white color scheme and the maple leaves on the gun.

But sorry, hockey fans. It has nothing to do with Canada.

This skin is a tribute to China’s autumn celebratory festival, and I have to say, it’s an impressive skin.

The white base coloring alone looks slick. Then there are the various red maple leaves spread out around the skin, which is a nice touch as well.

But my favorite part of this weapon skin is the polished wooden grip and wooden piece that connects the stock to the base of the gun. This gives the gun a much fancier look.

Full Autumn…more like Full Awesome (I’ll see myself out).

8) Year One Anniversary

PUBG Weapon Skin Year One Anniversary

Available For: SCAR-L

This limited-edition weapon skin was released to celebrate PUBG’s one-year release anniversary. And if you were an active PUBG player when it was announced, all you had to do was log into PUBG before May 1st, 2018, to get it.

I like this skin mostly because the yellow/black color combination reminds me a lot of Bumblebee…and if you were wondering, I mean the Transformer (robot in disguise) and not the bug.

Anyway, if you’re a fan of the good ol’ black and yellow (shout out to Pittsburgh Steelers fans), you’ll probably like this skin, too.

Also, it has “#1” and “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” engraved on it, so it deserves some style points for that as well.

7) BattleStat

PUBG Weapon Skin Battlestat

Available For: AKM

Now, this is a super rare skin. It can be obtained from a paid key crate, but it only has a 0.16% drop rate. So, if you’re trying to get this, good luck not blowing your entire paycheck on weapon crate keys.

Though if you are fortunate enough to unlock this weapon skin, not only will you have a cool-looking weapon skin, but you’ll also have a cosmetic that tracks your kill count!

And that’s pretty sweet — not for me, though, because I usually don’t get a lot of kills, so this gun will just constantly remind me that I am a scrub. Hello, darkness, my o…

ANYWAY, outside of the stat tracker on this, I’m digging the mostly blue and black color scheme.

Now PUBG Corp. just needs to make this skin easier to get.

6) The Olive Branch

PUBG Weapon Skin The Olive Branch

Available For: Pan

Yes, the Pan counts as a weapon!

If we were going by rarity, this would easily be #1 on my list. This extremely rare skin can be found in an Equinox Crate, and you only have a 0.001% chance of finding it. Also, you can purchase it from the Steam Community Market, but I wouldn’t do that, unless you’re willing to pay $1,000 USD or over (I wish I was joking).

This is one fine weapon cosmetic that features PUBG’s vintage Spetsnaz helmet engraved in a beautiful, shiny, silver pan.

If I do get this extraordinary skin someday, I’m officially becoming a pan-only PUBG player (I mean, it’s not like I did much with the guns in the game anyway).

5) Glory

PUBG Weapon Skin Glory

Available For: AKM, UMP9

You can get the Glory weapon skin in a Triumph Crate, and XB1 players had a limited amount of time to purchase it until it was eventually removed from the store on Oct. 22.

First of all, this skin lets you experience a jet-black AKM…and it looks pretty freaking cool. Plus, this cosmetic has a mother*bleep*ing chicken engraved on it, so how could you not like this weapon skin?

And if your gun has an actual chicken image on it, I’d say that means you’re destined to bring home many chicken dinners.

*Bwak bwak bwak*

4) Gold Plate

PUG Weapon Skin Gold Plate

Available For: Saw-Off Shotgun, AKM, Groza, AWM, M416, S12K, S686, SKS, WIN94

You can find the Gold Plate weapon skin in Triumph Crates, and you’ll have to purchase weapon crate keys to open them. So yeah, you’ll have to dish out some cash to get this, but I’d say it’s worth it.

This is easily a top-five weapon skin with its beautiful solid gold base color and polished wooden parts (similar to what’s found on the Full Autumn skin).

Also, this shiny cosmetic really stands out in darker areas. Sometimes I’ll just stand in the shadow of a tree so I can admire my glorious Gold Plate camo.

3) Speed and Momentum

PUBG Weapon Skin Speed and Momentum

Available For: Kar98K, M416

This limited-edition weapon skin, based on the popular streamer DrDisrespect, was purchasable in 2018 from June 4th to July 5th. It cost $9.99 USD, but if you love “the most ruthless competitor in the online gaming community,” then you probably purchased the Doc’s weapon skin.

This weapon skin looks amazing, and the color scheme is based on the Doc’s vintage red military vest and long-sleeve black shirt that he wears during every one of his streaming sessions.

And of course, this weapon skin features his official logo, which is a little face that’s sporting the Doc’s sunglasses and his unforgettable poisonous Ethiopian caterpillar mustache.

I love the futuristic feel of this weapon cosmetic — it looks like it’s straight out of Halo or Destiny — and the red button on the Kar98k version (should’ve been on the M416 version too!) of this skin makes this design look even better.

Yayayayayayayayaya this weapon skin is great.

2) Ghosted

PUBG Weapon Skin Ghosted

Available For: AKM, Kar98K

Get mad, Doc fans! Shroud’s custom weapon skin is better!

This limited-edition weapon skin is based on another popular known as Shroud (you’ve probably heard of him…). Just like Doc’s unique weapon skin, this was purchasable last year from June 4th to July 5th, and it cost $9.99 USD.

I can say with confidence that this extraordinary gun camo is much more exciting than Shroud’s usual monotone voice (don’t worry, Shroud. I still love you).

This weapon skin features mostly neutral colors, and the black/white layers mix well with the grey base color…but it’s really the subtle light blue detailing that brings this weapon skin alive.

And it also looks somewhat like an enhanced Arctic skin, so I’m digging that, too.

I really wish they would bring this bad boy back. It’s so nice looking…

Please make this happen, Shroud!

1) Shark Bite

PUBG Weapon Skin Shark Bite

Available For: M16A4, Kar98K

You can find this epic skin in an Equinox Crate (or just purchase it with G-Coins).

The Shark Bite (or “the Jaws”) weapon skin is easily my favorite PUBG skin. It has an intimidating shark face on it (just look at those teeth!), and it has two different skin variations.

The M16A4 is mostly a darkish grey/blue color, while the Kar98K skin is mainly platinum. Both variations look good (though I prefer the Kar98K version), and the red/black detailing enhances the fearsome nature of this cosmetic.

Also, the “caution” text is a good touch, too.

This skin is simply alpha af.

If you aren’t already familiar, maybe google what “af” means…hehe.

Thanks for checking out my top 10 PUBG weapon skins list.

If there is a skin I didn’t mention that you feel is top-10 worthy, please let me know in the comments below.

And hopefully, you won’t mention the Rugged skin (the ugly orange one), because then I’ll know you’re trolling!


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