PUBG Mobile Global Championship Finals Preview and Predictions

by in PUBG | Jan, 21st 2021

It is finally time for the PUBG Mobile Global Championship Finals preview. We will go over everything that you need to know about this momentous event for the esports league and how you can watch all of the action as it happens live this weekend. 

PUBG Mobile Global Championship Finals Is Here

The PUBG Mobile Global Championship Finals are here finally, allowing 16 of the very best teams from around the world to gather together to determine who is truly the very best team out of the entire world in the mobile battle royale game.

It all started last year, late in the year, for some odd reason, so it is finally coming to its conclusion early in the new year. It has been a long journey here, but the competition is finally ready to get heated. Players and fans alike will be able to see the culmination of this event shortly. 

In fact, by the time you are reading this, likely, the event has already gotten started. It is taking place in Dubai, using the time zone there for the event, so the competition is earlier in the day for those on the western side of the world. 

Regardless, the PUBG Mobile Global Championship Finals look to be one of the most exciting events in the entire PUBG universe as this is something that we haven’t ever seen before, at least on this level. As the event kicks off this weekend, we wanted to give you our full preview.

Our full PUBG Mobile Global Championship Finals preview will go over everything you need to know, from the players who are participating in the event to the schedule for the event to watch and even some predictions for what might happen there. Let’s get started.

It Was a Long Journey to This Point

First and foremost, we would be remiss if we did not go over the journey that took us to this point in time. Starting back in November of last year, the PGMC League got its start, offering the highest possible profile action from the very best players and teams from around the world. 

Throughout a year of competition, 24 teams ended up on top. They were invited into the league event. Through 60 total matches of battle royale, those 24 teams were then whittled down to only 16. The top 16 teams out of that group were invited to the PUBG Mobile Global Championship Finals. 

That is happening this weekend. Even the finals have had their share of issues and stories leading up until now. For one, there was the fact that Loops Esports should be in the competition, but some unfortunate decisions on the team’s part led to them not being here. 

They were one of the top teams at the end of the league and a shoe-in for a team to be here in the finals. But that didn’t happen due to a decision that most of the players on that team made. They chose to use the league competition to protest some unfortunate circumstances that happened to them. 

They lost their team captain after the Loops Esports management released him for unknown reasons. This decision led the team to protest in the final match of the league stage last year, giving up playing and just heading to the church in Erangel to bow in defiance. 

Meanwhile, only one of the four players kept playing usually, but that didn’t matter as he was. Unfortunately, he was affected by this decision. The other three players were quickly eliminated by one of the top teams in the league. The match was pretty much a forfeit for them. 

Even still, they would have likely qualified for the PUBG Mobile Global Championship Finals preview with that loss. Still, Tencent and the PUBG Mobile Esports team did not stand for this at all, banning them from the finals, forcing them to lose all prizes earned, and keeping them out of competitions for the next six months. 

It didn’t end there either. There was more controversy more recently when the actual finals were getting ready to start its competition. The teams from around the world who aren’t close enough to Dubai for the event were flying into Korea reportedly to be closer to the venue. 

Meanwhile, the teams in China, Japan, and other closer locations were able to stay at home. It would be a unique hybrid event of sorts, mixing in-person and remote, but that changed when it was announced this week that three players tested positive for the coronavirus. 

The event was suddenly shifted just before its start to a remote, isolation event for everyone as all players will now play in an online environment. 

All 16 Teams and Current Leaderboard

As mentioned before, 16 teams have made it this far after grueling competition after competition last year to represent the very best PUBG Mobile Esports has to offer in the world. Here are the 16 teams competing this weekend:

  • Four Angry Men
  • Bigetron Red Aliens
  • RRQ Athena
  • Konina Power
  • Kias Digital Athletics
  • Secret Jin
  • Futbolist
  • Nova XQF
  • POWER888 KPS
  • Abrupt Slayers
  • Alpha7 Esports
  • Z3US Esports
  • Natus Vincent
  • Aerowolf Limax
  • Team Secret
  • A1 Esports

Those are the 16 best teams in the entire world, minus Loops Esports, who would have been here having those events not transpired, and they will be competing to find out who among them is the actual best team and the one worthy of being the champion of the entire world in PUBG Mobile. 

As such, an excellent way to know who might end up on top is to take a look at the current leaderboard after the end of the league stage and see where the teams currently stand. Interestingly enough, the list that we just put up above is the leaderboard’s actual state at this time. 

From the current first-place team with the Four Angry Men to the last place team with A1 Esports, this is the current lineup telling us who is likely to win over the others. And in all honesty, the Four Angry Men have a massive lead currently with about 70 points over Bigetron Red Aliens’ second-place team. 

After the No. 1 team, the teams are mostly pretty close in terms of overall points, so it will be interesting to see who wins it all at the end of the finals event. 

PMGC Finals Schedule

Next up in our PUBG Mobile Global Championship Finals preview, here is what we know about the schedule for the entire weekend. By the time you read this, the event has likely started with day one of the competition since it is in a time zone further ahead of us. 

The event will take place over four days from today through Jan. 24. On the first day of competition today, much of the day is dedicated to stuff like admission for the teams, the opening ceremony, and other little details outside of the matches themselves.

But some matches will happen on the first day, with them taking place across around five and a half hours from 3:30 p.m. Dubai time to 8 p.m. For us, that is pretty darn early in the morning today, so you have likely already missed it by now. 

But you can check out the days 2-4 as they have not started yet. The official competition will begin on Friday at 3:10 p.m. Dubai time and will go through 8:50 p.m. for a little bit longer competition that night. Also, there will be a new map revealed for PUBG Mobile in the middle of that so be sure to check back here. 

On day three, it will mostly follow Friday’s schedule, with Saturday beginning the event at 3:10 p.m. Dubai time and then going through 8:50 p.m. But in the middle of this, there will be another new map promo event. We are unsure if this is a second new map or more details about the already announced one. 

Lastly, day four will conclude the finals on Sunday with the competition beginning at 3:10 p.m. Dubai time and then finishing off with our world champion determined around 9 p.m. A lot is happening this weekend, and players will have a lot to look forward to. 

How to Watch

But those times may be very inconvenient for those of us in the western half of the world but, fortunately, you will be able to watch everything on-demand if you would like. There are three main sources of videos for you to watch the events as they happen or afterward.

Those three channels are the official YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch channels for PUBG Mobile Esports. If you are trying to watch live, any of them will do, and probably most of them will also do if you want to watch the matches after they have concluded.

We highly recommend, though, that you watch on-demand matches on the YouTube channel as that is the most likely place where we will have up to date matches and VODs for everything that has happened for each of the four days. 

You will be able to tune in and see the largest single event prize pool for a PUBG Mobile tournament ever. The finals will include a massive $2 million prize pool shared among the 16 teams, depending on where they place once the event has concluded. There is a lot on the line. You won’t have to miss out on any of the action if you want. 

Predictions for the Event

The thing on everyone’s mind is who will win it all? Usually, this is where we would go over our predictions in our PUBG Mobile Global Championship Finals preview post, but we will try something a little bit different this time around. 

The experts have chimed in and let us know what they believe about who will win in the finals tournament. There is desk host JKaplan, analyst 7 Worlds, analyst Maxman, and caster ImPERium, who have given their thoughts on what will happen this weekend. 

7 Worlds, for instance, noted that he believes that Nova Esports will end up winning the entire thing. This is due to their experience and the fact that they have so much experience playing in LAN events, even though this particular feature may not be a factor anymore. 

Meanwhile, Jason noted a few different teams from the top two teams of 4 a.m. and Bigetron. Still, he gave us more of a sleeper hit with Klas Digital Athletics, who he thinks could be a constantly improving team that could end up making a solid run for the championship title. 

For Imperium, he noted that he is looking at two teams in the event, and those are Navi in 13th place currently and A1 Esports, who took the final spot at the last minute after the Loops Esports debacle. He thinks that they have more freedom than other teams to switch things up, which could play to their advantage. 

And last but not least, Maxman gave a plethora of names like the top two teams and Nova for how well they do in shorter events like this one, Klas Digital, and even Konina Power if they can be on the top of their game. We will find out very soon about our champion as the event is now underway. 


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