Pokemon Unite Blastoise Build Guide: How to Play, Moves, More

by in General | Sep, 5th 2021

Pokemon Unite is expanding its roster once more with Blastoise, the latest defender, and Generation I Pokemon to enter the spin-off MOBA title. We have compiled the Pokemon Unite Blastoise build guide that we recommend to players to accompany its release. 

Blastoise Is Out Now in Pokemon Unite

At the time of writing this, Blastoise is out right now in Pokemon Unite. Players can start playing as the new Pokemon at this time. Hailing from the first set of games, Blastoise is a beloved Generation I Pokemon and one of the starters that players could choose in the original titles. 

For some odd reason, Blastoise was also the only Generation I starter (if you exclude Eevee from the Let’s Go games) that was not in the base game of Unite when it launched in July this year. Charizard, Venusaur, and Pikachu were all already available in the game already, but not it. 

What only made this situation even stranger is that you can see Blastoise’s evolution line in the title when you do the tutorial as Pikachu. This not only made it clear that the Pokemon was going to be in the full release but that it was already likely pretty far along in the development for it. 

What only made the situation weirder is that the first two post-launch DLC Pokemon announced were Gardevoir and Blastoise. Both were announced before the game’s launch, which made the situation even more bizarre when Gardevoir came out and Blastoise did not. 

This situation only got stranger when other Pokemon, like Zeraora at launch for a limited time and Blissey most recently as the long-awaited Generation II Pokemon came out. We still did not have Blastoise, who was previously announced. 

Fortunately, as of Wednesday, September 1, Blastoise is now in the game and players can finally play as one of the most beloved Pokemon of all time. With that being the case, it is now time to shift our focus to our Pokemon Unite Blastoise build guide to give you an idea of how to play as this new Pokemon. 

Blastoise’s Role Explained

For starters, in the Pokemon Unite Blastoise build guide, there is the element of its role. Venusaur and Pikachu are attackers, Charizard is an all-rounder, and Blastoise will round out the group as a defender. The defender role is a vital one in the MOBA game as the tank-focused group. 

If you have been playing Pokemon Unite up until this point, you will likely understand how the defender class works and what they are usually for, even if you do not prefer to play as them usually. For those who might be new to this game and MOBAs in general, the defenders are the tanks of the game. 

As tanks, they are the bulky defensive class meant to be the damage sponge for the group. The general rule of thumb is that the defender will be partnered with another Pokemon, preferably an attacking-focused one, and will assist them in their battles. 

As such, Pokemon like the new Blastoise will want to partner up with the attackers, all-rounders, and speedsters of the game to utilize their skills best to help them win the individual fights that you will go through in matches. When playing Blastoise, that is what you want to do. 

You could have some great Generation I love by partnering up this water-type Pokemon with its fellow starters, like Venusaur, Charizard, or Pikachu, and you will have a solid lane. Speaking of lanes, Blastoise is a tank, so it will want to go on the upper or bottom lane in the match. 

This is not a jungling Pokemon, so do not worry about the center lane, except for team fights and trying to take down the bosses. Your job is to keep the enemy’s attention for as long as possible and try to defend the weaker Pokemon on your team while they try to eliminate your opponents. 

You can, of course, try to deal some damage yourself and try to take out the random mobs around the map, but these are just side objectives that are in addition to your main role of defending the team and distracting the enemy. 

You will also want to pick up any orbs that you find after winning fights, try to defend the team while scoring goals, and score yourself. Blastoise has many roles to play in the matches since it is a tank, meaning that you will want to be someone who can multi-task and possibly even lead the group, depending on your team makeup, at all times.

More specifically, the tasks that you accomplish will come down to how you play Blastoise and use its moveset. To help with this, we will further break down the moves that it has next and give you some tips on how to best play this particular Pokemon in our Pokemon Unite Blastoise build guide.

How to Play Blastoise in Pokemon Unite

When it comes to playing Blastoise in our Pokemon Unite Blastoise build guide, it all comes down to the moveset. Like all of the other Pokemon in the game, it has two main abilities that you can use pretty often, a passive that is almost always there to help and the Unite move that is your ultimate. 

Also, like the other Pokemon, you have some choice when it comes to your build. The two main abilities you have, have two options each, so there is room for customizing and making Blastoise how you want it to be. Here’s everything you need to know about the full moveset for this Pokemon. 

First and foremost, there is the ability and passive that it has. Blastoise’s ability is Torrent, which increases the attack and special attack of this Pokemon when it has half its health or less than that. Then there is the passive ability that players can use in battle. 

It is known as your basic attack. How it works is that every third basic attack that you do will deal some continuous damage to the enemy and decrease the movement speed for a short time when it hits them. 

From there, we come to the first set of abilities that the Pokemon has and the first option is the ranged attack Hydro Pump. As you might expect, what this move does is shoot out a huge amount of water that will not only deal some decent damage to enemies upon hitting them but also push them some. 

Upgrading Hydro Pump as you level up will only increase the damage that it does. The option, on the other hand, is Water Spout. This is an AOE attack that will affect a larger area, dealing some damage and decreasing the movement speed of the enemies that are there briefly. Like the other move, leveling this up will increase its damage. 

From there, we come to the next set of moves, starting with Surf. You should probably recognize this move already if you play as Slowbro in Pokemon Unite. But for those who do not use it normally, it has the Pokemon charge forward on a wave, shoving enemies backward and leaving them unable to act momentarily. 

While the Pokemon is using Surf, they will be immune to anything hindering them from using it and can even jump in a certain direction when the move ends. Further upgrades to Surf will allow the Pokemon to have a shield when they use this move. 

The other option for this ability is Rapid Spin. What this one does is having Blastoise spin around in a circle and it is a buff move, actually boosting the basic attacks and the other abilities you have. Further upgrades to this move will allow it to reduce the damage that you receive while using it. 

And last but not least, we have the Unite move known as Hydro Typhoon. This one allows the user to spin and spout water simultaneously, throwing enemy Pokemon in a large area around them. It will also grant the user a shield, making it a powerful all-in-one move. 

When it comes to playing Blastoise in matches, the general rule is to partner with someone else. In general, Blastoise is much more of a hands-on tank than others are. It is great at taking damage but also dealing damage and controlling the field. 

What you want to do is have Blastoise head off first with the other Pokemon behind it and keep the attention of the enemies. The added ranged nature of Blastoise helps you to maneuver better than other tanks, too. In general, you want to hinder enemies while dealing damage, too, to give your teammates the best chance of finishing the opponents off. 

Pokemon Unite Blastoise Build

To take out opponents, you will want to nail down your Pokemon Unite Blastoise build. This starts with the abilities that you choose. For the most part, both options for each of the main abilities are good. What it comes down to is your playstyle and even team. 

For the first ability, it comes down to how you want to deal damage. If you want to focus mainly on damage, Hydro Pump is for you. If you want a wider area and affect enemies negatively, you will want to go for Water Spout. 

Both options are good for the other main ability, but I do lean towards Surf as the better option overall. Surf is a solid one for beginners and everyone as it can be a great asset in controlling the battlefield. However, Rapid Spin is an excellent choice for more experienced users. 

When used correctly in collaboration with your other ability, it is a buff move that will turn Blastoise into a damage-dealing machine. It is great for taking on groups and finishing off opponents. But for most players, I will recommend Surf at first. 

There are few solid options for the item you use for Blastoise, depending on your playstyle and abilities. I would say that five items work for Blastoise. If you want to be a damage sponge to the max, the Potion item is best for healing and keeping that up. 

If you want to be a damage-dealer tank, X Attack is the way to go, or X Speed if you want to chase down those enemies even more and take them out. Eject Button is a pretty solid choice, too, for players who need to move around more, while Slow Smoke is an excellent option for maximizing your debuff potential against enemies.

Who Blastoise Should Team Up With

From there, it just comes down to who is the best Pokemon to team up with in matches. I would rank Blastoise as the best overall tank right now, given that it is a balanced Pokemon that excels at everything it does, making it the better Slowbro in the end. 

As such, I do not recommend having a Blastoise and another defender or supporter class on your team. Just fill the other four slots with the other classes of Pokemon. As mentioned previously, partner up Blastoise with an attacker, all-rounder, or a speedster on their lane. 

Speedsters may not work the best since they should be jungling, but they can take advantage of Blastoise’s debuffs. At the same time, speedsters generally have their ways of hunting down enemies, so you want to use those debuffs towards helping the other two attacking classes. 

So, I do recommend focusing on teaming up with attackers and all-rounders, though the all-rounders do have decent health themselves, so they should be on the other lane, if possible. In this way, attackers pair up best with Blastoise, so focus on having one of those as your partner, if at all possible, to make sure you can do your best as Blastoise. 


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