Nintendo Switch OLED FPS Games We Want to See

by in General | Jul, 24th 2021

The Nintendo Switch is quickly on its way to becoming one of the highest-selling video game consoles of all time. Nintendo has nailed the hybrid way of having both a home console and a handheld system, and it will likely only continue with the OLED. I have come up with some Nintendo Switch OLED FPS games that I want to see released. 

Nintendo Switch OLED Is Basically the Same Model

For the record, it is worth mentioning that the OLED model of the Nintendo Switch is not quite the “pro” system that many players were hoping for, including myself. I think that the 4K and other parts of the rumors were a bit potentially far-fetched, but I was among the many hoping for some performance changes.

I was hoping that the new version of the console would be getting some hardware changes on the inside to allow for better RAM or an updated graphics card, or even a slightly better CPU. After all, there are so many Switch games that look or play not as well as they should. 

But, in the end, the Switch OLED version is virtually the same on the inside, with only some changes on the outside. This includes a redesigned look that is sleek and instantly a classic, the ability for easier wired internet connections, more storage, and the stunning OLED screen. 

Other than those general changes, the new Nintendo Switch hardware is largely the same. Despite this being the case, it does indicate a new model for the system overall, so it gives off the vibes of the DS Lite and DSi that saw even more popular then. While it is not a true upgrade, like the New Nintendo 3DS was for the 3DS, there are games that I hope to see released for it soon. 

Nintendo Switch OLED FPS Games That We Want

In particular, there are some Nintendo Switch OLED FPS games that I hope to see come out for the console soon. First-person shooter games are something that I love. There are too few of them on the Switch or at least quality ones. Some developers and publishers have been great, like the Doom series and battle royale games, but there are still many more missing. 

I have a list of the 10 Nintendo Switch OLED FPS games that I want to see be released for the title soon. To note, these will not be sequels to titles that have not been announced yet, but I am sticking only to games that we already know about to some extent. 

This means that it has to be games that have been formally announced in the past for other consoles or PC, or they are older games that I would like to see ported to this new version of the console, and subsequently the other Switch systems. The only weird part to keep in mind is that this is virtually the same console. 

Since it is not nearly as powerful as we expected it to be, it does not necessarily persuade developers and publishers to release new games. That said, I hope that the Switch’s immense success will lead to more games ported to it, even if this means they are in the cloud-based form. 

Hopefully, some of the few cloud-based games that we have on the Switch have been done up until this point and will lead to other AAA games that would not otherwise run well on the system coming to it in the future. This is especially important for the Nintendo Switch OLED FPS games since this would, hopefully, allow for better performance through streaming. 

Unfortunately, some of these Nintendo Switch OLED FPS games would only work well through the cloud if the servers work well and the player has unlimited high-speed internet. That said, I made sure to keep a mix of some Nintendo Switch OLED FPS games that I think would be fine as a normal game that is not streamed. With all of that out of the way, let us take a look at the 10 Nintendo Switch OLED FPS games I want to see. 

1. Call of Duty Warzone

This list is in no particular order, except for a couple of notable exceptions to bookend this Nintendo Switch OLED FPS games list. To start, we have a banger that I truly believe needs to happen and should happen. Now, as for if it will happen in the end, that is something that we will have to wait and see. 

I am, of course, talking about Call of Duty Warzone. For many, this is the premier battle royale game today. It has dominated the scene, far surpassing many other Call of Duty games in the process. It is available for current and last-gen consoles and PC, but no Nintendo Switch.

To me, this and another noteworthy battle royale title are the only ones to not be on Switch with the recent release of Apex Legends there. This is a problem as Warzone could grow even more if it were on Switch, even with concessions. Of the titles on this list, this is almost No. 1 regarding what I want to see. 

2. Mass Effect Legendary Edition

From there, we come to another game that I think should be one of the Nintendo Switch OLED FPS games, and that is Mass Effect Legendary Edition. I have already heard some rumors about this one, and there is hope that it will eventually come to Switch soon. 

Mass Effect is not a first-person shooter at all, but more of a third-person one and even loosely at that, but I wanted to include this on the list as this has perhaps my favorite game of all time: Mass Effect 1. That is a game that has never been on a Nintendo console to date. 

But we have seen Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U back in the day, and it is high time that EA gives the Switch some more love with, at the very least, this collection of the first three Mass Effect games. I would even throw Mass Effect Andromeda after that in this mix as it is not a bad game (not that great, either), but it would allow for the full range of titles available on the go. 

3. Overwatch 2

Returning to actual FPS games, we have Overwatch 2. This is certainly not a question mark at all, but I wanted to include it on this list regardless. Activision Blizzard has essentially already confirmed that the long-awaited sequel to Overwatch is coming to Switch along with the other platforms. 

That said, we already know, too, that there are going to be some insane compromises necessary to make Overwatch 2 work on the handheld platform. This is something that we saw, after all, with the original Overwatch when it came to the platform. 

I included it on this list to reaffirm that this does need to happen, but how it is the interesting point. I think a scaled-down version might be frustrating, especially if it is worse than the original game on Switch. If this is the case, I will advocate for a cloud-based alternative that runs and plays better since it is mostly an online game. But I do think this is right in the middle of possibly being a normal physical game or a cloud one. 

4. Black Ops Cold War

After that, we return to the Call of Duty series with the latest mainline entry: Black Ops Cold War. The 2020 game is a beautiful and powerful one, requiring some solid settings to play it well. To make it work on Switch, it would need some concessions, for sure. 

But, in the end, I would be fine, personally, with a cloud-based one here as it would allow for the game to look and run comparably to the other platforms and potentially even better than the PS4 and Xbox One versions. In general, though, this is more of a cry for more Call of Duty games on Switch.

There is no Call of Duty title on the console, which is unbelievable considering that Activision used to be all over Nintendo systems for the past entries. It was understandable that the publisher would want to remove the series after the failed Wii U, but the Switch is in such a solid place that it is a crime not to have Call of Duty come back to it. 


While I have already mentioned Call of Duty Warzone as a battle royale game that needs to come to Switch, there is one other one that has to happen: PUBG. With this game and Warzone, it would complete the four games that dominate the battle royale scene all on the console. 

While I get Warzone to an extent not being on the Switch yet, PUBG is the most baffling one to me. It is already available on every major console, PC, most streaming services, and even mobile devices, and yet, it is still not available on the Nintendo Switch. 

This is a place where this game could grow even more and see a resurgence in mainline PUBG success after Mobile has taken over the franchise. Krafton is making the biggest mistake out of every company on this list in not bringing PUBG to Switch, and it needs to happen sooner rather than later.

6. Rare Replay

Microsoft and Nintendo have enjoyed some healthy relationships with one another, despite being so-called competitors in the game industry. This has led to games like Ori and Minecraft being readily available on the console, despite being Microsoft-owned games. 

That said, there is one FPS-related title that I think is a perfect fit for Switch, and I am honestly surprised it has not happened already. That game is none other than Rare Replay. Containing games like Perfect Dark is an FPS. Many other titles like Banjo and Killer Instinct make sense.  

Rare was once a developer in bed with Nintendo, supporting the company through a few generations before being purchased by Microsoft. This would be a coming home situation for the Rare Replay collection as these games would make their return to a Nintendo home console for the first time in a long time. 

7. Call of Duty Vanguard

Finishing off the Call of Duty games that I have on this list is Vanguard. The long-rumored and still to be confirmed title at the time of writing this, Vanguard is expected to be the next mainline entry in the series. It is a World War II-era game that is essentially a sequel to WWII. 

Developed by Sledgehammer Games, the creators of Advanced Warfare and WWII, this is one title that many fans are excited about. Players loved WWII’s return to the basics for the series. Vanguard will likely continue that trend. 

It may seem odd to include both Cold War and Vanguard on this list, but I think that one (but only one) of these could happen. I think Vanguard makes sense as the latest game in the series and a possible fresh start for Activision in bringing a new Call of Duty game to Switch. As a powerful new 2021 title, it would likely need a cloud-based version if it wants to be on par with the other versions, but I’m still here for it. 

8. Valorant

The next entry on this list is a stretch, but one that I think could and should happen: Valorant. The stretch here is not necessarily because of how the game could not run on Switch (I think it is possible, especially with a streaming version) but the fact it is only on PC. 

At the time of writing this, Valorant is a PC exclusive. It looks like Riot Games has no real intention of bringing it to other platforms. This is the real hurdle that this game faces, but one that I think should happen. 

And when it does finally happen, I think it should come to Switch or the Switch 2 if that is already out by then. This type of character-based first-person shooter experience needs to be everywhere rather than restricted to a single platform. With League finally coming to mobile, are we seeing a more flexible Riot these days? I certainly hope so. 

9. Metroid Prime Trilogy Remastered

In my opinion, it would be a travesty to talk about a Nintendo console and not bring up any games from Nintendo itself. Fortunately, there is one (well, three) Nintendo first-person shooter that I think needs to come to the Switch soon: Metroid Prime Trilogy Remastered. 

This particular entry is more of an if, not when, type of situation, in my opinion. With Metroid 4 possibly coming out before the next Nintendo console is announced, I think it is inevitable that a Metroid Prime Trilogy collection will follow months or maybe a year before that game releases. 

It would be a great way to offer the collection to new players (including myself, actually) in anticipation of the fourth game from Retro. While I do think this is the most guaranteed entry on this list, other than Overwatch 2, it is one that I hope Nintendo is ready to reveal in 2022 finally. 

10. Halo Infinite

And last but not least, I decided to end this one with a game that I think would shake the whole list up: Halo Infinite. Sure, Microsoft has offered its games on the Switch, but up until this point, there has not been a Halo game on a Nintendo platform regardless. 

There are no Fable (which I would love) or Gears of War games, either. It is mostly smaller titles, like Cuphead, that fit into the Switch ecosystem. That said, I think that Halo Infinite would be a bold move and one that could do quite well on the hybrid system. 

How I think this should happen is simple: bring Xbox Game Pass to Nintendo Switch. We have heard rumors about this in the past, and while I do not think they are legit, I think this should happen nonetheless. Bringing Game Pass to Switch would pave the way for Halo Infinite, most likely through Xbox Cloud, so there are no sacrifices made. Microsoft does not need to bring Game Pass to Switch, but I would love it for the chance to play Halo Infinite in handheld mode. 


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