Nintendo Says Switch Has ‘Many More Games’ Coming in 2021

by in General | May, 18th 2021

2021 seems to be shaping up to be a good year for gaming. Many of the titles that were delayed the past year are starting to see the light. Nintendo is still one of the few holdouts to announce something big, but during a Q&A for Nintendo’s annual earnings call, the company president mentioned that “many more games” are coming this year. 

Nintendo’s Lineup Possibilities

During their annual Q&A after the earnings call, the question of Nintendo’s “stance regarding active users as part of the premise for your software sales forecasts” was brought up. The answer from Shuntaro Furukawa, Nintendo’s president, brings some hope into the Switch’s 2021 games lineup.

“Although the number slightly decreased after the beginning of this calendar year, a lot of consumers are playing Nintendo Switch with the recent March release of Capco’s Monster Hunter Rise, so we don’t think momentum is fading. Many new software titles will release this fiscal year, starting in the first quarter. We think this will help continuously expand the range of consumers who play Nintendo Switch to include those who haven’t played Nintendo Switch in a while or are completely new users.”

What does this mean for Nintendo? The answer lies within the Switch games that haven’t been released by the company and the major events in 2021. In contrast, we are certain that some first part IPs, such as Splatoon 3, which moves the squid-like characters into a post-apocalyptic setting instead of the city that players once used to populate, will come by 2022. 

Players also expect the esports season to continue into Splatoon 3, as tournaments were held and made a big part of Switch’s promotional material. Players also ask about titles like Metroid Prime 4, which is the huge return to the bounty hunter’s first-person shooter series. It received massive critical acclaim and was re-released onto the Wii as the Metroid prime trilogy. In addition to Bayonetta 3, which is “going along fine,” while Metroid Prime 4 is “restarting from scratch.” 

However, with E3 coming down the pipeline, many believe some of these long-forgotten titles, such as Breath of the Wild 2, will be revealed properly at E3 next month. The rumor of a new 3D Donkey Kong game, made by the developers of Mario Odyssey, is also floating around, which may mean that a game of that caliber will be on the horizon. At the same time, it is unlikely that it will be showing up at E3 this year. 

If there’s any truth to the rumor, players would most likely be seeing it next year. With the reveal that the Switch could surpass 100 million consoles by the end of the year, many players are looking into the future to see what Nintendo might bring to the table for this fiscal year. Other items players are looking forward to in 2021 are the last two DLC characters for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, which are slated to be the final bits of DLC that the game will ever receive. 

While the future of Nintendo is uncertain, many console players are passionate that the company will eventually pull through this E3. The evidence stacks up against their claim, with many of Nintendo’s titles revealed years prior have yet to see the light of day. Players are anxiously awaiting the end of this month and the beginning of June. The light at the end of the tunnel shines ever brighter, with E3 nearing ever so closer. It’s no guess that with Nintendo making an appearance at the convention that some titles will be released as many of Nintendo’s titles were delayed due to COVID 19, such as animal crossing. However, it appears that only time will tell what awaits players when E3 begins in June.


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