A Closer Look at the All-New FIFA 21 TOTW 19 Cards

by in Sports Games | Feb, 5th 2021

FIFA 21 is still going strong! Everyone’s favorite soccer video game has just gotten its nineteenth team of the week (TOTW) card set, making FUT fans have brand-new wet dreams. FIFA TOTW 19 cards are what we’re going to be talking about today. Before moving forward, here’s a quick look at the entire set, so you know what we’re talking about here.

Twenty-three in-form players, only one of which is a silver card. Realistically speaking, though, roughly ten of them are worth packing and putting into one of your squads. The rest are meant to be used for various squad building challenges and whatnot.

Which FIFA TOTW 19 cards are we going to talk about today? The best ones, of course! Well, four of them are crazy, priced at more than 200k coins, with an additional two who offer a bit more bang for your money.

Let’s roll!

Best FIFA TOTW 19 Cards to Try Out

The following FIFA TOTW 19 cards are all the craze these days and cost an outright future. That said, your only chance of getting them is unpacking them unless you have a substantial stash of coins, that is.

Salah | RW | 92

The Egyptian King is still running rampant on the vast fields of the English Premier League. Liverpool returned to their winning ways (before losing to Brighton lol). Salah came in with style following a superb appearance against struggling West Ham.

His newest IF is somewhere on the level of his TOTY card. Pace-wise, only a handful of defenders will be able to stop his runs down the flanks. 77 physical strength is not ideal, but you can easily boost Sniper’s chemistry style.

Connection-wise, the only choice is to go with a true Premiership team. You don’t want any other Egyptian player in your team. He’s an excellent super-sub too, although for the price he goes for at the moment (above 1 million coins), putting him on the bench would be a proper shame. 

Martinez | ST | 88

Previous Martinez IFs were sick. It’s safe to say this one is even better. 87 pace, 88 shooting 88 dribbling, and 87 physique. What more do you need from your go-to Serie A striker? He’s Argentinian, too, meaning you can connect him with plenty of players outside of Serie A. Let’s not forget about icons. If you have money to buy this pupper, you probably already have an icon or two in your starting eleven.

A high/low work rate means he probably won’t come back to defend stray balls following unsuccessful crosses. If you can get the ball to him on your opponent’s half of the pitch, he’s well-capable of handling the ball and creating goalscoring chances, be it for himself or your wingers.

Joao Cancelo | RB | 86

Believe it or not, there are several good ePL RB options this year. However, the newest Joao Cancelo IF is the best one yet! Just look at those numbers, boys and girls! High/medium work rates are worth mentioning too. Make sure you instruct him to follow your attackers to your opponent’s half. He’ll give you a decent supply of crosses all match long.

What about connections? Premiership squads have been the most popular options in FUT for several years already. FUT21 is not different! Cancelo is a great-all-arounder RB and stands as one of the best FIFA TOTW 19 cards out there, toe-to-toe with the Egyptian King himself.

Milinković-Savić | CM | 88

Despite the Italian Serie A not enjoying enough popularity anymore, Milinković-Savić is one of those players that’ll make you think twice before disbanding your Calcio-powered team. He’s Serbian, so the only real way to link him is with Serie A players or icons. If you’re well-off, the latter seems like the perfect choice; pair him up with a few primes. SMS will provide you with that much-needed midfield stability.

Just look at those marks. The only stat below 80 is pace, which can easily be fixed with the correct chemistry style. He’s agile, he’s strong on the ball (and off the ball), and he can dribble and shoot like the best of them. He’s a true midfield maestro, though his brilliance will cost you roughly 130k coins, 20k give or take depending on your platform. 

Pereyra | CAM | 81

I loved playing with this guy last season during his stay at Watford. His base card was dirt cheap, yet he offered an excellent all-around mixture that was difficult to find in the Premiership, especially on LM, especially with such a low price tag.

What about his brand-new in-form card, though? Well, it’s dirt cheap, too, not much above the quick sell value for IF cards. He’s Argentinian and plays in the Italian Serie A, meaning you’ll have plenty of connection opportunities too. He’s no longer LM but CAM and with h/m work rate and 4/4 star perks, which perfectly fits an aggressive playstyle with something like 4-1-4-1 or 4-1-3-2.

Toney | ST | 77

Last but not least – Ivan Toney! The card doesn’t look like much right off the bat. It’s priced crazy cheap, roughly 12K, but your mileage may vary depending on your platform. That’s borderline quick sell money, mind you!

What are you getting from him, though? Well, if you equip him with Hawk chemistry style, Toney can turn into a proper super sub! He’s not a starting eleven material unless you fancy connecting him with Sancho and Vardy upfront. Even in that scenario, he won’t do much justice.

However, if you play him as a super-sub, his pace, shooting, and physical strength will allow him to shrug off fatigued defenders. He might not be the fastest man on the pitch, even with hawk on, but he has that nick in front of the goal that’ll help push your goalscoring ability up a notch! He’s dirt cheap, one of the best FIFA TOTW 19 cards in terms of the good old bang for your buck ratio.

Having Trouble with FUT21?

Are you struggling with FUT21? You’ve splurged through all your hard-earned coins on packs and SBCs, and you’re left with a subpar team? No worries, guys, there are some things you can do to boost your squad and get those sweet Weekend League rewards!

Do Marquee Matchups

These quick and easy squad building challenges reward you with tradeable packs, typically the best bang for your bucks in the entire SBC registry. Even if you don’t get anything worth putting in your first eleven, you should get some extra coins to boost your squad with on the transfer market.

Buy Cheap Gems

I know Mbappe, Ronaldo, Messi, and those darn prime icons are tough to handle on the defensive end but did you guys know there are much cheaper gems that can do just as well as the big boys? Players like Coutinho, Costa, Vardy, and Inaki Williams are dirt cheap but possess excellent in-game characteristics. With the right chemistry style, you will reap all the benefits of million-coins-worth superstars on the cheap.

Don’t Buy Packs With Coins

This one comes as no surprise, but I feel like it needs to be emphasized since people still do it all the time. Repeat after me: I will not buy packs with coins! Pardon my language, but that’s just stupid. I know just how much appealing pack openings are, but hold your horses, cowboy. If you’re playing squad battles, division rivals, and the weekend league, you should have plenty of packs to open all week long. 

Use your coins to bolster your starting eleven, or buy super subs—puzzle in those last remaining pieces of your squad using those hard-earned coins. Don’t splurge through them on packs. Don’t be silly!


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