MTG Arena Mobile: How to Play in Just a Few Minutes

by in General | Sep, 20th 2019

MTG Arena has really breathed new life into Magic: The Gathering. No longer do we all have to carry around deck boxes and spend so much time and money hunting for the perfect Mythics to add to our decks. We can now play almost anytime, anywhere and collect cards easier than ever. The key word in that sentence being almost. Although there’s no official confirmation, it’s all but guaranteed there’s a MTG Arena Mobile on the horizon that will give us even more freedom when it comes to playing our favorite TCG.

However, we likely won’t see it anytime soon, so until then we’ve got a surprisingly simple way for you to play MTG Arena on your favorite mobile device in just a few minutes.

MTG Arena Mobile Guide: Setting it Up

First things first, you’re going to want to make sure you have MTG Arena as well as Steam installed on your PC and ready to go. Once that’s out of the way, you’ll want to add MTG Arena to your Steam Library by opening Steam, clicking Games at the top, then Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library, before simply selecting MTG Arena in the window and selecting Add Selected Program.

Next, you’ll need to install SteamLink for Android or iPhone based on your device of choice. After you’ve opened SteamLink, you’re going to follow the basic steps when it comes to setting it up. Click Get Started and select your desired controller type (I recommend touch controls). Assuming your PC has been recognized by your phone you’ll be able to select it in the Connect to Computer menu that appears after selecting your input method, however if it doesn’t you can simply click Rescan to have your phone identify your computer.

Once you’ve selected your computer in the SteamLink app you’ll be provided with a code to authorize your device. Simply enter that in on your computer and your SteamLink will be basically ready to go! It’ll run a quick test on your network to make sure it can handle the connection, but as soon as that’s out of the way your phone will be paired with your computer and you’re ready to play some Magic as soon as you select Start Playing!

But wait! There’s a couple things you can do to improve your experience!

A Little Optimization Goes a Long Way

While you don’t necessarily have to follow these additional steps, they can certainly be helpful if MTG Arena isn’t running too smoothly for you.

From Your Phone

  • Open your settings inside of SteamLink and click Streaming followed by Advanced. In the Advanced Streaming Settings menu, enable Start Streaming Desktop

MTG Arena Mobile SteamLink Advanded Streaming Settings

From Your Computer

  • After opening MTG Area, select Settings then Graphics and tick the box to turn on Full Screen and set the Quality Level to Medium

MTG Arena Mobile Graphics Settings

After you’ve followed these quick and easy steps your MTG Arena mobile experience is ready! While there are other workarounds to play MTG Arena on your mobile device, this is both the easiest and most consistent.

If SteamLink isn’t working properly, feel free to visit the official support page here.

Will MTG Arena Mobile Ever Officially Release?

Considering that Hearthstone already has a mobile version and Gwent’s releases in just over a month, it’s no wonder that people are wondering when MTG Arena will get its own mobile app. Well, I have good news and bad news on that front.

Thankfully, it’s all but confirmed that MTG Arena mobile is currently in the works. However, it may just be a checkbox on a whiteboard list of “To-dos” in the Wizards of the Coasts office for now.

A job posting (now removed) looking for a Senior Software Engineering lead with experience in game development on iOS and Android, hints that Wizards of the Coast are actively looking into ways to bring Magic: The Gathering to more players than ever before. However, considering that all we have to go on for now is a deleted job posting, it’s safe to assume we won’t see an official MTG Arena Mobile for some time.

Thanks for joining us for our brief guide on how to play MTG Arena on Mobile! Stay tuned for more Magic: The Gathering Arena news and updates!


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