Most Notable Esports Events in March 2021

by in General | Mar, 2nd 2021

It’s that time of the month again, boys and girls! We’re back with another installment of our monthly series. Yep, we’re here to talk about esports events in March 2021. There’s a whole bunch, but we will only focus on the biggest ones. You know, stuff from esports’ most popular disciplines like CSGO, Dota 2, and similar.

Biggest Esports Events in March 2021

Let’s waste no more time and dig right into the list!

DreamHack Open March

DreamHack Open is coming back, looking good, if I may add. This time around, the DH spectacle is bringing forth American action, both South and North. With $100,000 in total prize money ($70,000 for NA; $30,000 for SA), this is the biggest NA exclusive event this year.

The competition is solid, at least when looking at the North American event. Liquid is topping the team charts, but it’s still unclear how they plan on participating in both this and ESL Pro League S13, especially with COVID travel restrictions and all that.

Be that as it is, both DreamHack Open March events start on Wednesday, March 10, so make sure you tune in.

ESL Pro League S13

Here comes the biggest of all esports events in March 2021 – ESL Pro League Season 13. It’s coming in strong, packing quite the punch in the prize pool department. $750,000 in prize money, to be more precise. A pretty splendid amount, don’t you agree?

The action starts next Monday, March 8, with the first round of group stage matches. Twenty-four teams are set to participate and to be completely honest here; there’s no clear favorite. BLAST Premier Spring groups and IEM Katowice World Cup were packed with surprises, so the winner of ESL Pro League S13 is anyone’s guess. I guess our only choice is to wait a few more days and watch the action live.

Valorant Champions Tour S1 Masters

Valorant Champions Tour is exceeding everyone’s expectations. Not only are its Challengers stages enjoying solid popularity, but the first international event has also just been announced. Valorant Stage 2 Masters – Reykjavik is what we’re talking about here – is scheduled to run from May 24-30.

As for esports events in March, Valorant Champions Tour is there to spice things up for Valorant esports fans. North America, Europe, Turkey, Japan, Brazil, and CIS; Stage 1 Masters are just around the corners. Make sure you don’t miss out on the action.

ONE Esports Dota 2 Major Singapore

This is it, boys and girls. The first Dota 2 Major in 2021. With $500,000 in the prize pool and 18 top-notch teams, Dota 2 fans will have a proper blast in late March and early April. This is the first of two DPC Majors this year, which means that the event’s importance is second to none.

March 27 is the starting date. The event kicks off with the Wild Card phase, followed by a round-robin group stage and a double-elimination playoff bracket. We’re looking at a bo2 system here, meaning anything can happen.

R6 NAL and European League Stage 1

Competitive Rainbow Six is going through a rough patch. As some of you might know by now, Six Invitational 2021 had to be canceled due to France’s new travel restrictions. The event will be scheduled at a later date, but no one knows when and where exactly that’s going to be.

But the show must go on. Rainbow Six fans will have plenty of stuff to watch in March. European and North American Leagues are just around the corner. The European iterations tarts on March 18 will feature ten of the region’s strongest contestants. The NAL Stage one starts on March 24 and brings forth nine teams. All in all, competitive Rainbow Six is back following a short break.

Wrapping Things Up

There are more esports events this month. These are just the most notable ones. For instance, FIFA Global Series is still going strong, with eLibertadores and eMLS Cup starting soon. League of Legends regional championships are alive and well, thank you for asking. We’ve already seen plenty of top-notch action, but I’m sure there’s more to come by the end of the month.

That’d be all for today, folks!

See you again next month.


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