Most Notable Esports Events in September 2020

by in CS:GO | Sep, 2nd 2020

Let’s face it – no one could predict 2020 would be this chaotic! It’s as if it wants to kill each and every one of us, and it’s not even hiding its intentions anymore. It’s crazy! The global economy is on its knees, numerous industries have fallen down as a result of strict social distancing measures… Experts predict the worst is yet to come!

The esports industry, though, is not on its knees just yet! The esports industry is still going strong, enjoying numerous events left and right, all thanks to its healthy competitive ecosystem that should keep it afloat until things settle down. Esports events in September 2020 perhaps aren’t as numerous as they would’ve been if it wasn’t for the pandemic, but there’s still a handful of top-tier names that’ll keep esports fans at the edges of their seats.

Biggest Esports Events in September 2020

No matter if you’re a fan of CSGO, League of Legends, Rocket League, Overwatch, or Valorant, esports events in September 2020 will have you covered!

ESL Pro League Season 12 Online Events

First things first – one of the biggest and most notable CSGO events this year (alongside the ESL One Rio Major scheduled for November) kickstarted just two days ago. ESL Pro League Season 12 is the name, and it packs quite the punch across the board.

We’re looking at a massive competition bringing forth five regional events with a total of $750,000, the same amount that was supposed to be awarded on the canceled online event. Asian, Oceanian, South American, North American, and European events are on the table, each chiming in with remarkable participants.

The European event has no favorite team – it’s the fact. BIG was the strongest team for a short period, but the likes of Vitality, G2, and most recently Heroic seem to be in excellent forms.

The situation with the NA event is a bit more straightforward. Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses are the two most dominant sides and they’re labeled as the favorites coming into this one. As far as esports events in September 2020 go, ESL Pro League Season 12 is definitely among the biggest ones!

League of Legends Regional Championships

LPL is all wrapped up – Suning is the winner of LPL Regional Finals 2020 following a 3:0 blowout against LGD. The rest of the top-tier League of Legends Regional Championships aren’t done just yet. LCS and LEC end on the same day, September 6th (this Sunday), while the Korean Championship (LCK) ends a day earlier. LCK Regional Finals are scheduled to start on September 7th.

Most importantly, though, the 2020 League of Legends World Championship starts on September 25th and will feature 22 best LoL teams across the globe. The best thing about LoL Worlds 2020 is the fact that it’s going to be a LAN event. Yep, that’s right – offline esports events are back, hopefully bringing forth a ton of excitement following half a year of somewhat monotonous online action.

RLCS Season X

The Rocket League Championship Series also had to deal with short-term organizational issues. But, they managed to patch everything up in due time and the jubilar tenth season (dubbed as Season X) is already in full flow.

The second NA event starts on September 12th and features $100,000 in prize money. The European event (the third one) starts on September 24th and sports the same prize pool. On top of the two major events set for September, Rocket League fans will also have Oceanic and SAM iterations too. If you’re a Rocket League fan, there’s a whole lot to look forward to as far as esports events in September 2020 are concerned!

Valorant Pulse Series

Valorant Ignition Series featured a number of top-tier events that served as incentives for new esports organizations joining the developing Valorant esports scene. However, Valorant Ignition Series are done and dusted, and the pros are now waiting for the next big thing in the scene.

Unfortunately, we won’t see any major Valorant esports events anytime soon. On the bright side, a handful of smaller events are popping up. One of them is Pulse Series, a four-day event featuring twenty NA teams and $10,000 in prize money. Team SoloMid and Team Envy are the biggest names that have accepted the invitations already, but more are yet to come since there’s still a week to go before the kickoff.

Overwatch League Playoffs

As most of you know already, the Overwatch League switched to an online environment following strict social distancing restrictions. The regular season finished last week, and the Overwatch esports fans are turning their attention towards the playoffs. Asian and North American events are scheduled to start on the fourth and third September, respectively. They’re bringing forth twenty best Overwatch teams and a whopping $950,000 in prize money.

Each event will send two participants to the OWL 2020 Final Four. Some favorites are already standing out. The Asian regular season saw Shanghai Dragons come forth as the dominant side with 27 wins and just two losses. Their consistency and roster depth should be no match for their Asian brethren, meaning they should cruise through to the Final Four.

As for the North American side of the table, two teams stand out among the crowd– San Francisco Shock and Philadelphia Fusion. They should be the duo that goes through to the Final Four, but there is a bunch of wicked sides that will be hoping for an upset. 


There’s a lot more from where these esports events in September 2020 came from! The list of smaller esports events is endless, but there’s no point in listing all of them. We’re all done with the main bunch meaning it’s time to call it a day.

In the end, we’d like to thank you for reading and hope you’ll enjoy one of the above-featured esports events in September 2020.



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