The Most Notable Esports Events in April 2021

by in General | Apr, 6th 2021

Hope you guys had a wonderful Easter, obeying social distancing measures and all that! But, with the short Easter break behind us, it’s time to turn our attention to esports events in April! No worries, several ongoing contests are still afloat, but there’s a handful of fine specimens to look forward to, as well.

Biggest Esports Events in April 2021

CSGO is set to have another record-breaking month! There’s not one, not two, not three, but four notable events to discuss this month. We have several regional leagues to mention, too, most notable in Riot Games’ esports ecosystem. Esports events in April 2021 will have you covered no matter which genre you belong to!

The most popular esports events in April can be found right down below:

A Plethora of CSGO Events

CSGO events in April are not to be taken for granted. Here’s the full list, followed by a closer look into each entry:

  • ESL Pro League S13
  • Funspark ULTI
  • BLAST Premier Spring Showdown
  • DH Masters Spring

ESL Pro League started last month but is still far from being done. We’ve just entered the playoffs stage and have plenty of action left to enjoy. Many quality competitors are out of the equation, but the quality of the remaining teams is still at a remarkable level. Perks of being the biggest CSGO league-like competition, I suppose.

Funspark ULTI starts on April 19 and features five direct invitees and three teams who’ve snatched their spot via regional qualifiers. It’s the final event of the 2020 series, sporting $250,000 in prize money. It ends on April 27 with a proper bang – a fully-fledged Bo5 grand finale with the winner going home with $150,000.

BLAST Premier Spring Showdown is a short (but highly intense) contest that will decide the final two BLAST Premier Spring Finals participants. However, those two spots will be heavily contested. There are 16 teams in the equation, more than half of which have already set claim to the tickets. We’re looking at two separate single-elimination brackets, the winners of which advance to the Spring Finals.

Lastly, DreamHack Masters Spring! April 29 is the start date of this $250,000 event. Sixteen teams, most of which belong to the top CSGO echelons, almost guarantee a proper spectacle! If you came here looking for the biggest esports events in April, DreamHack masters Spring ought to be at the very top of your list!

Valorant Champions Tour Still Going Strong

The first stage of the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT from now on) is a thing of the past. The all-new Stage 2 is just about to start. Well, technically, the first regional championship has already started, with others soon to follow.

All these regional Challengers Stage contests are merely an introduction. The entire Valorant esports community eagerly awaits the next Masters. VCT 2021 Stage 2 Masters in Reykjavik is what we’re talking about here. Scheduled for late May 24-30, it’s going to bring together the 10 best Valorant teams and pin them against each other in the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik. We still don’t know the prize pool, but it’s bound to be massive!

LoL Regional Championship Playoffs

Whether you’re into LPL, LEC, LCS, LCK, or any other regional championship out there, April is going to deliver a ton of excitement. 

Of course, the upcoming MSI’s thought is slowly buzzing through the mind of every LoL fan out there. But we still have more than a month to go! The MSI will start on May 6 and end on May 23, just a day before the VCT Stage 2 Masers. An interesting insight – the folks over at Riot Games seem to be digging Iceland! 

Call of Duty Stage 2 Major

The Call of Duty League is in full flow, boys and girls! Even though the popularity of the franchise and its esports scene isn’t at the level its makers hoped for, it’s still one of April’s most anticipated esports events. Of course, we’re referring to the Stage 2 Major, a grandiose occasion that sports half a million dollars in the official prize pool.

Stage 1 Major ended with Atlanta Faze stealing the show by defeating Dallas Empire 5:2 in the grand finals. Stage 2 Major starts tomorrow, featuring $500,000 in prize money and promising another set of spectacular Call of Duty gameplay. Fingers crossed it lives up to the expectations!

Dota 2 i-League 2021

Last but not least, Dota 2! Yessir, Valve’s MOBA game did have major issues because of the health crisis, but its 2021 has started on the right track. The ONE Esports Major just ended, with Invictus Gaming snatching the title right in front of EG.

One day before the end of the Singapore Dota 2 festival, another noteworthy Dota 2 contest had kicked off. I-League 2021 is the name, and it’s bound to deliver a thrilling offline experience in Shanghai sometime in May.

Yessir, the final stages of the event will play out offline. The group stage, unfortunately, is going to pan out in an online setting. Still, with Invictus Gaming among the participants, it’s bound to be a remarkable event!


We’ve reached the end of our list of notable esports events in April 2021! If you want a closer look, the best source of useful info is Liquipedia. Just navigate to the portal of the game you wish to examine, open up the tournaments section and mark your calendar accordingly.



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