Avoid These Mistakes if You Want to Climb to the First Division in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

by in Sports Games | Oct, 9th 2019

Every FIFA game tends to draw the worst out of people, and I’m not even kidding. I must’ve broken at least a dozen controllers since I’ve started playing competitive FIFA. Last year’s installment, FIFA 19, was the worst one, partially due to that nasty kickoff glitch accompanied by a whole heap of mechanical bugs, and partially because I sucked at the game BIG TIME.

The story is roughly the same for this year’s iteration, but luckily, not a single controller has been broken thus far. The game’s been out for two weeks or so, so there’s still time…

If you’re like me, breaking controllers and cursing whenever you concede a late screamer, perhaps this article will do you some good. As the title suggests, today we’ll be going through the most common FIFA 20 mistakes people tend to do. No worries, not only am I going to list the mistakes, but I’m also going to show you how to avoid them.

Fingers crossed I finally take my own advice and stop making these darn silly oopsies…

Most Common FIFA 20 Mistakes

Let’s make one thing clear right off the bat; this most common FIFA 20 mistakes article is based on everyone’s favorite game mode, Ultimate Team. That said, these mistakes are based on both in-game and menu-based mistakes most people tend to do on each FIFA iteration.

Now that we got that out of our way, let’s check out the seven most common FIFA 20 mistakes and learn some ways of avoiding them!

Buying Packs with Coins


First things first – don’t buy packs with your coins! You’ve worked/played hard for them, so there’s really no reason to waste them on gold packs. Not just gold packs, for that matter, but all packs in general. It’s just not worth it.

The chances of actually getting your coins’ worth are next to nothing. Sure, you might pull out a TOTW player every now and then, but the majority of them go for around 12,000 to 15,000, so it’s still not worth it. Unless you have wicked luck and make sick pulls from each pack, that is.

And let’s face it, FIFA packs are rigged, and there’s no way you can make a profit by buying packs with coins. If you’re sitting on a ton of coins and they’re starting to itch, the best way to turn them into packs is via singleplayer/multiplayer drafts or Squad Building Challenges. Both of these methods will yield far better packs than the ones you can buy from the store.

That said, if you’re already keen on spending your hard-earned coins on packs, your best bet is to do SBCs or drafts… alternatively, you can buy them with real money.

Spending too Much Money on Microtransactions

Talking about spending money on microtransactions, make sure you don’t overspend. And let’s be real here, spending too much money on microtransactions is definitely one of the most common FIFA 20 mistakes people do. Not just in FIFA 20 but all FIFA iterations, which came with everyone’s favorite game mode, FIFA Ultimate Team.

We’ve all been there, right? I remember times when I’d spent the majority of my allowance on packs and got nothing. Literally nothing! I quick-sold all players I got out of pure spite. You couldn’t even imagine how furious I was. Yep, those were my golden college years when I lived off of $2 ramen noodles. Good times…

Sure, it’s okay to spoil yourself with a pack or a draft token every now and then, but spending crazy amounts of money hoping to get a good pack is a quick and easy way to poverty. Yes, I’m exaggerating a bit, but my statement isn’t that far off from reality.

Long story short – as far as microtransactions in FIFA 20 are concerned, take things in moderation, and you should be fine.

Quick-selling Players


Yep, I’m guilty of this one too. Like I said above, not only have I spent way too much money on microtransactions, but I’ve also quick-sold a ton of players (they were worthless, but still), which meant my transfer profits were way below the average.

Why is quick-selling players in FIFA 20 so bad that it’s listed among the most common FIFA 20 mistakes?

Well, let’s take rare gold players as the perfect example. If you open Premium Gold Packs, chances are you’ll get at least one rare gold player. You can quick-sell them for roughly 600 to 650 and get your coin straight away. It seems like a good deal, right?


If you list such cards for as little as 750 as the Buy Now price, you’ll have roughly 100 more coins for each card. Yes, EA takes a 5% cut for each transfer listing, but that amount is irrelevant at such low prices.

But 100 coins isn’t that much; it’s less than what you normally earn by playing a single match.

You’re right! However, we’re talking 100 extra coins for every rare gold you sell on the transfer market rather than quick-sell. Now let’s take that hypothesis and stretch it to more cards, or put a slightly higher initial price tag.

Let’s say you’ve opted for tradeable Division Rivals reward packs and got 20 rare gold players. If we up the price tag just a bit (which shouldn’t matter as FIFA’s new SBC search UI favors listings that are soon to expire) and get extra 150 coins on top of the quick-sell price, that’s 3,000 more coins than what you’d get by quick-selling them. Yep, that’d mean roughly 16,000 coins in your FUT wallet from 20 rare gold players.

I rest my case…

Playing Angry

Yep, even though most people think microtransactions make the most significant dents in personal budgets, it’s actually anger that does it more often. You know, that pure anger that gets control of you after losing a seemingly easy matchup, so you end up throwing your controller and breaking it into dozen pieces. Been there, done that, it’s nothing surprising.

However, not only will you end up having to buy another controller, but you’ll most likely keep on losing if you continue playing that day. Playing angry, not just FIFA 20 but any other game, will result in a terrible experience. Be it CSGO, be it LoL, be it FIFA, the results are always the same. You play angry; you lose, it’s a simple as that.

If you’re angry, just hit that notorious ALT+F4 combination or shut down your console. Go outside, do something else for a while and call it a day. Come back tomorrow, when you’re all fresh and calm. Your chances of winning will be that much higher, I promise!

Rushing with Your Defensive Four

Now, this is surely one of the most common FIFA 20 mistakes I see people doing all the time. And, you know what? I love it! When my opponents use their defensive four to try and tackle my central midfielders, scoring a fast goal is as easy as it can be. A simple one-two pass coupled together with a dribble or two, and I’m in a one-on-one situation. It can’t go any differently. The only question left in the air is my ability to score from such situations… and that’s where finesse shots come into play.

In other words, rushing at your opponent’s players with your defensive four might seem like a good idea, but only if their player takes a heavy touch. In every other scenario, leaving one of your defenders out is a quick and easy way to conceding a goal.

And if you concede one such goal, you can rest assured you’ll concede another one shortly after the first. And that easily snowballs into a blowout, which will result in a ton of anger and controller-throwing havoc.

So yeah, save yourself the hassle and just keep your defensive four intact. Your opponents will have to get creative to score a goal, and that’ll lead to much more interesting matchups and a lot less anger.

Not Utilizing Tactical Adjustments


Tactical adjustments are important. They can easily be the deciding factor in those hard-to-win matches which are tightly contested from start to finish. They offer a completely different approach to your players’ in-game movements and allow you to deploy different tactics and instructions in terms of width, runs down the flanks, and defensive coverage.

We’ve already talked about utilization of tactical adjustments in our FIFA 20 Formations Guide, so it might be a good idea to skim through it real fast. Long story short, picking the right formation, adjusting the dynamic game plans, and experimenting with different game styles can help you overcome challenging opponents.

When your skill alone can’t get you a win, then outsmarting your opponent in the tactical area can be all the difference. Keep that in mind, and you might just get yourself that sweet promotion you’ve been craving for!

Not Exploring Squad Building Challenges

Squad Building Challenges are a great way of boosting your squad depth and earning heaps of coins along the way. And I’m not just talking about the starting SBCs like Hybrid Nations, Leagues, and that sort of stuff. I’m talking about live SBCs that come out every few days and bring forth a ton of interesting packs and special rewards.

For instance, I got my POTM Pukki from the live SBC right after the game was released. And I’m still using him to this day. He’s quick, agile, has great attacking position, and can score a goal from virtually anywhere near the penalty area. And POTM Pukki is just one example of great players you can get from SBCs.

That said, make sure you frequently explore the SBC area and see what sort of action you can get your hands on. As I said above, investing coins in SBCs, especially those which feature special cards as rewards, is the best way to spend those itchy coins. Places such as FutBin feature SBC solutions, which can help you create the perfect squad right from the first try. Go test it out; you can thank me later!

Wrapping Things Up

We’ve all done some (perhaps even all) of these mistakes, whether we’d like to admit it or not. And, to be honest, it all comes down to self-control and moderation. If you can take things in moderation, no matter if we’re talking about microtransactions or buying packs with coins, you should be fine.

Some of the most common FIFA 20 mistakes are fairly easy to avoid. Things like playing angry, rushing with your defensive four, and not utilizing tactical adjustments. They’re all in-game traps people fall into way too quickly. All it takes to avoid these most common FIFA 20 mistakes is to concentrate on each match, take a pause if you’ve just suffered through a tough defeat, and try not to loose your cool if bad results continue.

It’s all a matter of self-control. That’s what separates the bad, the good, and the very best FIFA 20 players. Trust me, I’ve gone from division 10 to division 1 and back in a matter of weeks, so I know what I’m talking about here. Keep your composure, keep your cool, and keep this most common FIFA 20 mistakes list somewhere close so you can glance at it every now and then. Not only will it help you recognize your wrongdoings, but it can also serve as a shortcut to a much better FIFA 20 FUT squad.

It’s all on you now, don’t disappoint me!


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