Everything You Need to Know About Modern Warfare Season 3

by in Call of Duty | Apr, 8th 2020

Activision released a new season for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare today. It is the third season for the online multiplayer game and it could be the biggest one yet. Modern Warfare Season 3 has a ton of new content for players to check out across both its multiplayer and battle royale.

Activision Releases Modern Warfare Season 3

Modern Warfare Season 3 is here today, Wednesday, April 8 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Players can start updating and installing the new season right now if you are reading this. It is a massive new season with plenty of interesting content and modes to keep players interested for a while.

The best part is that this is the first new season for Modern Warfare simultaneously dropping for Warzone as well. The recently released and already beloved battle royale game mode is not just the last player or squad standing mode for Modern Warfare but its own standalone game as well.

Even though it is both part of Modern Warfare and not, it does share the same progression system and items as its mainline Call of Duty predecessor. This also carries over to the seasonal battle passes as well, meaning that Season 3 in Modern Warfare is the same season for Warzone.

What this also means is that you will not only be able to earn and progress through the same new battle pass across both games, but you will be able to find new content in Warzone as well. This is especially crazy given the fact that it is still relatively new and it already got new game modes recently, too.

Call of Duty Warzone Quads

Speaking of new game modes for Warzone, the first part of the new content that was introduced in Warzone and Modern Warfare Season 3 is quads. Players can now play quads mode in Warzone battle royale. This is, of course, the highly anticipated and requested four-player team mode.

It is by far the most standard game mode in battle royale besides, maybe, solo and it is now here for players to enjoy in Warzone. Grab your three best friends or teammates and jump in for some intense, large scale action across the massive map of Verdansk.

Other than that, nothing has changed for battle royale in quads other than the number of players in a team. However, we haven’t been able to verify this but we expect the overall player count in the quads game mode to change as well with the bump up to four.

After all, the standard number of players in every trios and solos match is up to 150 players; that’s it. Trios was originally the first and only squad game mode for battle royale other than Plunder at launch before solo was added a week later.

Now that we have quads, though, it creates a problem with the 150 players. Doing some quick math will realize that 150 isn’t divided by four perfectly as it does with three and, of course, one. Because of this, we likely expect the number of players to increase to something like 160 or 200.

However, we haven’t had the chance to drop in just yet since the new season just launched and figure it out for ourselves. And oddly enough, the official announcement for Season 3 doesn’t go over it either.

Changes to Ground Loot

The changes to Warzone doesn’t end with the addition of the new quads game mode, though. Players also have some major changes to the ground loot that you will find around the huge map of Verdansk. Players can find that the loot pool will have a continuous overhaul over the season.

This is going to make sure that players have different strategies and options available to them for traversing across the map. For now, only a few changes were noted in the Season 3 announcement including silence and non-silenced variants of every weapon type.

This is great since teams and players can suit up for silenced assassins, which is especially useful for those bounty hunter contracts where you have to take down a specific player near your team. Also, there will be new game modes and playlists over the season that will shake up the loot pool temporarily.

There are hints at modes like Scopes and Scatter Guns where players will only have sniper rifles and shotguns plus some other surprises for the future. Lastly, there will be new weapons and blueprints that will be added to the game throughout Season 3, so players can stay tuned for that.

Three New Maps in Modern Warfare

Moving away from Warzone for a bit, we have the new content and changes for Modern Warfare, specifically. Players are getting a whopping three new multiplayer maps this season, all of which are completely free to have and will be focused on six versus six matches.

The first of these is Talsik Backlot, a map that takes place in the middle of the Urzikstan desert. In this desert lies a city with a major construction project happening at the center of it. Citizens have long evacuated the city, so teams have full access to fight over the different areas and buildings here.

If this map sounds remotely familiar to you, it should as it is yet another remastered map that comes from the original Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Veteran players will recognize this fan-favorite map that is full of close combat as well as those classic long-range sniper duels.

The second of the three new maps in Modern Warfare Season 3 is Hovec Sawmill. Unlike Talsik Backlot, this is a map that is completely new and has never been seen before in the Call of Duty series. That said, it is also one of the traditional six versus six maps.

It is a classic three-lane map that has a nice balance between the mid-range and long-range sightlines, giving a nice variety to its gameplay other than close combat. The Sawmill map takes place in a sleepy farming village that is in peril due to the sawmill catching on fire.

Players will need to navigate through and around the burning wreckage throughout the map as they attempt to locate and take down their enemies. As you explore the map, you will find various places in the town like the butcher shop and beekeeper’s location, the latter of which has some live bees there.

Though it is noted to be a beautiful and picturesque town in this map, it is one that players should be careful of as it allows for some nice vantage points on the rooftops of certain buildings. The verticality is varied in Sawmill, making it a true competitive playground that appeals to a wide set of play styles.

The final new map that players can check out in Season 3 is Aniyah Incursion, which may sound a bit familiar to some players. That is because Incursion is a six versus six twist on the classic Aniyah Palace map that is a fan favorite for many players.

It is already available in 10 versus 10 game modes and in the massive Ground War one, but it has never been for other game modes that are smaller than that. But now, the Aniyah Incursion twist on the map is much more tuned for six versus six matches.

It is mainly in an enclosed area of the central palace in the original map. Players will have some long sightlines to deal with overlooking the main courtyard and the pool in the palace area along with some smaller spaces within the palace itself that can be used for surprise attacks.

Given the smaller and complicated interior nature of this area, it is going to be rather difficult for some players to pull off specific killstreaks on this map. It is something that players will need to plan and think about to get those easy eliminations on Aniyah Incursion.

New Season 3 Battle Pass

There is additional content that is planned for Modern Warfare Season 3 in the future like more playlists for players to check out like Demolition, Gun Game Reloaded, more Gunfight variants to choose from, and much more. Also, the barracks now has a new batch of missions to complete.

As always, a new season wouldn’t be a season without the release of a new battle pass to progress through. There are both the free and paid versions of the battle pass that players can get, offering up new and different rewards depending on whether or not you want to shell out some cash.

Starting with what everyone will get in the free version without having to spend any money, we have two new weapons that will be available to everyone. The first of these is unlocked at tier 15 in the Season 3 battle pass and it is the Renetti handgun.

Renetti is a fairly well-rounded semi-automatic 9mm pistol that has an alternative three-round burst attachment that you can use to change it up. It excels at the close combat situations but it can be customized to make it fit different scenarios as well.

Then at tier 31, players will unlock the second new weapon in the new season: the SKS marksman rifle. It is a lightweight, semi-automatic carbine that uses 7.62x39mm rounds. It’s a powerful and versatile marksman rifle that is more focused on what it can do rather than its actual accuracy.

It has a faster fire rate than any of the other marksman rifles in its class and a perfectly placed round will easily take care of everything for you without having to follow up with more shots.

Beyond the two new free weapons in the Season 3 battle pass, you can also get the new Cerastes handgun blueprint, the Beefeater assault rifle blueprint, and the Witching Hour legendary sniper rifle blueprint. There are also 300 free Call of Duty points and more that players can get across 20 tiers of free content.

Of course, if you are willing to shell out some cash or Call of Duty points for the premium battle pass this season, you are going to get a whole lot more than just that. As noted in the official announcement, there are some slight spoilers for the singleplayer campaign of Modern Warfare in the battle pass this season.

As such, consider yourself warned for the next couple of paragraphs in this section. Players can now get a new Operator for purchasing the battle pass. That new Operator comes from the campaign of this game and is Echo 3-1 Alex.

Purchasing either versions of the battle pass will grant you him instantly, so you can jump in and start playing as him in multiplayer matches. It also includes right from the start a new shirtless skin for Yegor if you are a fan of the Allegiance faction more than the Coalition.

The premium battle pass introduces a new type of customization that you can get and that is the new vehicle skins option. Equipping these will change up the look of the vehicles that you use and drive around on the map of Verdansk in Warzone battle royale.

There are two main ways that you can get the Season 3 battle pass. You can purchase the normal version of it that comes with the ability to earn all of these cosmetics and more across the 100 tiers, or you can buy the bundle for more to earn 20 immediate tier skips to get a nice head start this season.

Future Operators and Content in Season 3

There is more in store for Season 3 than just what is at launch in the battle pass. The store is going to be restocked with fresh new bundles and cosmetic items as time goes on. One of these is the Warcom group getting a new Operator to choose from in the form of Ronin.

Also, Iskra will join the Allegiance side as part of the Chimera division. Both characters will have their bundles in the in-game store to purchase. For those of you looking to get more experience to boost the Season 3 progression, there are some new trials to check out, too.

The four trials include the Gun Course, Risky Parkour, Shooting Range, and Marksman Challenge. The first one is played on Vacant with two different variations where you must make your way through the course as fast as possible to clear all enemy targets and not harm the civilians in the process.

The second trial has three stages, each with a unique course, where you have to move through the checkpoints and finish the race as fast as possible. The third trial is all about taking out all targets as quickly as you can while the fourth and final one is all about taking out long-range targets and beating the clock.


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