Call of Duty Modern Warfare Operators Guide: How to Unlock Each Operator

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Activision released Call of Duty Modern Warfare as the restart/reboot for much of the sub-series in the long-running military first-person shooter franchise. While it featured similar characters from previous games and the same gameplay style, it was renewed freshly.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Operators Explained

As part of the reboot for the series, developer Infinity Ward decided to streamline the overall gameplay experience so that it is simpler and easier to understand for both casual and pro players. For the most part, this is a game that is what you would expect from the series.

It is competitive gameplay without all the fluff like Exo suits, super futuristic gameplay, but also the slowness of the older World War II and other entries. One of the removed features from this game are the Specialists and Exo abilities that were prominent in recent modern games.

Those games took the Overwatch-style abilities that a player could use and allowed for players to choose how they wanted to play the game. You could do crazy things like slam down on enemies for easy kills, use wild special weapons like flamethrowers, and much more.

Many players enjoyed those special abilities, but if you weren’t a fan of those, you’d be happy to know that they have been removed in favor of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Operators. While they may sound like Specialists, they are cosmetic instead of a gameplay changer.

In place of the Specialist abilities and weapons, you use the perks system to change how your loadout is compared to others online. This gives the Operators in the game the sole purpose of affecting how you look in battle online.

As such, you could easily think of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Operators as a type of skins like in other games like Fortnite. These solely affect how you look and are essential to players who like that sort of thing. But you don’t have all the Operators right from the start of the game.

Full List of Operators and Two Main Factions Explained

Instead of having a full group of Call of Duty Modern Warfare Operators that you can pick from when you boot up the game, you must acquire them over time. You start with two default options that are for the two factions in the game: The Coalition and the Allegiance.

Beyond the default options, there were 18 different Operators available for players to choose from, but they require unlocking them individually through various means. You can find the full list of the Coalition heroes in the game below along with their specific special forces designation:

  • Charly: SAS
  • Otter: SAS
  • Thorne: SAS
  • Domino: Warcom
  • Golem: Warcom
  • Wyatt: Warcom
  • Alice: Demon Dogs
  • D-Day: Demon Dogs
  • Raines: Demon Dogs

The other faction in the game is the Allegiance. They also have three different special forces groups. You can find the full list of the nine different Allegiance Operators and their designation below:

  • Bale: Spetsnaz
  • Minotaur: Spetsnaz
  • Rodion: Spetsnaz
  • Azur: Jackals
  • Grinch: Jackals
  • Zane: Jackals
  • Kreuger: Chimera
  • Syd: Chimera
  • Yegor: Chimera

To enjoy picking between all these various Operators, you must unlock them through various means like getting kills, completing missions, and so on. Without further ado, we are going to dive in and let you know how you can get each one of these Operators in multiplayer.

How to Unlock Modern Warfare Operators: SAS Special Forces

Starting off this list are the SAS special forces team. First, we have Charly, who hails from the United Kingdom. You can gain this character as one of your Operators by merely playing 25 public matches. That’s all there is to it.

If you want Charly as the playable character you wish to show off in multiplayer, then you are going to need to do 25 matches. This isn’t a particularly hard task to complete, but it will take some time for sure. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose the matches so long as you do them.

Next up is Otter. For unlocking this character, you are going to need to complete the Operation: Paladin in Western Verdansk. This is but one of the many cooperative Special Ops missions that you can complete in the game. All you need to do is beat it with some friends or strangers and you’ll unlock Otter.

Finally, for the SAS Call of Duty Modern Warfare Operators, you are going to need to complete the Piccadilly campaign mission to unlock Thorn. All you need to do is progress through the main singleplayer story enough to beat that mission and you’ll have this character as an option.

How to Unlock Warcom Operators

One of the Warcom Operators that you can unlock is Domino. This is another easy to grasp task that might be a little bit challenging in execution. You need to win five matches of the Gunfight mode in which you face off in hardcore two versus two matches.

For unlocking Golem, you are going to need to do the Operation: Kuvalda mission in Special Ops in Eastern Verdansk. Complete that mission and you will have this character available in multiplayer. Finally, for the Warcom Operators, you can unlock Wyatt.

If you want Wyatt on your team, you are going to need to complete The Wolf’s Den campaign mission. Progress through the story mode campaign and complete this mission there, and you can use Wyatt in the multiplayer modes.

How to Unlock Demon Dogs Operators

The final sub-faction that is part of the Coalition is the Demon Dogs. This sub-faction also has three Operators who are part of it. The first of these three is Alice, who you can get on your team by completing another Special Ops mission in the game.

If you complete the Operation Headhunter mission in Downtown Verdansk, you will unlock Alice. For the awesomely named D-Day, you are going to need to achieve the singleplayer main story mission Hunting Party. When completed, you will have D-Day in your options.

As for unlocking the Raines character, you are going to need to get a lot done in multiplayer. You will need at least 500 LMG kills in multiplayer. It is a lot of kills as you are looking at around 50 matches, even if you average 10 kills in each of those matches. It will take time and patience to get this one.

How to Unlock Spetsnaz Operators

Then there is the Allegiance side of things that oppose the Coalition directly. This faction is also made up of three different sub-factions. The first of these groups is the Spetsnaz. One of the Operators who are part of them is Bale. Like some of the others, this is one hero that is all about the campaign.

You can unlock Bale by completing the Into the Furnace campaign mission, so you need to progress to this point in the story and finish it. For the next character, Minotaur, you are going to need to get 300 assault rifle kills in multiplayer.

You can do this with any of the weapons as long as they fall into the assault rifles category. Three hundred kills aren’t nearly as bad as the 500 LMG kills that you need for another character. However, it still takes a good bit of multiplayer time, especially if you aren’t too big on getting kills.

Finally, you can unlock Rodion by completing the Operation: Paladin in Western Verdansk. Do that Special Ops mission and you’re good to go.

How to Unlock Jackals Operators

The first of the Jackals Operators is the Azur character. You can unlock this character in the game by completing the Old Comrades campaign mission. Progress through the story to this main story mission, complete it, and you can start using Azur in the multiplayer mode.

Next up is Grinch, who you can unlock in the game by playing through the multiplayer mode. You need to get 100 headshots in any multiplayer matches in total. It can take awhile, even for players who are good at getting headshots.

The third Jackals Operator is Zane, who you can unlock in the Special Ops mode. Whereas the others require you to complete a specific mission, you must complete all the available Special Ops missions in Verdansk. Once you’ve done that, you can play as Zane in multiplayer.

How to Unlock Chimera Operators

The final sub-faction that you can play as in the Allegiance group is the Chimera Operators. Like the others, they have three characters you unlock. There is one opened through the campaign, one in Special Ops, and another through the multiplayer modes.

You can get Kreuger through the multiplayer mode. You can unlock this character by executing 25 finishing moves in multiplayer matches. It is a tricky action to complete, but it is possible for sure. It will just take some time to complete as 25 is a lot for finishing moves.

Then there is the Syd character that you can unlock via the Special Ops mode. What you need to do is kill five Juggernauts in any cooperative mission that is in Special Ops. These are the boss-like characters that are somewhat difficult to take down unless you have a good team.

That is another character that might take a few missions to complete. Finally, we have the Yegor Chimera Operator. For this character, you are going to need to complete the Proxy War singleplayer campaign mission. Doing this solo mission will unlock Yegor for the multiplayer modes.

Season 1 Modern Warfare Operators Revealed

The game launched with 18 Operators in the game, but more are on the way soon. And the best part is that they look to be coming to the game possibly as free additions in what seems to be the largest addition of free content ever in a Call of Duty game.

At least two new Operators are joining the game with the start of Season 1. That’s right, the game launched without its first season of content, which was surprising. The first season of content will be bringing with it a ton of new features like modes, maps and new Operators.

Two Operators are confirmed for Season 1, with possibly more on the way in the future. Those two Operators are Mara and Nikto. While we don’t have too many details on these two new Operators at this time, it is presumed that there will be one for each of the two factions in multiplayer.

We also predict that there will be new ways to unlock these two Operators. There are a couple of possibilities for what will be necessary for unlocking them. The first is that purchasing the new battle pass for Season 1 could open the new Operators for multiplayer modes.

The other option is that they are just totally free to all players and the player must fulfill some new requirements to unlock them. We will have to wait and see how they will work and what other Operators are on the way in the future.


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