Modern Warfare Obsidian Camo Guide

by in Call of Duty | Apr, 30th 2020

Activision and Infinity Ward released the latest update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare this week. The new update for the game is massive as we have covered previously and introduces a ton of new content. One of these additions is the new Modern Warfare Obsidian Camo.

Modern Warfare Obsidian Camo Released in Update 1.20

If you are reading this right now, you can know that update 1.20 is out right now across all three Modern Warfare platforms of PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It is available to download and is the only way that you will be able to get the Modern Warfare Obsidian Camo, so make sure to update your game first.

The massive update is broken up into two parts. The first will likely activate automatically on its own and may have already installed for you overnight. That said, the other part requires you to open up the game itself after updating the first time and selecting one of the main modes.

Any of the game modes including the singleplayer campaign, traditional online multiplayer, and Spec Ops will notify you that there is a DLC that you are missing. Download it and you will be good to go. Once that is ready, you can enjoy everything new including Obsidian Camo.

What Is Obsidian Camo?

To help you with getting the Modern Warfare Obsidian Camo, we are going to let you know the steps that are required to unlock it in the game. But first and foremost, what exactly is it? You might already know, but it is one of the weapon camos that you can get in the Call of Duty game.

In fact, it is the single hardest camo that you can get for any of the weapons in the game. Though there are ones that could take much longer like the Damascus, this is the hardest single camo for each weapon that is in the game at this time.

The Obsidian Camo, on the other hand though, is going to take you a long time most likely to unlock. It is the final one in the line of camos ranging from the 10 normal ones to gold to now Obsidian. As such, you are going to need to unlock the gold camo before you can do anything else.

Note that you can only unlock the Obsidian Camo for a single weapon at a time unlike stuff like the Platinum and Damascus, so you will have to take your time with this. It features a sleek black aesthetic that will look great and instill fear and awe to anyone who meets it.

How to Get Gold Camo First

But before you can unlock the Modern Warfare Obsidian Camo, you are going to need the gold camo for that particular weapon. Note that you don’t necessarily need it for all weapons in the game or even all of them in that particular category; just the one you want Obsidian on.

Of course, this comes with its own set of issues as you will need to complete some intense tasks if you haven’t already to get to what you need for Obsidian. If you’ve already done this, great! You are good to go on getting started on Obsidian and can skip to the next part.

Otherwise, you have a pretty long road ahead of you but it is certainly doable if you are set on getting the Obsidian Camo. With a particular weapon that you want, there are various attachments and perks that you will unlock as you use it a whole lot.

In this case, you will get the 10 basic different types of camo options that every single gun in the game has access to. These are the Woodland, Digital, Tiger, and so on that, you can get. That is only the start of this lengthy process as each of them has nine of their patterns that you can unlock.

This is done by completing the camo challenges for that particular category of camo that you are trying to unlock. The challenges are all different, tasking you with really knowing how to use that weapon in multiplayer matches. With each tier that you do, you will get another pattern.

Then once you have all nine patterns unlocked through the challenges, you will have all of the 10 patterns for that particular style. Then you will need to do so for the other nine camo styles that you get for each weapon. If you’re keeping count, you’re looking at 100 styles in total for each base weapon.

Then and only then when you have all 10 camo challenges completed for the weapon will you get the gold camo for that particular weapon. That is a huge milestone that leads to other things like the Platinum, Damascus, and yes, Obsidian Camos.

How to Get Obsidian Camo: SMGs, Shotguns, and LMGs

Unfortunately, getting the gold camo for a weapon is only half the battle. You still have another battle ahead of you if you wish to get the new Modern Warfare Obsidian Camo. You have to do each weapon individually after getting the gold camo for it, so we recommend prioritizing only a couple at a time.

Interestingly enough, every weapon category in the game has a different set of criteria that you must meet to unlock Obsidian for that particular weapon. Oddly enough, some of the challenges are tougher than other ones, so you should keep this in mind as well.

In this guide, we are going to break it up by the different categories to let you know the challenges that you need to do for each one and some tips on how to best do this. To do this, we are going to start with the SMGs in the game, which have one of the more basic challenges.

To get Obsidian Camo for any SMG in the game, you are going to need to get 15 kills in a single match 150 times in total. Let’s break this down for you: you are going to need to get at least 15 kills in a single match for a total of 150 matches at the least.

That is a lot and it is a tall order as many players don’t even get 15 kills in a single match. That is why it is important what types of matches that you are doing with the weapon. At worst, you should be doing stuff like Team Deathmatch and the like where you are respawning and getting tons of kills.

This isn’t the place for stuff like Gunfight and others where there are no respawns at all. But in our opinion, the best matches for these challenges will be Ground War and this is generally across the board for all of the challenges for the Obsidian Camo.

Attachments are going to be your best friend in this task as well, so make sure to attach stuff that helps you get kills. For those SMGs that are slower, be sure to attach equipment that gives you more damage. And for faster ones, make sure to raise your accuracy.

For shotguns, it is a similar situation to the SMG. Every shotgun will require you to get 15 kills in a single match 150 times to get Obsidian for them. In this case, you are going to want to have good equipment to keep you alive and stick to the Ground War or other similar modes.

Light machine guns are similar to the SMG and others on this list. You will need to kill 15 enemies in a match 150 times. Ground War lends itself well to LMGs, so you will likely do well there. There are so many players, so there is plenty of room to get some kills.

One important thing to note is that these kills stack. So, for instance, you won’t get any points if you get less than 15 in a single match. But if you get more than 15 in fractions of 15 each, you will get more points. For example, if you get 30 kills in one match, it will count for two matches instead of one. If you can somehow get 45 and so on, that is three matches, etc.

Obsidian Camo Guide: Marksman, Snipers, and Handguns

Next up are the marksman rifles. If you are a fan of these hybrid rifles that are both good at long-range and mid-range, then you will be happy to know that it has a standard challenge. You need to kill 15 enemies in a single match at least 150 times.

This is like the others so far, so the same rules apply of it being best that you do this in something like Ground War and the like. Of course, maps will apply to this one, too, as you always want to have a good vantage point. And as always, aim for the head to get those easy one-shot eliminations.

Next up is the sniper rifles, which differ a bit from the marksman rifles and everything else thus far. You need to kill 15 enemies in a single match, but only 125 times. Oh yay, only 25 matches less! Woo. Well, it does make a difference but in the end, it’s the small formula. Ground War is best and you want to have those excellent vantage points. This won’t be an easy one to do.

Next up are handguns/pistols. Your revolvers, magnums, and pistols are all included here. You need to kill 15 enemies in a match 100 times. This is less than the others thus far to make up for the fact that pistols and handguns largely suck in this game, so it is a bit easier.

But 15 kills is nothing to shake a stick at, especially with these weapons. You are going to need some serious accuracy to make sure that you are landing those crucial headshots each time. Unless you are a completionist or someone who loves handguns for some reason, you might want to just avoid this category.

Riot Shields, Launchers, and Combat Knives

Next up, we have the riot shield. This is an interesting one that has a very different challenge to make up for the fact that it isn’t the easiest to get a kill with a shield. You only have to kill 750 enemies and that’s it. You don’t have to get 15 kills per match or anything like that.

Once you reach the 750 mark no matter how many matches it takes you, you will unlock the Obsidian Camo for the riot shield. Unfortunately, riot shield kills aren’t easy to get. Though if you do have the gold camo already, you will likely not have a problem getting those two shield hits in.

Launchers are another weird category as they are, technically, broken up into two. The first is the main category of launchers with one exception that we will get to in a bit. For most launchers, you just need to destroy a vehicle or killstreak 100 times.

This is a pretty easy challenge as players who use launchers should already be doing this each match they are in. Again, Ground War is the best as it has the most access to vehicles per match for you to do this in. Get 100 eliminations of vehicles or killstreaks and you are good to go.

The exception is the RPG-7 only. This one is all about taking out other players, so the challenge for it is different. You need to kill five enemies in a single match 150 times. It is similar to the others, but you have much less kills that you need to get. Amped is a great perk for this to get faster reload and the Ground War match is another great one for multiple kills and the like.

The penultimate category that we have to go over is the combat knife. If you want that fancy Obsidian combat knife to show off in matches like Gun Game, you are going to need to kill 10 enemies in a single match 125 times. In our opinion, this is one of the hardest ones alongside the riot shield.

You need to be able to close the gap between you and the enemy, so stealthy perks will work best. And as always, the Ground War game mode will be best for finding quick kills on the battlefield to rack up your 10 for that match.

Assault Rifles Obsidian Camo

Finally, we have potentially the hardest but certainly the longest challenge of them all: the assault rifle category. Since so many players use ARs in matches, it is understandable that this is one that you will need to work to get that coveted Obsidian skin.

For each weapon in this category, you will need to kill 15 enemies in a match 200 different times. That is a lot more than any other weapon out there, but it is also likely that you will be able to get a lot of kills with the assault rifles. This is another case where Ground War is key.

Grab your favorite perks and head into matches. If you get more than 15 kills, which isn’t too hard in Ground War, try and aim for at least 30. This will ensure that you can get this done in fewer matches if you are consistently doubling up. That said, this is one category of weapons that will require you to be in it for the long haul. Get ready for some intense grinding if you want those awesome Obsidian Camo skins.


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