How to Unlock the New Modern Warfare Fennec and CR-56 AMAX Weapons

by in Call of Duty | Jun, 12th 2020

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 4 is here now and players have the chance to check out all of the interesting and new content that has been released for the game and its battle royale spin-off, Warzone. This includes two new weapons that you can get: Modern Warfare Fennec and CR-56.

Two New Weapons Available in Season 4

With the release of Season 4, there is a ton of new content that players can check out right now. This includes the release of what you would expect from a new season of content, including new game modes, maps, changes to the overall game, and much, much more.

As part of this, there is the new battle pass in Season 4 that you can pick up and buy for interesting cosmetic items like the release of the new Captain Price Operator skin. In addition to the cosmetic items, there are two new weapons that you can get this season as part of it.

Those two weapons are the Modern Warfare Fennec and CR-56 AMAZ, and they are available right now if you are reading this since the season is now available for download on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The purpose of this guide is to help you find out how you can easily unlock these two new weapons.

How to Unlock the Modern Warfare Fennec

First and foremost, there is the Modern Warfare Fennec SMG. This brand new weapon in Season 4 is a really fast SMG as you would expect from a game that has a metagame based around SMGs that is coupled with some solid accuracy and excellent control.

This, overall, makes the game easy to use and control while still being the fast SMG weapon that you would expect. It is useful for the close-range to mid-range fights in battles, but you can certainly make the range even better by throwing in some attachments.

Fortunately, it is really easy to unlock the Modern Warfare Fennec SMG in the game. All you need to do is to progress through the Season 4 battle pass and reach tier 15, and you will unlock this weapon for online multiplayer from then on.

Now, you might think that this would be something that would be offered only in the paid battle pass, but thankfully, you can get it for free just by playing the game and reaching that tier. You don’t have to spend any money or anything like that and you will get it at tier 15.

How to Unlock the CR-56 AMAX

It is a similar situation for the next new weapon in Season 4: CR-56 AMAX. This is a new assault rifle that is sort of the jack-of-all-trades, much like the Modern Warfare Fennec SMG is, where it is well-balanced in everything from range to fire rate to control and so on.

While it is balanced in those areas, it does have a slight boost in terms of damage, so you will have some decent damage coupled with everything else that is solid across the board. Overall, this is a great assault rifle weapon from what we’ve seen and we are excited to see how it shapes the meta.

To unlock the CR-56 AMAX, it is the same as the Fennec where you just need to progress to a certain tier in the free or paid version of the battle pass. In this case, though, you have to go a little bit further and reach tier 31. The best way to reach these two tiers is to just keep playing the game modes that you love and are good at.

The better that you are at a game mode, the faster you will progress through the battle pass. That said, there are a couple of modes that will benefit players more than others like the huge ones including Ground War and Warzone.

Also, challenges are always worth doing for raising your tier rank as fast as possible. You can use tier skips to reach these weapons, but I do believe your money is best used elsewhere on cosmetics and other things that aren’t free no matter what.


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