Modern Warfare Demolition and Anime Express Are Among This Week’s Blog Announcements

by in Call of Duty | May, 5th 2020

Activision has revealed the latest weekly Call of Duty blog post for players to check out. The new weekly post includes some exciting announcements for players to check out from across the franchise, including the Modern Warfare Demolition mode, Anime Express cosmetic, and much more.

Latest Blog Post Is Here for Call of Duty Franchise

The latest weekly blog post for the Call of Duty series is here and you can check it out right here. This week is surprisingly awesome, given the fact that the new season of Call of Duty Mobile launched just last week. Usually, you would expect the following week to be a bit quieter because of that.

But in this case, every game, including Call of Duty Mobile itself, is still going strong with new game modes, cosmetics, playlists, and more that are happening this week. Activision also detailed what’s new with the Call of Duty League this week and it is an important time for the teams as well.

All in all, a lot of stuff is happening in the middle of these tumultuous times that we are living in right now. As such, we are here to help you find out about everything that is new this week and how it will affect you and the Call of Duty games that you like to play, starting with Modern Warfare.

What You Need to Know About Modern Warfare Demolition

First off, we have a game mode that will be making its splash in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare this week. The new Modern Warfare Demolition mode is part of the content that players will be able to check out this week, adding a very explosive take on a traditional objectives-style mode.

This classic Call of Duty game mode is finally making its debut in Modern Warfare after a very long wait. The Modern Warfare Demolition mode, for those who don’t know, is a bomb-focused mode that is much like the traditional Search and Destroy but with a nice little twist.

One team will be trying to plant the bomb and blow it up to win the round while the other team is trying to defend their base and stop the bomb. This part is exactly what you would expect from Search and Destroy. What sets Modern Warfare Demolition mode apart is that there are respawns.

Players can come back after dying in this mode rather than having to just wait to see how it plays out and for the next round to start like in Search and Destroy. Also, whenever a player respawns or spawns on the attacking side, they will have a bomb of their own.

The objective is to plant both bombs at both sites and blow them up before the timer runs out. The other team, however, has to defuse the bombs if they are planted or just defend until the time runs out to win the match. Also, there are only three rounds at max in the Modern Warfare Demolition mode as opposed to the many rounds in Search and Destroy.

If you like highly competitive objective modes like Search and Destroy but get bored with the fact that you only have one life per round, Demolition might be for you. It is uncertain at this time if the Modern Warfare Demolition mode will be a limited time one or a permanent addition.

Anime Express and Other Store Changes

The in-game store is getting some new additions this week, starting with the Mace: Guns Blazing bundle. This new package comes with a new skin for the titular Mace plus two legendary weapon blueprints for players to use in both multiplayer and the battle royale-centric Warzone.

The other new bundle this week is certainly a cute one. All aboard the Anime Express, a new bundle that is certainly different from the ones that usually show up in the in-game store. Embrace your otaku side and purchase this anime-inspired bundle of cosmetic items.

The Anime Express bundle comes with two legendary weapon blueprints for you to collect and some vehicle skins that will certainly add some color to your battles on the field. Other players will see you coming with the pink, very cute cargo truck skin with Japanese and an anime girl on it.

Modern Warfare and Warzone Playlists

Besides the long-awaited addition of Modern Warfare Demolition mode, there are some updated playlists this week for both Modern Warfare and Warzone. In the case of Warzone, Plunder is getting Blood Money back for a limited time in the form of three-player teams.

In this twist on the typical money collectathon, teams of three will be competing to see who will have the most money by the end of the match. The Blood Money twist is that you will get more money in general from taking out other players, further increasing the action more than it already is.

On the battle royale side of things, players have the standard solos, trios, and quads to look forward to this week. Hopefully, Infinity Ward and Raven Software can figure out what’s going on with the duos version soon, so players can jump in with their trusty partner for battle royale action.

For Modern Warfare players this week who prefer online multiplayer, the first playlist you will have to play is Gun Game Reloaded. The fan-favorite game mode is back with the Reloaded twist where all of the weapons that you will use is a fully kitted blueprint.

Other than that, the standard rules apply for getting kills to jump to the next weapon in the list. Just watch out for those players who are using melee attacks, as they can bump you down to the previous weapon if they successfully take you out this way.

The other playlist this week is 24/7 Shipment. If you love the Shipment map in Modern Warfare, you will certainly like this mode. It lets you play on that map guaranteed 24/7 in a variety of different game modes that fit it nicely.

Gold Rush Event Comes to Call of Duty Mobile Soon

You would think that Call of Duty Mobile already has so much going for it that it wouldn’t need more, but that just isn’t the case. Once Upon a Time in Rust launched last week and marks the latest season for the game, following the strange naming pattern of having themed names.

It focuses on the Rust map from Modern Warfare 2 that debuted in the mobile title alongside the release of the new season. In addition to that, players are now able to play through the Capture the Flag Gold rendition of the classic multiplayer game mode.

In this version of the flag-capturing extravaganza, players aren’t looking for flags necessarily but pots of gold that you are trying to deliver to your team’s base to score points. If that wasn’t enough, there is much more coming this month as part of the new season.

This week marks the release of a new limited-time event that will be kicking off in Call of Duty Mobile. On May 7, the Gold Rush event will start and allow players to check out Kill Confirmed, which honestly should have already been in the game.

Kill Confirmed is the classic Call of Duty mode of Team Deathmatch but with the twist of having to collect dog tags to earn points from the eliminations that you get. You can also deny the enemy team of earning points by picking up your fallen allies’ dog tags first.

The twist in this Gold Rush version of Kill Confirmed is that players will be picking gold bars instead of dog tags. Also, battle royale fans will have some goodies, too, as they will be able to find treasure maps on the map and go mining for some gold while they compete to be the last player/team standing.

Participating in the Gold Rush event, or anything else for that matter will take advantage of the necessary changes that were made to the battle pass this season. Everything that you do will earn you experience towards the numerous battle pass tiers this season.

Players will be able to earn the new Annihilator operator kill through the free version of the battle pass, while the paid one has other goodies like the Seraph Desperada skin, Ghost Cowboy version, and much more.

Black Ops 4 Updated Playlists

This week, as always, means updated playlists for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4; a game that is still going strong. Players will be able to pick up some double experience this week with the Arms Race Team Deathmatch double XP playlist. Your score per kills is increased from 100 to 150, allowing for faster access to scorestreaks.

The full list of playlists this week in the normal online multiplayer includes the double XP Arms Race Team Deathmatch, Barebones Moshpit, Bolt-Action Barebones Moshpit, and Mercenary Deathmatch Moshpit. The Blackout battle royale playlists, on the other hand, are pretty standard.

Blackout fans will have Hot and Heavy, Alcatraz Portals quads, quads, duos, and solos to check out. For those players who like Zombies, double experience is continuing along with double the Nebulium Plasma until May 14. Zombies fans will have the Alpha Omega playlist to play this week.

Call of Duty League Gears Up for Next Event

Lastly, we have the Call of Duty League, which is gearing up for the next event. Following up on the Chicago Huntsmen Home Series Weekend nearly two weeks ago where the Dallas Empire won it all and secured its place for now as the first-place team in the league.

The next event is kicking off this weekend and will be the Florida Mutineers Home Series Weekend. Florida is a team that hasn’t had too many chances to shine lately, even though it is easily one of the best in the business. We hope that this event will be enough to show how great they are.

Stay tuned for our full in-depth breakdown of the upcoming Florida Home Series Weekend tournament this weekend. In the meantime, there is more Live From the Warzone action that will happen this week in the league. Following up on last week’s intense tournament, another one is happening.

Yet again last week, Dallas Empire won that Warzone event and is taking a break now with its record-breaking eliminations. They were able to get a whopping 129 eliminations during the entire time that the Warzone event was going on.

If the Florida event isn’t enough for you or you just love the Warzone battle royale style, the Warstream will return this Thursday as well. This week, the Seattle Surge and Los Angeles Guerrillas will duel against one another to see who will get the most eliminations this week in battle royale.

Both of the teams will be joined by some more special guests and see if either of them can beat Dallas Empire’s high score of 129 eliminations. Beyond that, other exciting Warzone events are happening online and officially in partnership with Activision.

Later tonight, the Bud Light Seltzer Charity Royale will happen once again for those who are interested. Then tomorrow, Wednesday, May 6, the Keemstar’s Warzone Wednesday event will return once again. And the Bud Light Charity Royale will happen again on Thursday after the Warstream series event.

Make sure to stay tuned for these and the upcoming Florida Mutineers Home Series Weekend event that is likely to be one of the most unexpected tournaments in the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League.


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