Modern Warfare Captain Price Operator Guide

by in Call of Duty | Jun, 11th 2020

Call of Duty Modern Warfare (and its battle royale companion Warzone) just got one of its biggest updates ever with the release of Season 4. This new season offers up a lot of new content, including a new battle pass, maps, game modes, and release of Modern Warfare Captain Price.

Captain Price Is Here Alongside Season 4

After making splashes once again in the hearts of Call of Duty fans around the world, the Modern Warfare Captain Price Operator is ready to take it one step further and let you play as the Bravo Six Captain moving forward. Yes, that’s right, you can play as Price himself in Season 4 after a short delay.

Fresh off of his escapades in the main story campaign of the soft reboot that is 2019’s Modern Warfare, Captain Price is ready to gather more information regarding potential recruits for his Task Force 141 to help him take down the Russian terrorist Mr. Z.

Given that both the Coalition and Allegiance factions are hard at work fighting each other in Verdansk — and a certain other teammate Ghost is there — it is high time for Price to make his jump into the fight. And that is exactly what has happened with the launch of Season 4.

You are now able to play as the Modern Warfare Captain Price Operator in both online multiplayer matches and Warzone battle royale matches. If you love this fan-favorite character from the Modern Warfare series, you will be happy to know that he is here alongside the rest of Season 4.

How to Unlock Modern Warfare Captain Price

Fortunately for you, I am going to let you know how to unlock the Modern Warfare Captain Price Operator skin so that you can start playing as him for the rest of the game. The best thing about it is that it is rather easy to unlock him in the game, so long as you fulfill a single requirement.

That requirement could mean the difference between you unlocking him in the game and not, though, which is what makes this guide important. The only way to get Captain Price as a playable character in Modern Warfare and Warzone is to buy the paid version of the Season 4 battle pass.

You are not able to get him through any other option in the game, no bundle of cosmetic items, no in-game challenges, and so on. If you are looking to get Price as an Operator, you are going to have to shell out the Call of Duty points to get this paid version of the battle pass.

The one fortunate thing about this, though, is that you unlock Captain Price immediately after buying the paid battle pass for Season 4. You don’t have to reach a certain tier or anything as he is a base unlock for just owning the battle pass alongside a skin and mission for Rodion, and more.

Paid Season 4 Battle Pass Options

There are a couple of different options that you have when it comes to getting the paid battle pass this season. The first is to simply purchase the base battle pass for this season that costs 1000 Call of Duty points. Those points are typically paid currency in-game that costs real money.

The one exception to this is that you might have some points saved up from various activities like last season’s battle pass. If you play the game enough with the paid pass, you are usually able to save up more than enough points to purchase the next season’s pass for free, so you might already have it.

If you don’t, you will need to purchase some points with real money. One thousand is around $10. The other option is to buy the battle pass bundle, but that is only really useful for those players who want to quickly get all of the items from the season or don’t have enough time to unlock everything.

The battle pass bundle costs 2400 points, or $24, and comes with the battle pass plus 20 free tier skips automatically. This gives the player a chance to jump through a significant portion of the tiers this season and be well on their way to the coveted tier 100.

How to Get the Nightfall Skin for Price

Speaking of the coveted tier 100 in the Season 4 battle pass, this one is going to be very important to those players who like Captain Price. Though unlocking the base Operator skin for him is rather easy and simple so long as you have the necessary points, going beyond that isn’t so easy.

You see, there is another skin that you can get for Price this season that is far harder to get than the base one. If you are looking to get the NVG-style Nightfall skin for him, you are going to work hard and play hard this season to unlock it.

Captain Price bookends the season’s battle pass, starting it out and ending it as well. You unlock him automatically with the paid battle pass and you get his special Nightfall skin at the end of the pass in tier 100. That’s right, the fan-favorite character is the ultimate prize to unlock this season.

At tier 100, you will unlock Captain Price’s Nightfall skin, in addition to a new legendary blueprint weapon, a vehicle skin, and more. It will take some time to reach that difficult tier, so we recommend getting a fresh start now if you don’t want to spend any extra points on the pass bundle or tier skips.


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