MIBR Roster Rumors, Vitality Fails to Qualify, More – CS:GO Daily Recap 7/9/2019

by in General | Jul, 9th 2019

Welcome back to another exciting day of CS:GO news! Today we’ve got some interesting rumors surrounding the new MIBR roster, the confirmation that Vitality will not be attending ESL New York, and controversy around the emergency transfer rule for the tourney. We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s dive on in.

MIBR Roster Rumors

Our first stop today is Brazil, where rumors are flying about changes to the MIBR roster following a year of mostly middling results. According to Redditor u/Number1100TFan, the team will be acquiring LUCAS1’s brother Hen1, who will be taking over the primary AWPer role. Furthermore, he purports that fallen will be moving to secondary AWPer and becoming the teams IGL, a move that would all but confirm Coldzera will be leaving the roster as we reported yesterday.

The move of Hen1 would also see Luminosity, his current team, actively searching for a European replacement for the AWPer, a rather surprising move considering the rest of the roster is entirely Brazilian. Are any good Portuguese players available?

Number1100 also stated rather surprisingly that Roej, a C-tier player for the Copenhagen Flames, will be replacing Magisk on Astralis, and that 100 Thieves would be rejoining the scene after the Berlin Major with a roster containing GeT_RiGhT, SuNny, Flusha, KioShima, and Mertz.

The MIBR roster rumors sound quite possible, as the brothers have stated their desire to reunite on the same team, but the further you go through these the less and less plausible they appear, and with no verified sources it’s recommended to take it all with a grain of salt. Personally, I think he’s full of it, but we’ll see how it all plays out in the coming weeks.

Vitality Out of New York

Speaking of the coming weeks, ESL New York is almost upon us and yet again Vitality has failed to be invited directly to the event.

The team, who also was not invited to ESL One Cologne and had to play through the Closed Qualifier, has been sitting in the top ten for a few months now and is currently ranked second in the world. Especially after their insane performance at Cologne, you’d think they’d start getting recognition of their strength and begin getting direct invites to some of these bigger tournaments, but it appears to not be the case.

Either way, it doesn’t seem to matter for the Frenchmen, as they today announced they would be forfeiting their spot in the Qualifier to team Sprout, instead flying out to Dallas to prepare for their match against them on the 12th for a spot in the ESL Pro League (EPL) for Season 10. Honestly, I can’t blame them: the EPL will allow them to have a bit more security as a tier one org, and give them a chance to play for the $600,000 Final in December. I’d take $600,000 over the $200,000 of New York any day.

Emergency Subs

While things are looking up for Vitality, the opposite can be said for American org Lazarus Esports.

The team had recently qualified for the American Minor, whose grand prize is a spot at the Berlin Major, and were preparing to make a deep run at the event before being informed yesterday that their team would be stripped of their spot and have it given to Luminosity.

What exactly happened is unclear, but Lazarus’ coach seems to indicate the problem stems from roster issues the team was having. The team had used two subs during the qualifier for the tournament, but one of those subs, TenZ, is now on Cloud9, while the other, FNS, hasn’t been playing with the team. As the qualifier’s rules prohibit the addition of new players after qualifying, they’ve been stripped of their spot, though that does raise the issue of how Luminosity can take it considering they added a new player since qualifiers with Felps joining the team.

The whole situation is very confusing, and clarification will definitely be needed as to how that all works out, but we’ll keep our ears close to the matter as it develops.

Virtus.Pro Returns?

Outside of North America, an old fan favorite seems to be rising from the dead, as Virtus.Pro has finally won an event again!

Granted the event was only the Polish League, but still, it’s their first event win in almost a year. For an org once as powerful and proud as Virtus.Pro, the C-Tier win was much needed to start righting the ship after a disastrous past two years that have seen the team fail to make the playoffs at a Major since the PGL Major in Krakow in 2017, and fail to make a Major at all since Boston last year. Hopefully, we’ll see these once CS juggernauts return to the big stage in the coming year or two.

With that, we’ve covered everything we have for you all today, thanks for reading and we’ll see you tomorrow for more exciting CS:GO action!


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