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Magic: The Gathering is one of the most successful card games to ever be released with hundreds of millions of fans worldwide. With their latest endeavor into the esports and digital gaming scene, MTG Arena has clearly made an impact as an entirely new generation of TCG players have found a new favorite. Join us for in-depth guides to the game that will make your opponents immediately forfeit and more in our MTG Arena blog.

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Jason Parker | December 11, 2021
MTG Arena has a new Standard format called Alchemy, so we need to look at […]
Jason Parker | December 6, 2021
MTG Arena’s Alchemy: Innistrad is on the way, and so we need to talk about […]
Jason Parker | December 3, 2021
Yesterday, a major announcement hit MTG Arena – the addition of the new Standard Alchemy […]
Jason Parker | December 2, 2021
Historic decks in MTG Arena tend to be pretty static, but Crimson Vow is adding […]
Jason Parker | November 12, 2021
With new expansions, that means potential new decks to try in MTG Arena – this […]
Jason Parker | October 28, 2021
Innistrad: Crimson Vow is the next expansion for MTG Arena, so it’s time to talk […]
Jason Parker | October 18, 2021
Now that MTG Arena Worlds’ has concluded, it’s a great time to talk about the […]
Jason Parker | October 15, 2021
MTG (and by extension MTG Arena) has never had balance changes until these digital only […]
Jason Parker | October 8, 2021
Sure, Standard is fun in MTG Arena, but Innistrad brought us a lot of fun […]
Jason Parker | September 20, 2021
It’s almost time to take up the hunt for MTG Arena decks for Innistrad: Midnight […]
Jason Parker | September 2, 2021
Today, the MTG Arena Innistrad: Midnight Hunt spoilers officially began! However, we had some idea […]
Jason Parker | August 20, 2021
We haven’t talked about MTG Arena’s Brawl much here, but it’s time to talk Historic […]
Jason Parker | August 10, 2021
MTG Arena’s next update, Jumpstart: Historic Horizons will of course reshape decks in the meta. […]
Jason Parker | July 28, 2021
It’s time to talk about the MTG Arena Jumpstart: Historic Horizons spoilers! It’s a humongous […]
Jason Parker | July 19, 2021
Now that MTG Arena’s AFR (Adventures in Forgotten Realms) is here, it’s time to look […]