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Magic: The Gathering is one of the most successful card games to ever be released with hundreds of millions of fans worldwide. With their latest endeavor into the esports and digital gaming scene, MTG Arena has clearly made an impact as an entirely new generation of TCG players have found a new favorite. Join us for in-depth guides to the game that will make your opponents immediately forfeit and more in our MTG Arena blog.

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Jason Parker | March 26, 2021
Strixhaven: School of Mages spoilers have begun for MTG Arena! With today’s live stream from […]
Jason Parker | March 4, 2021
Which MTG Arena Kaldheim Historic decks are worth playing? That’s a great question, and that’s […]
Jason Parker | February 23, 2021
As with any good MTG Arena expansion, we spend the pre-release days trying to figure […]
Jason Parker | January 25, 2021
Kaldheim is a really interesting set, that’s for sure. There are some incredibly powerful cards, […]
Jason Parker | January 7, 2021
Kaldheim spoiler season has begun for MTG Arena, and we’re excited about it! Some potent […]
Jason Parker | December 22, 2020
Now that The Arena Open has concluded for MTG Arena, it reminded me that we […]
Jason Parker | December 16, 2020
The official Spoiler Season for MTG Arena’s Kaldheim expansion hasn’t kicked off yet, but we […]
Jason Parker | December 10, 2020
MTG Arena’s meta doesn’t really shift too hard one way or another until bans happen. […]
Jason Parker | November 17, 2020
Kaladesh Remastered is the latest addition to Historic in MTG Arena, which means there are […]
Jason Parker | October 26, 2020
Farewell, Omnath! I knew he was going to catch a ban far before the Uro/Omnath […]
Jason Parker | October 5, 2020
Now that Historic Rising is here for Zendikar, we’ve spent a little time looking at […]
Jason Parker | September 18, 2020
With every expansion comes potential massive changes and adjustments to the meta. Some of the […]
Jason Parker | September 1, 2020
Zendikar is a set that has a lot of personal significance to me. It’s one […]
Jason Parker | August 21, 2020
There are hundreds of new cards in MTG Arena for Historic, now that Amonkhet Remastered […]
Jason Parker | August 10, 2020
Boy has MTG Arena changed a lot this year! The meta has swung wildly to […]