MADMONQ First Impressions: Does It Work? Any Side Effects? Is It Any Good?

by in General | Apr, 19th 2021

I got my hands on MADMONQ, lads! Well, technically, I got a free sample, so let’s get the disclaimer out of the way right off the bat!

I am basing this MADMONQ first impressions piece on the first week of using the product. I got a free sample from the BLAST x MADMONQ promo, though that won’t affect anything I say about it from now on!


First things first – what is MADMONQ?

We talked about it several times already, but I guess it’s worth doing it one more time!

MADMONQ is a performance enhancement supplement specifically tailored for the needs of gamers and professional esports athletes. It’s all-natural, WADA-approved (meaning professionals are allowed to use it on major events), and promises to deliver jitter-free focus and energy without any health risks or crashes.

Here are the things MADMONQ promises to deliver:

  • Improved reaction time
  • Focus and motivation
  • Crash-free energy
  • Stress control
  • Stamina and recovery benefits
  • Error reduction
  • Eye support

The package contains 28 chewable tablets, and you’re supposed to take a maximum of two per day. We’ll talk more about the ingredients and safety later on. 

MADMONQ First Impressions

As stated earlier, I am just a week into the consumption… hence the name MADMONQ first impressions.

A bit about me – I’m a 26-year-old gamer/esports content creator. I spend more than 10 hours behind a screen every day, work and gaming combined. I can’t say that I suffer from chronic fatigue or anything similar. I’m not a heavy coffee drinker either, so caffeine could have a bigger impact on me than your average coffee-enjoying Joe.

From my perspective, an all-natural supplement with gaming at the center of attention seems pretty good. The benefits it promises aren’t just great for my gaming sessions but work hours too. Improved focus and motivation ought to make my work hours more productive and my typing errors more scarce. 

Taste and Aftertaste

The first few MADMONQ chewable tablets I took tasted outright awful. You can taste the blueberry inside, though the mixture of sweet, fruity, and acidic was way too much for my tastebuds. I didn’t like it at all, and then came the bitter aftertaste that hits like a truck.

But, as I went into the third and fourth day, the taste and aftertaste drama started going down. I got used to the taste. It doesn’t have the same punch like it did the first few tries. A week in, I think I’m growing fond of it. Perhaps my brain just started associating the taste with an energy increase, or perhaps it’s just a placebo effect of a sort. I’m not quite sure yet!

Does It Work?

Seeing as this is merely a MADMONQ first impressions piece, I won’t give you guys any concrete conclusions just yet. But, generally speaking, my experience thus far has been pretty good. The energy is there, no doubt about that! Focus is there, too – my writing has improved ever so slightly. I can’t say that I’ve felt any jitters.

Eye strain is something I’ve been dealing with for a few years now. Heck, sore eyes and back issues are the biggest health problems I’m facing, and they’re both direct results of my gaming/working style of living (read sitting). My first impression here is that there’s some improvement. It’s not big, but my eyes feel a bit fresher after extended gaming/working sessions.

However, as far as procrastination goes. I did stumble upon some issues. You see, my office is my gaming room. I do everything on the same computer, and once I take MADMONQ, things aren’t going in the direction I’d want them to.

It has happened a few times already, but I’m not 100% sure if it’s down to the product or just me procrastinating more than usual. I take the tablets, chew them up, and then do absolutely nothing productive the next hour or two. But, once I do get things going, the speed and efficiency are through the roof.

But, once again, these are just my first impressions of MADMONQ. I’ve been using the product for only a week, and my opinion is bound to change as I splurge through the first two bottles. I’ll keep you guys updated with a proper review. 

I’ll have to take a few more weeks to figure everything out and see how much these improvements have to do with the actual product. I’ll do more research on key ingredients and investigate their special Spectra blend. Stay tuned for more info on MADMONQ!

Is It Safe?

First of all, I am not a nutritional expert by any means. I’m just your average gamer with little to no knowledge about advanced nutrition, dosages, and whatnot. That said, take everything I say about the safety of MADMONQ with a pinch of salt.

I’ve done some research. It seems as though MADMONQ is as safe as they come. It uses natural ingredients with It’s your typical over-the-counter nootropic supplement with a bit of added flair in terms of eye health and gaming-oriented marketing.

So yeah, as long as you follow the dosage instructions, you should be fine! 

In-Depth MADMONQ Review Coming Soon

I don’t want to give any concrete conclusions on MADMONQ just yet. As stated earlier, I’ve been using it for just a week. There’s still plenty of those chewable tablets for me to test before I can make proper for and against arguments

But, no matter what my final opinion is, you can rest assured I’ll share it with you guys in the coming weeks.

Until then, take care!


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