LoR Patch Notes Discussion: 2.14.0 Welcomes the Bandlewood

by in Legends of Runeterra | Aug, 24th 2021

LoR’s 2.14.0 patch notes reveal our tenth and final region: Bandle City! It’s a very exciting time for the state of the Legends of Runeterra meta, that’s for sure. In addition to our final region, we also see multi-region cards for the very first time in the game! We’ve been covering the cards as they’re revealed and as always, you can find the patch notes here whenever they’re officially live. So in addition to a new region, we have new cards, keywords, challenges, quests, and so much more. There are card updates to be aware of as well. We’re here to make sure you’re up to date on everything in the patch notes for 2.14.0 in LoR! So let’s get started!

Beyond the Bandlewood Expansion

The Beyond the Bandlewood expansion brings 9 new champions to the game across a variety of regions. There are also plenty of new keywords, an Event Pass, and more. The final region for the game is Bandle City, which is, of course, the home of the Yordles. This leads to having a primarily Yordle faction. What do we do about all the Yordles that are in other factions though? They’re now Multi-Region! In Beyond the Bandlewood, we have Impact and Manifest, which you’ll see across quite a few cards:

  • Impact: When this strikes while attacking, it deals 1 to the enemy Nexus. This card effect can stack.
  • Manifest: Create a card in hand out of three randomly picked choices.

Impact can get really nasty really fast. Manifest is also incredible when you consider decks like Viktor, where you want to have created cards as often as possible. These two new keywords promise to be quite a lot of fun. This also means we’ll get new Quests and Challenges to the game. This will help teach the various keywords, archetypes, and champions that are being added to the game, so you can figure out what to do. We also now have AI decks that feature Bandle City, and other new cards were put in the AI pool. Before we go further, who are our new champions?

  • Caitlyn
  • Nami
  • Poppy
  • Senna
  • Sion
  • Tristana
  • Veigar
  • Xerath
  • Ziggs

When Is The Next Card Update, Region Road Updates

It’s been a bit since a major card update for Legends of Runeterra. In the 2.14.0 patch notes for LoR, we have a bit of an update on that. This is the biggest expansion yet, at 126 new cards. There are new archetypes, ways to play, mechanics, and keywords in this expansion to boot. This means Riot Games is keeping a close eye on what’s going to wind up being weak, and what’s too good. So when can we expect a new major update for the game, in terms of card adjustments?

Poppy and eight other champions are joining the Runeterra roster

In patch 2.18.0, October 20th is the next major balance patch for Legends of Runeterra. However, this isn’t to say we’ll see nothing between now and then. There may be some minor updates between now and then though. We imagine that if something shows up and is truly horrific (one way or another), there may be some patches to fix this. They also plan on sharing information on card update cadence and philosophy moving forward in the future too.

On the note of cards, Bandle City of course has a Region Road. The Bilgewater, Noxus, Piltover & Zaun, Shadow Isles, and Shurima have also been extended to level 40.

Event Pass, Expeditions, and Bug Fixes

With this also comes an Event Pass. It has a variety of really cool rewards. The premium path will immediately unlock a Guardian, Puffcap Pup. You can see all the rewards on the Event rewards road as well. If a player purchases before September 8 get a quest that awards 10 Acorns and a Rare P prismatic Chest. This pass will end on September 22nd, at 10 AM PT as well.

Expedition Changes

With the 2.14.0 LoR patch notes, we get some adjustments to the Expeditions. Eight new archetypes hit the pool, with new champions and strategies. The Rise of the Underworlds archetypes have all had their offering bonuses normalized. Beyond the Bandlewood will temporarily be four times more likely to appear in the initial Champion Picks as well. This will even out later – like Underworlds did. What changes are we seeing?

  • Darkness Rising: Become one with the darkness and take out your opponent with Senna and Veigar.
  • Glory in Value: Discard Sion! Get value! Discard Sion again!
  • Landmark Destruction: Blow your stuff up with Ziggs? Blow the opponent up with Xerath!
  • Mentors: School is in session for your low Power units with Poppy and Fiora as teachers.
  • Playful Pranks: Trick your opponent by pranking their cards with Fizz, with a bunch of cheap spells for Nami!
  • Snap Trap Snacks: Lure your opponent in, then spring all sorts of traps with Caitlyn!
  • The Magus Ascendant: Terraform Runeterra to ascend Xerath, and rain destruction on the enemy Nexus.
  • World Travelers: Make friends with Yordles all across Runeterra with Tristana.

Bug Fixes

There is also a list of bug fixes, which you can find below:

  • Unto Dusk and Sump Dredger skills should now properly activate a prompt for a target
  • Fixed various bugs where Viego was not counting the correct amount of progress when killing an allied Nasus or a Frostbitten unit
  • When an ally dies for the first time in a round with Viego in play, Viego should now create an Encroaching Mist that dies at the end of the round
  • Fixed a visual bug that incorrectly showed the Sand Soldiers card ability with increased damage when another unit that makes spells and skills deal extra damage is in play
  • Cards copied by Go Get It should now correctly be considered as summoned units
  • Discarding cards that replace themselves as the last card in your hand should now level up Jinx
  • Updated Claws of the Dragon card text to better match functionality
  • Various VFX and UI bugfixes.
  • Several improvements to text across the game in our continued effort for text consistency.

Final Thoughts

This is a pretty major update for Legends of Runeterra. I’m glad to see that the Yordles won’t be stuck in their original regions, but can also be a part of Bandle City decks. There’s a lot of really interesting deck builds that are going to come out of this expansion. With that in mind, I’m going to be doing some research this week to see what’s going to be fun to play, and you can look forward to that blog coming soon. Then after a few weeks, we’ll see what’s competitive, and return to see what’s actually good. I’ve got some ideas on what I’d like to see though. Some huge new champions coming to the game, and I can’t wait to see how it is received.


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