LoR Magical Misadventures Spoilers Reveals Kennen and More

by in Legends of Runeterra | Dec, 1st 2021

The next LoR mini-expansion is Magical Misadventures, so it’s time to look at spoilers! This mini-expansion drops on December 8th, 2021, and we’re likely to see a few more champions added to the game. The current thought is that one of them will be Ahri, thanks to the card Tail-Cloak Matriarch. It could also just be a teaser for Ahri’s arrival later on in the timeline. We do have a confirmed champion: Kennen, the only Yordle member of the Kinkou, and a friend to Shen. These are still possibilities, and not confirmed yet. If they do get revealed, we’ll be sure to give you the details. 

Since the Tail-Cloak Matriarch was leaked 3 months ago, it’s being hinted that it’s coming in this expansion. Since it’s not confirmed yet, I want to talk about it. Tail-Cloak Matriarch is a 5-cost Ionian follower and has a ⅘ stat line. Each round, the first time you Recall a follower, summon an exact Ephemeral copy of it. This could be hilariously powerful with the right Recall strategies. Especially with Tornado Warrior. It constantly grows and gains keywords each time it’s recalled, and keeps them. It could become a very powerful combo, Bandle City/Ionia. 

So what kind of cards are we going to see in the LoR Magical Misadventures spoilers? Let’s get started and see!

Bandle City


Rissu, the Silent Storm (5-Cost Follower – Yordle): Rissu, the Silent Storm may seem lame as a 1/1 for 5 Mana. But – when you summon this, summon a Stormcloud. That’s a 7/3 with Impact. So with enough mana and recall spells, we can just keep doing this, again and again, infuriating anyone that’s on the other side of the table. Absolute madness.


Ember Monk (4-Cost Follower – Yordle): Another ally for the “Please Recall all the time” decks. A 3/3 for 4, with Quick Attack, it gains +1/+0 anytime you summon another ally. So he’s just going to grow and grow and grow.

Bilgerat Rascal (3-Cost Follower – Yordle): A 3/2 Yordle that also grants us a Mecha-Yordle? You bet! When this comes into play. . . you guessed it, you discard 1 card to Manifest a Mecha-Yordle and grant it SpellShield! Since it’s Manifest, you pick out of 3, and put it on top of your deck. SpellShield goes a long way. This gives you a choice between a few options, so you can plan ahead. It’s also an overall aggressive Yordle, which I’m a fan of.

Electro Harpoon (2-Cost Spell – Slow): This is one of the weapons Rumble employees in League of Legends. To play it, you discard 1. It deals 2 damage to a unit and 2 to the enemy Nexus. So it’s a very powerful spell, and could be used in quite a wide variety of decks (Hi, Jinx/Draven)!


Thunder Fist (3-Cost Follower – Yordle): Of course we’re going to see new Yordles! Why wouldn’t we? Bandle City is still wild and young. This is a ⅔ for 3 with Impact. When it’s summoned, if you’ve summoned another Thunder Fist this game, transform it into Masa, Crashing Thunder. That would give you a 5/4 Impact. So how do we maximize this? Sure, we can just cast them back to back, or. . . more likely, it’s going to be a card that works well with the Recall mechanic. In fact, in the spoilers today alone, I’m seeing quite a lot of Recall support, and I love it. Bandle City/Ionia anyone?

Rissu The Silent Storm

Arena Promoter (4-Cost Follower – Yordle): A Yordle with Tough? Love to see that. When you play this 4/3 Yordle, you discard 1 to Manifest a Mecha-Yordle and reduce its cost by 1. Definitely want to see this run in decks with Rumble, alongside Squeaker. We’re seeing more Mecha-Yordle support now, which is certainly a positive for that upcoming deck archetype.

Fix-Em-Uppers (2-Cost Follower): Are you tired of not getting enough value out of your discarding, and want a bit more oomph for it? Fix-Em-Uppers is going to love Discarding. The first time you discard a card or damage the enemy Nexus, grant this +2/+1, as a ½ baseline. Oh yeah, I’m running this in all Noxus discard decks, you can be sure of that. It’s going to be money.

Yordle Explorer (2-Cost Follower – Yordle): Yordles are getting quite a lot of love in this mini-expansion. This Yordle gains +1/+1, anytime you summon another Yordle. It comes in as a 2/1, so make sure you can play it with enough mana to summon some other Yordles. Make it safe! It triggers whenever you summon a Yordle, so unlike the Fix-Em-Uppers, it has no limit each turn. Love to see that.

Flamesplitter/Rumble’s Flamespitter (2-Cost Spell – Burst): This spell, if it’s “Rumble’s” will create a copy of him in your deck. Fantastic, if you’re going to keep casting him over and over to keep stacking his impact/getting Mecha-Yordles. This burst spell grants +2/+0, and Impact. Already pretty useful, especially when you consider Impact stacks. You can get some pretty serious damage through this, and I’m always a fan of buff spells, no matter the faction.

Quicken (2-Cost Spell – Fast): A very simple, 2-cost spell, it Recalls a unit with 3 or less power. That Thunder Fist? Now it’s bouncing back to our hand. We could use this to back-to-back drop the same Thunder Fist quickly, and get an easy 5/4 with Impact. So far, I’m really liking this card, as a 2-cost recall is very nice. It’s restrictive, but that’s perfectly fine.

Torpedo Warrior

Tornado Warrior (2-Cost Follower – Yordle): A 2/2 for 2, and when it’s summoned, you grant it +1/+0 and a random keyword. Honestly? That’s pretty solid. On top of that, he keeps the stat buffs and keywords when Recalled. Between Quicken and Cloud Stance, we could get a suddenly violent, powerful unblockable creature. It’s random, but you can do a lot with it. Glad it’s not a +1/+1 though, that would get too out of hand, far too fast. But what’s Cloud Stance? It comes with Gust Monk. What a wild card among the spoilers for LoR Magical Misadventures! 

Gust Monk (2-Cost Follower – Yordle): We were just talking about Cloud Stance, and we get it simply by casting Gust Monk. A 2/2 for 2 is already decent, but it grants us a 1-cost Burst Speed Spell, Cloud Stance. It’s an incredible Recall Spell, especially for 1 mana and Burst. It grants an ally +2/+0 and “Round End: Recall me” this Round. Now if we can use this on Tornado Warrior, we can get it an extra keyword and an extra +1/+0. There are probably quite a few uses for this. Yordle Captain will love this too. 

Yordle Captain (4-Cost Follower – Yordle): Yordle Captain rewards you for summoning allies weaker than it, period. When you summon another ally with equal or less Power than this, grant it +1/+1! Great with the recall shenanigans we’ve got going on. It also makes Minions a bit scarier, since it would keep coming back in as a 3/2. Oh yes, Yordle Captain is pure value, as a 4/4 for 4.



Ahri (2-Cost Champion): Ahri is finally in Legends of Runeterra! She’s a ⅔ Quick Attack for 2, and the first time she attack strikes, swap her with the ally to her right, and then Recall it. She levels up when you Recall 6+ units this game. The Recall power we’ve seen in the spoilers means it’s going to be incredibly easy to get her to Level 2. This ability of hers makes it so much easier to keep her around, and with tactically placed units you can bombard people with powerful abilities.

Level 2 Ahri is now a ¾ with Quick Attack and Elusive. Absolutely horrifying. Now, when you Recall an ally, reduce its cost by 1. Now it’s going to be even easier to play the units she recalls. She still swaps to the right and recalls that ally, anytime she attack strikes. I’m loving this card, and she has single-handedly has me excited for this expansion.


Nine Lives (5-Cost Spell – Burst): This summons a Liminal Guardian, which is a ⅗ for 5. When it’s summoned, summon a random 1-cost follower from your regions. So, it’s pretty useful. But, this also has benefits from Recall. When this is Recalled, transform this back into Nine Lives. So you can keep doing this as long as you have the mana and recall tech!

Sai’nen Thousand-Tailed (6-Cost Follower): When this is summoned, draw 2 and give all other allies +1/+1 this round – so it’s certainly going to be useful. I think its cost is a little high for this but still usable.

Children of the Forest (8-Cost Spell – Slow): This, however, I can see being viable. This summons Ephemeral copies of the 3 strongest followers you’ve recalled this game. With careful planning of what you recall, you can easily smash someone into bits, even if that follower has recalled, returned, and died. All that matters is that they were Recalled.


The Mourned
The Mourned

The Mourned (1-Cost Follower): Time for Recall shenanigans! A 2/1 with Elusive, when it strikes the enemy Nexus, you recall this unit. So you can just keep playing it each turn, and sneak out potentially free damage. With a 1 mana cost, it’s going to be seriously useful. I can feel like this is going to see use in several decks.

God-Willow Seedling (3-Cost Landmark): Do you have an ally that needs to be replayed a bunch of times for tons of damage? Someone like Zed, for example? God-Willow Seedling is going to maximize the other player’s pain. When you play this, Recall an ally to summon an Ephemeral Copy of it. It has Countdown: 2. When that ends, summon another Ephemeral copy! This is going to create some sick combos.


Woodland Keeper (3-Cost Follower): A 3/2 for 3, it gains +1/+0 and Elusive the round it’s summoned! Ionia is really getting some serious damage in Magical Misadventures.

Pathless Ancient (4-Cost Follower): Normally a 4-cost 4/3, it costs 2 less if you’ve recalled a unit this Round. So you can use The Mourned, and then drop this on turn 2. You don’t get to attack with it this turn this way, but at least you get it for cheap. It’s a solid card, that’s for sure.

Memory’s Cloak (3-Cost Spell – Fast): Ionia gets a new counterspell! You pick an ally being targeted by enemy Fast spells, Slow Spells, or Skills with only one target – Stop them. Direct damage, debuffs, or enemy skills? This is a brilliant card.

Charm/Ahri’s Charm (2-Cost Spell – Focus): Recall an ally to give an enemy Vulnerable this round. I’m excited for this spell and Ahri, just in general.

Windsinger (6-Cost Follower): Simple enough – 4/3 that Recalls a unit on play! This isn’t an ally though, so you can bounce an aggressive enemy they can’t re-cast.

Mount Targon


We Stand Together (3-Cost Spell – Burst): Mount Targon continues to offer incredible, powerful buffs. Yet another reason why it’s my favorite faction in Legends of Runeterra. This spell gives 2 allies +1/+2 for this round, for a measly 3 mana. It’s going to do be incredibly useful. On top of that, all of the revealed spells so far for Mount Targon are . . . reasonably priced! They aren’t ridiculous, high-cost spells for Mount Targon! What a nice change of pace.

Wounded Whiteflame (3-Cost Follower – Dragon): Wounded Whiteflame is a 3-cost Dragon?! A reasonably priced Dragon? Finally? Bless you, Riot Games. It’s a 2/4, with Fury and Fated. Fated is going to be wild on this card. We use it with a Support, or simply bring in a unit that buffs him directly, or deals him damage? Suddenly he’s bigger. Then it has Fury, so anytime it gets a kill, it gains +1/+1. So this Dragon is going to grow, especially with all the awesome buffs we have in this faction. Wounded Whiteflame is going to get big, I can feel it in my bones.


Blinded Mystic
Blinded Mystic

Blinded Mystic (4-Cost Follower): A 3/2 for 4 is okay, but it’s got some seriously useful benefits. Blinded Mystic grants an ally +1/+1, and also Silences an enemy follower. I wonder if that’s going to be what triggers Fated, ultimately. Incredibly frustrated that they aren’t telling us what that is with the cards being officially revealed.

Iula (3-Cost Follower): Now this is a useful follower. A 3/3 for 3, grants an ally Spellshield and Overwhelm for this round. I like it more for cross-faction combos, but Targon does have some pretty beefy units. We could use this on any number of powerful units to get a win. They only last for the turn it sounds like, so we have to make the absolute most of it.

Saga Seeker (1-Cost Follower): Now we understand what Fated is, and why it can be magic. This is a ½ for 1, and it has Fated. The first time each round an ally card targets it, grant it +1/+1. So this means buffs, damage, heals, the first time any of these trigger each round, it gains a permanent +1/+1. You play this early in a self-damage deck with Soraka? Oh, I love that concept. This is a dangerous 1/1.



Kennen (1-Cost Champion – Yordle): In the spoilers for LoR Magical Misadventures, Kennen was confirmed to be one of the new champions. Kennen is built for Recall. He’s going to be infuriating, I can feel it in my bones. He’s a 2/1 for 1, with Quick Attack. When he’s summoned, create a Mark of the Storm in your hand. He levels up when you’ve summoned the same ally 5+ times this game. You could use him for that, too! What does Mark of the Storm do though? It’s a 0-cost spell, Fast Speed, but it will disappear at the end of turn. 

Kennen LoR

You grant an enemy Mark of the Storm. If they already have it, remove the mark to Stun them, and deal 2 damage to them instead. You can do this several times, I feel. Especially with Level Two Kennen. He’s now a 3/2 Quick Attack, and when he’s Summoned, Blocked, or Attacks, you create a Mark of the Storm in hand. His personal spell is Lightning Rush. It is a 3-cost spell and recalls an ally to deal 2 damage to anything. Lord, he’s going to be obnoxious. I can see the combos now.

Rumble (4-Cost Bandle City/Noxus Champion – Mecha-Yordle): A Mecha-Yordle Champion? Why not? It makes sense for Rumble, anyway. I’m genuinely interested in trying out Rumble as well. He’s an excellent discard engine when he comes into play, so I could see this going well with Jinx and several other champions. He’s a 5/4, and when he comes into play, discard up to 3 cards. FOr each of these, you grant allied Rumbles everywhere Impact for the first, Quick Attack for the second, and SpellShield for the third. So you only have to do the discard every time you play him – but remember, Impact stacks. He levels up when he’s dealt 12 damage, and he’s a bit of a doozy as level 2.

Level 2 Rumble has Quick Attack/SpellShield and Impact, so it likely stacks with the previous Impact. Now he’s a 6/5. When you deal damage to the enemy Nexus, create a random Mecha-Yordle in hand, or if you have one, grant all Mecha-Yordles in hand +1/+1, and reduce their cost by 1. So we want to use him with Squeaker, and any other way to create Mecha-Yordles, for maximum pain. Rumble promises to be pretty painful if we can find the right combos for him. I don’t think it will take much, either.


Arena Mechacaster (6-Cost Bandle City/Noxus Follower – Yordle): He’s kind of expensive at 6 mana, but he’s going to make your aggressive mid-game decks very happy. When Arena Mechacaster attacks, other attacking allies gain +2/+0 for the round. If we can find a way to keep him safe, via support/buffs, we can get a lot of beefy shots in.


Minion (2-Cost Follower – Bandle City/Shadow Isles): Minions are in the game! And they’re… honestly pretty rad! A 2/1 with Last Breath, it creates a copy of itself in your hand at Round End. So you can just keep pumping out Minions. Consider this card for any potential sacrifice plays you’ve got going on. You sacrifice it, get a bigger minion, and next turn, you just re-cast it! Two mana is not prohibitive, and a 2/1 allows it to be pretty aggressive. Your opponent has to figure out if it’s worth killing since it’s just going to come back anyway.

Grumbleslug (2-Cost Follower Bandle City/Bilgewater): A very simple, but useful card, it’s a ⅔ with Attune for 2. ⅔ is an amazing stat line for a 2 Mana follower, and Attune grants a point of Spell Mana to you. It’s pure value, any way you slice it. A solid attacker or defender early in the game, and getting Spell Mana means you have to be slightly less conservative.


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