LoR 2.19.0 Patch Notes Reveal Jayce and New PVE Mode

by in Legends of Runeterra | Nov, 9th 2021

LoR’s 2.19.0 Patch Notes are here, and there’s a lot going on with them. After all, this is a huge time for Riot Games, with the incredible success of Arcane, the animated series on Netflix. You definitely need to take the time to watch it if you’re a League of Legends fan. Even if you just like animated series, it’s worth a watch. That’s not all we can expect in this update, either. We know Jayce is coming and he looks awesome. We’ll be coming back soon with some thoughts on ways to use the new cards, so be on the lookout for that.

What can we expect in the 2.19.0 Patch Notes for LoR though? How about a brand new, permanent PVE mode – Path of Champions? That sounds incredible all on its own. We also have a special set of adventures to celebrate Riot x Arcane, and these are available in Piltover & Zaun. Fully-voiced, animated comics, branching narrative choices, and so much more come with it. A new event pass, new cards, and some changes are on the way.

The Path of Champions – Permanent PVE Mode

A brand-new adventuring, PVE mode is going to be a permanent mainstay in LoR as revealed in the 2.19.0 patch notes. The Path of Champions begins on November 10th, at 10 AM PT, and has you travel to Runeterra as your favorite Legends of Runeterra champions. You’ll uncover unique encounters, earn and equip powerful Relics, recruit allies and upgrade your champions. You’ll power up like never before to deal with these encounters.

The Path of Champions mode will let you take your favorite champions on a PVE journey

As we said above, a special set of adventures were prepared in The Path of Champions, set in PIltover & Zaun, celebrating Riot x Arcane. It sounds like this is going to be an exciting mode that we’ll be learning more about. It’s nice to see more offerings for PVE players in LoR, that’s for sure. On top of that, Riot Games’ world has quite a lot of deep lore to it, and if we can explore it in a whole new way? That’s fantastic.

But that’s not all dropping in these patch notes.


With any new moment in time, we need to celebrate with cool stuff. The Path of Champions Event comes with this patch, as well as Mega Event Pass will also be available. From November 10th through December 8th, 2021, you have plenty of time to unlock the new items. This is the largest event pass to date and has 35 rewards in total. Emotes, Guardians, Card Backs, and more are in it, and the full details will go out with the reveal of these patch notes. The Event Pass costs 975 Coins, and if you purchase it before November 23, you receive an exclusive quest. This one awards you with 10 Hextech marbles and a Rare Prismatic Chest. As with all Events though, there is a free path, but the paid path has more unlockables. If you should have a wealth of coins and want to just buy it outright, there’s the Progress Day Party Bundle, for 5310 Coins, minus whatever items you’ve already unlocked.

We do know that Jayce drops in this update as well. As of this, there are 10 cards coming in this expansion, including the Defender of Tomorrow. Jayce is a Piltover champion and is a 4/4that gains Quick Attack or Challenger when it is put into play. That’s not too shabby. When you’ve cast two 6+ spells, he levels up and creates an Ascension Gate in hand. Level Two Jayce is a 5/5 now, and the first time you play a 6+ spell each round, cast it a second time.

Jayce joins the line-up this patch, along with a Guilded Jayce skin for his card

We don’t know what exactly the Ascension Gate does as of this writing, but it’s being said that it will give your wide boards an easier way to finish off your opponent. We also saw a premade deck centered around high-powered spell combos, featuring Jayce and Nami will be available alongside the Gilded Jayce skin.

If you are interested, we also have the Miscellaneous and Bugfix notes below:

Misc. Changes

  • First-time players will have a more streamlined tutorial experience. The Path of Champions is now included in a new player’s initial journey.
  • In the end of the game flow, multiple quest results screens have been condensed into one, getting you to your next game faster! The summary highlights a couple of quests; current progress for all quests can still be viewed in your quest menu after the game.
  • Reduced the number of taps/clicks required to activate Guardian animations.


  • Fixed a bug where Ursine Spiritwalker’s Plunder wasn’t being counted toward Powder Pandemonium.
  • Fixed a bug where Rimefang Wolf’s ability wouldn’t work on 0-power units that gained Power upon surviving damage.
  • Relentless Pursuit will now resolve correctly and is not conditional on the Rally buff.
  • Fixed a bug where Station Archivist would fail to create a Fleeting copy of a spell when played.
  • Fixed a bug where cards created by the Station Archivist did not have the cost reduction buff from Marai Greatmother.
  • Updated Heimerdinger’s text to correctly state he levels up on summoning Tech units.
  • Fallen Reckoner can no longer give the Can’t Block condition to Immobile enemy units.
  • Sandseer’s effect now correctly happens on Play instead of on Summon.
  • Fixed a bug where Impact was not triggering on units with Strike abilities that remove them from play.
  • Event Horizon’s secondary effect will now correctly trigger even if the primary target is removed.
  • Impact Damage is now correctly doubled by The Dreadway.
  • Fixed an issue where certain interactions would cause the game to crash.
  • Fixed several UI, UX, and general visual bugs to improve overall game clarity.
  • Fixed several VO bugs across the game that were causing incorrect or no VO lines to play.

Final Thoughts

Every update with new cards doesn’t have to be 30-40 cards. It’s nice to see a nice little card drop like this, and Jayce is one of my favorite champions in League of Legends. Might be mediocre with him, but he’s got a rad look. The PVE mode, The Path of Champions is going to be awesome as well. I am curious to see how it’s going to be updated and evolve in the future. As always, you can see the latest patch notes in this link when they officially go live.


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