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The recently released Legends of Runeterra has quickly established itself as a player in the auto chess genre with it’s intriguing approach to gameplay and Riot Games’ clear focus on empowering a dedicated esports community. On our Legends of Runeterra blog we give you a closer look at the game with analysis of the best comps, breakdowns of top teams, and more.

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Jason Parker | September 2, 2020
Well well, it’s been a while since I’ve covered Legends of Runeterra decks, and what […]
Jason Parker | July 7, 2020
It’s almost time for a new patch in Legends of Runeterra with 1.5! The Season […]
Jason Parker | July 4, 2020
With 1.4 in Legends of Runeterra, the new Gauntlet mode was added to the game. […]
Jason Parker | June 23, 2020
The Season of Fortune begins in patch 1.4 of Legends of Runeterra! But what exactly […]
Jason Parker | May 10, 2020
A new expansion means new decks to try out in Legends of Runeterra! So that’s […]
Jason Parker | April 27, 2020
With the Legends of Runeterra 1.0 patch notes come quite a few very important things: […]
Jason Parker | April 13, 2020
Patch 0.9.4 is the final patch of the open beta of Legends of Runeterra, and […]
Jason Parker | March 2, 2020
Deny nerfs! Lux buffs! There are all kinds of stuff going on in Legends of […]
Jason Parker | February 4, 2020
It’s always hard to start a new card game. Thankfully, we’ve done some research and […]
Jason Parker | February 2, 2020
I’ve been playing CCGs since the mid-90s, and I have no intent on stopping now. […]
Petar Vukobrat | January 30, 2020
The upcoming competitive season won’t give us any unexpected narratives as far as the LCS […]
Jason Parker | January 22, 2020
Depending on if you pre-installed Legends of Runeterra or not, the open beta begins on […]