Legends of Runeterra Rise of the Underworlds Spoilers Discussion

by in Legends of Runeterra | Jun, 22nd 2021

Rise of the Underworlds is the newest expansion for Legends of Runeterra and drops on June 30th. We’ve got just about a week to go, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have cool stuff to talk about. Each day, new cards are going to be revealed, and we’re going to cover them for you right here on Esports Talk! So far there’s only one new feature to the game in Lurk, and there are three confirmed champions: Kai’sa, Ekko, and Pyke. There’s no telling what we’ll see, but one thing you can count on is the ability to facilitate that new Lurk power, that’s for sure. As more cards are revealed, we’ll have them ready for you, so stay tuned! There are plenty of spoilers to go around for LoR: Rise of the Underworlds, and we’ll have all the awesome possibilities for you.

Bilgewater Cards:


Pyke (4-Cost Lurker Champion): Pyke has to be one of the most interesting champions I’ve ever seen in Legends of Runeterra. Since you can only Lurk once per turn, he’s not likely going to wipe out an entire field on his own, but he can sure do some interesting tricks. He’s also the first Lurker Champion, but I figured he was what this was designed for. He’s a ⅔ for 4, and also has Quick Strike. Whenever he Lurks, you transform him into a spell, Death from Below. This is a 4-cost spell, that Lurks, and also is Fast Speed.

Death From Below is a spell that summons Pyke striking an enemy. As he’s a Lurker, he’s going to consistently grow and become a bigger threat as the turns go on. Pyke levels up after “Allied Pykes dealt 15+ damage”, so I have a feeling we’re going to make lots of shenanigans and deal lots of damage with Pyke. So what do we do when we have a Level 2 Pyke? He still transforms into Death From Below when he Lurks, but when he kills an enemy, he also strikes the weakest enemy. The idea is that we’re going to buff him tons with Lurk and use him to wipe as much as possible from the enemy field. It’s even better if we have spells that strike additional targets (Pyke’s Bone Skewer, Jaull-Fish for example). I’m a pretty big fan of what Pyke can do, in theory. We’ll see if Lurk is actually good soon. To get the most out of Lurk, he’s got to be on top of your deck, Lurking. That way you can attack with Lurkers, transform the champ into a spell, cast him as a spell when he’s in hand, to strike with him immediately. In theory, Pyke’s going to be very powerful.


Snapjaw Swarm

Snapjaw Swarm (2-Cost Lurker Minion): Snapjaw Swarm has no attack, and this low-attack stereotype will probably be true across most of the Lurk minions. When you play this Lurk 0/2, it starts a free attack. So if you have a Lurker on top of your deck, this minion will immediately gain +1/+0. Since it’s a free attack, it sounds like it will probably still let you attack after this, so you don‘t mess up any other strategy. I’m just glad that “Lurk” isn’t confined to one faction. So far we’ve seen it in at least two. 

Bloodbath (1-Cost Lurker Spell): It’s so great to see such focus and support for Lurker in the Rise of the Underworlds expansion. This is a Lurker spell, so it also counts if it’s on top of your deck when you’re attacking. It sounds like it’s going to be very easy to set up a deck where you always have a Lurk on top of the deck. But this 1-cost spell creates a Snapjaw Swarm on top of your deck, which conveniently, also has Lurk! Snapjaw Swarm is a 2-cost minion and a 0/2 with Lurk. When you play it, it starts a free Attack. It’s going to be so easy to set up these combos where your allies just get bigger and meaner every single turn. Bilgewater in particular’s got a lot of love for lurk. Given that the symbol looks like a shark fin above the water, well, it makes sense.

Redfin Hammersnout

Redfin Hammersnout (2-Cost Lurker Minion): Oh boy, combining Lurk and Vulnerable! These decked are going to get crazy aggressive. Since the Lurk cards don’t have to be on top of your deck to buff (all Lurkers everywhere get buffed), this ½ Lurk could hit the board as something very scary. You’re going to want to (in theory) play this on your attack. When you play Redfin Hammersnout, you grant an enemy Vulnerable. It doesn’t read “until the end of the round”, so it’s permanent. You don’t have to slap that foe down right away, but you probably will have the power to do so.

Sharkling (1-Cost Lurker Minion): This is just a generic, but useful Lurker minion. The Sharkling is a ½ for 1 and just has Lurk. It’s simple to understand, and low-cost. It’s still going to be worth having in the deck as a turn-1 drop that can get bigger and bigger with each attack. Now if only we had a card that guaranteed our top card is almost always a Lurker. . .

Bone Skewer / Pyke’s Bone Skewer (2-Cost Fast Spell): The spell you gain if you have a Pyke in play already, is Bone Skewer. This has an ally strikes an enemy, then moves to the top of your deck. Use this to make sure you trigger Lurk on a turn. Even better if you have Pyke in play already. Then you strike with Pyke, put him back on top of your deck, declare an attack, and transform the Lurk spell. If you have Pyke in play already, this also creates a Pyke in your deck, so you have even more chances to trigger this. 

Line ‘Em Up (2-Cost Burst Spell): Something that doesn’t have Lurk! This is a card built for Gangplank it seems. You summon a Powder Keg and create a copy of Knock ‘Em Down in your hand. For each Powder Keg you have stacked up, skills and spells deal 1 more damage. If you can get several of them stacked up, you can make Knock ‘Em Down obliterate someone. It’s a 1-cost slow spell that deals 1 damage to anything. So make sure you’ve got a whole nice stack of Powder Kegs before you cast Line ‘Em Up! This way you follow-up, and bombard the enemy Nexus for as much damage as possible. 


Ripper's Bay

Ripper’s Bay (1-Cost Lurker Landmark): Oh wait, there’s absolutely one of those! Ripper’s Bay is a Lurker Landmark for 1 mana. An amazing turn-1 drop. When allies attack, you Obliterate the top card of your deck if it doesn’t have Lurk. Sounds to us like it will trigger before the Lurker effect does, so you have a chance to still gain +1 Attack, but we’ll have to see. It’s such a great card, and it’s going to make players who are running against Lurk very upset. This deck archetype is really shaping up to be interesting and aggressive.

The List (0-Cost Slow Spell): This isn’t a Lurk spell for a change! But it does help your Lurker decks for sure. This spell grants an enemy Vulnerable. If it’s already a Vulnerable minion, the strongest ally starts a free attack, Challenging it. That means you can get a Lurk trigger without using your normal attack. You get that, then you swing normally with the big guns. This could be an excellent way to get rid of opponents you don’t want to block during combat, then make your actual combat attack. 

Reaver’s Row (5-Cost Landmark): Each time this counts down, you summon a random 1-cost Follower. I like the idea of a Bilgewater/etc 1-cost follow aggro deck. This card itself has Countdown 2. When it triggers, you grant 1-cost allies +2/+1 and Fearsome. I really like what you could potentially do with this. It could be fun with Shadow Isles, and running a bunch of Spiders and other 1-cost minions. Not sure what we’ll be doing with it, but there’s certainly a possibility of use here.


Jaull-Fish (8-Cost Lurker Follower): Here we have another Epic-rarity Lurker, with a pretty useful ability. It has a 2/7 base statline, and when you play it, each Lurker ally strikes a random enemy. With Pyke in play, it’s another fantastic way to get some damage with him. Might make him level up faster, though admittedly, this has a high cost (8 Mana). So we may not see this at the same time as Pyke. But in the late game, if we don’t see the Bilgewater support earlier? It can all work out in the end. This isn’t my favorite Lurker, but I like it as a concept to potentially completely clear our opponent’s board, and swing for lethal. It could happen!

Shurima Cards:



Rek’sai (3-Cost Lurker Champion): The first champion of the Rise of the Underworlds spoilers has officially been revealed for Legends of Runeterra! I have to say, I’m a little confused as to how it’s going to play out. I don’t hate what Rek’sai does, as it’s very in line with the game version (in a way), and it will certainly help Lurker decks show off what they can really do. So Rek’sai is a 3/6 Lurk minion, for 3 mana. That sounds pretty good for three mana, right? Whenever it Lurks or Attacks, it grants all Lurker allies everywhere +1/+0. So Rek’sai is an even better Lurk option. However, at Round End, you place it back into your deck. How does she level up? She has to attack with 10+ power. It’s unclear if that means 10 total power, or if she needs to attack with one 10+ swing. That’s probably not the case though. Predict is really going to help out Rek’sai, not to mention one of the other spells revealed today. 

Level Two Rek’sai is a very simple, but potentially very devastating card. A 4/7 for 3, when she levels up, she creates 3 random Lurkers in your hand. Then, when she lurks or Attacks, all allies with Lurk gain +1/+0 everywhere still. She doesn’t have another, wildly broken special ability, but the possibility of creating one huge Lurker storm is pretty awesome. Maybe you’ll get a trio of Xerxa’Reth, The Undertitan cards. That’s really doubtful. I like the concept of Rek’sai, I suppose. Losing her every turn is frustrating, but at least she gets to heal when away. There are so many cards that can put her on top of your deck though, and you’d be foolish not to stack as much Predict or champion draw cards as humanly possible.


lor Rise of the Underworlds spoilers

Xer’sai Hatchling (1-Cost Lurker Minion): A 1/1 with Fearsome? That’s interesting. But it also has Lurk, so it’s likely going to grow more powerful quickly. It’s a 1/1 out of the gate, but each time Lurk triggers per turn, it’s going to grow. It’s only a 1-cost too, so it’s 100% worth having around. We’re very curious again, to see what Legends of Runeterra does in the Rise of the Underworlds expansion.

Xer’sai Caller (3-Cost Lurker Minion): Lurk and Predict apparently go hand-in-hand right now. A ⅔ for 3 mana, the next Xer’sai Predicts when it comes into play! I predicted (hah) originally that the Lurkers would all be lower power, but 2 power base isn’t so bad. There’s another Xer’sai card that’s even stronger that I’ve already seen, so they’re not all going to be weak. One trait that stands true is that they have more life than attack power. I’m certainly envisioning Solo-Shurima Lurk/Predict, and that it could be incredibly frustrating to deal with.

Careful Preparation (3-Cost Spell, Burst): This is another spell I’ve heard some complaints about, and I don’t really see why. A Burst spell that requires you to put a card from your hand. Then you Predict and create a copy of the chosen card in your hand. Now that is awesome. So you get rid of a card you don’t need/don’t want at this time and put it back in your deck somewhere. Then you (hopefully) Predict into a Lurker, create a copy of it in your hand, and put one on top of your deck! Maybe it will be the new Xer’sai Dunebreaker, or something even more sinister. This might be my favorite of the spoilers for Legends of Runeterra Rise of the Underworlds so far. That could change.

Call The Pack // Reksai’s Call The Pack (2-Cost Lurk Spell): This is Rek’sai’s spell, and it’s also a spell on its own. It’s fascinating because it’s a Lurk spell. So if this is on the top of your deck, and you attack, you buff all your Lurkers everywhere. This card is absolutely bonkers power. Wildly strong. For 2 mana, you put a card from your hand on top of your deck. Then you create 2 random Lurker followers in hand. You want to do this before you declare attack. You could get another Rek’sai, you could get Xerxa’Rath or any of the other really powerful Lurkers that are hiding beneath the sands and waves of Runeterra. The idea will most certainly be to put a Lurker on top of your deck that you’re able to do something with the next turn (or put another copy of this spell there). A potentially hilarious move, if you think you’re going to lose Rek’sai, is to cast this, put the “Rek’sai” version of the spell on top of your deck. If the other player wipes your Champ, you can always just play this version next turn! This card is potentially game-busting. Not overpowered to the point of needing a nerf, but it’s definitely going to swing things in the favor of your Lurk minions.

Treasure Seeker (1-Cost Follower): Huzzah, created cards! That’s pretty popular in this expansion too. When you play this 2/1 for 1, you create a Waking Sands. Waking Sands is a 2-cost Slow Spell that creates a Sandstone Charger. That in turn is a 5/2 Ephemeral, so we can deal some pretty serious damage on turn 2 with it. A fantastic common that leads to pretty serious early game damage. 

The Time Has Come (5-Cost Burst Spell): Have you used Predict this game? Then you want to cast The Time Has Come. It summons a Clockling, but if you’ve triggered Predict this game, you summon 2 instead. That ultimately creates a pair of 2/2 minions by casting this spell. Not too shabby. Not amazing, but not too bad.


lor Rise of the Underworlds spoilers

Feral Presence (0-Cost Spell, Burst): Now, I’ve heard a few takes that this is a very bad card, or at the very least, an inferior card to other options that let you predict. In fact, this only allows for Predict and nothing else. For those that don’t remember, Predict has you look at three cards in your deck, and put one on the top of your deck in place of whatever’s there. For Lurk cards, this is incredibly powerful. You put that Lurk card on top of your deck, guaranteeing one is there. Then you declare your attack, making sure all the Lurkers everywhere get buffed. For 0 mana, this is very useful. You can trigger it right before your attack, making sure the attackers you have are just a tiny bit stronger.

Xer’sai Dunebreaker (6-Cost Lurker Minion): A 3/6 for 6 with Onslaught and Lurk, I love this card. Hopefully, by the time we play it, it’s going to be at least a 6/6. With as many Lurk and Predict cards as I’ve seen together, I can see this card being very viable. Could Lurk be pushed hard for this expansion? Of course, it’s a new feature! You have to have plenty of options to build around. There’d be no sense in it if every Predict/Lurk deck played the exact same. But this could be one of our big game-winning creatures since it has Onslaught. We can keep it growing as the game goes on, and finally play it in the late game. Heck, it could drop as a 10/6 or even higher!

Shifting Sands (6-Cost Slow Spell): Shurima continues to go fast and drop really annoying damage! This spell is easily countered sadly, as it’s a 6-cost slow spell. It deals 4 damage to a unit and summons 2 Sand Soldiers on top of that. It could be exactly what you need to level up your Shurima allies. It’s a pretty neat idea, so I’m curious to see if decks run it despite it being slow-speed.


Xerxa’Reth, the Undertitan (5-Cost Lurker Minion): Xerxa’Reth, the Undertitan is the first major Lurker we’ve seen so far, as it’s the first Epic. A 2/6 for 5, its ability tells me it’s going to be pretty easy to stack Lurker damage bonuses. When this attacks, if it has 8+ power, you give it Fearsome, Overwhelm, and SpellShield for the round. That triggers every single time it attacks. Now it can’t be blocked by weak creatures, its extra damage always goes through, and the first spell or ability to hit it is just brushed off. We want more of these to be in play. I’m a pretty big fan of what this can potentially do as a bulldozing game-winning card. It may start as a 2 Attack, but that won’t last.

Piltover and Zaun:


Ekko (4-Cost Champion): And thus, Predict has a win-con: Ekko! Ekko is a Quick Attack 4/2 for 4 Mana. When he strikes, he creates a fleeting Time Trick in your hand, which isn’t too bad. When you’ve Predicted 5+ times, he levels up. However, he doesn’t have to see it, so he could come into play as Level Two Ekko which is amazing. Level Two Ekko is a 5/3 Quick Attack, and when he levels up, creates 3 Chronobreaks in your deck. Otherwise, you can’t have this amazing, potentially busted card. He still creates a Fleeting Time Trick in hand when he Strikes a target, but this one costs 0 mana! Oh man, I love that. But what does Chronobreak do? Is it really worth having?


Chronobreak is a 3-cost Slow Spell. It revives all allies that died this round and triggers Rally. Now you get an extra attack and allowed you to be completely overwhelmingly aggressive, swinging all out. Just make sure your opponent can’t counter the Chronobreak, and you can really push people around with this. I’m a really big fan of Ekko, but I don’t know that I’d run him personally.


Boom Baboon (2-Cost Minion): A nice, simple card as a 3/2 for 1, it creates a Flame Chompers! Card in your hand. We want as many created cards as possible in Piltover, though. I love that. When you discard Flame Chompers, you summon it instead, making it ideal for Jinx decks. Just some food for thought! 

Timewinder (2-Cost Fast Spell): We’re now in the “Ekko” territory, seeing cards that are themed for him. Timewinder is a Fast Spell, that requires you to discard 1 to play it. It deals 1 damage to an enemy or the enemy Nexus, and then another 1 to another. For 2 mana, that’s really good, and it serves as a Discard engine. It’s always nice to have options if that’s the kind of deck you’re building. Hi, Jinx! 

Dropboarder (1-Cost Follower): Predict is also really big in this expansion. The Dropboarder is an ideal pick for a Prediction. Why? Because if you see Dropboarder in a Prediction, summon it! It doesn’t go on top of your deck, just jumps right into play. Hopefully, this also means you still get your normal pick to go on top of your deck. This could be a lot of fun if you use it with Time Trick.

Time Trick (2-Cost Burst Spell): Predict is hot right now! Time Trick is a Burst Spell, so we want to play it on our opponent’s turn if we can. In this case, we Predict, then draw 1! So if we see Dropboarder there, we summon it, Predict a card, and then draw that card. Absolutely brutal for efficiency. I’m a big fan of what possibilities lie for this card in all parts of the game. It could be how we pull our game-winning bomb in the mid/late game, or simply an early way to get some threat on the board.


lor Rise of the Underworlds spoilers

Fallen Feline (1-Cost Minion): A 2/1 for 1, this feline, when summoned, creates a Hexite Crystal in the bottom 10 cards of your deck. That might sound like a weird idea, but we’re going tow ant to Predict these as often as possible. I’ll get into what that does soon! It’s not a bad card, and it creates more created cards, and we love that in Piltover and Zaun. 

Hexite Crystal (2-Cost Fast Spell): We imagine this will only be created via other cards. If you see this card in a Prediction, you draw it immediately. That sounds like you’d get two cards in the prediction, which is powerful. This Fast spell deals 2 damage to all enemies and the enemy Nexus. I love it already. I want to see Hexcite Crystal creation in every Viktor and Ez deck right now. We’ll see how widely they’re used, but I like the idea so far.

Volunteer Elnuk (3-Cost Elnuk Follower): Are we going to get Elnuk swarm decks? It’s certainly possible! Even if we don’t, this ¾ for 3 creates a random Elnuk in the top six cards in your deck. It’s a created card, so we can do a lot with that! But we’ll see if there are Elnuk swarms coming, now or in the future.

Practical Perfectionist (3-Cost Follower): Oh goodness, there’s so much power in this rare. A 4/2 for 3, it Predicts when played. However, the card we pick, we create 3 copies of in our deck! I suddenly very much like this for Viktor decks or even Teemo decks! Suddenly, our deck is awash with the power to launch Mushrooms in our opponent’s deck. She’s incredible, and I want to see the Practical Perfectionist in so many decks.


Glorious Evolution (10-Cost Slow Spell): Good. Lord. If this spell gets through, the game’s pretty much over. With this spell, your cards now cost 1 less. They now have Augment, so they get buffed whenever you cast a created spell. On top of that, all of your cards are now “created” by Glorious Evolution, and are now Tech cards beyond all of this. If only we could find a way to cast this early when our opponent has no answer for it. At the earliest, so far, it looks like turn 7. As someone who is a huge Viktor fan, and wants all to join the Glorious Evolution, I adore this card. As far as lore goes, 10/10, favorite card in the set. As far as usefulness? Still a solid 8/10. This is a game-ender. There is simply so much synergy in this, and it even creates synergy! Since now every card is created, anytime we cast a spell, every minion in play gets +1/+0! Absolute filth.

Called Shot (2-Cost Slow Spell): A simple, but useful card, it draws 1 and creates a Parallel Convergence in your deck. It’s another card that you don’t appear to be able to get otherwise, and this is your Ekko Spell. So if you have Ekko in play, this will create an Ekko in your deck. Called Shot is okay, but Parallel Convergence is really good. Parallel Convergence is a Slow Speed spell for 4 mana, and starts a free attack with an exact Ephemeral copy of each ally. This makes me think that Piltover/Shurima could be a whole lot of fun. Could be fun with Shadow Isles too. Either way, it’s very useful, and Ekko’s got a powerful start in Legends of Runeterra.

Demacian Cards:


Field Promotion (2-Cost Burst Spell): Another commitment to bringing back concepts, or keeping them fresh, a spell based on Scout! The next time you play a unit this round, Field Promotion grants it Scout, and also makes it an Elite. So if you want to run solo-Demacian Scout, it’s suddenly very easy to get it going out of control. Scout grants you another attack token if you attack with just a scout for the turn. It’s a two-cost and Burst speed, so I definitely see this being used in all sorts of decks.


Swiftwing Flight (4-Cost Elite Follower): A deck built around buffing Challenger allies? Now, this is neat. When this 3/2 for 4 attacks, you give other Challenging allies +1/+1 for the round. It’s not a permanent buff, but it’s enough to make sure our challengers can safely put people away. When you play this Challenger, you create a Silverwing Vanguard, Blinding Assault, or Fleetfeather Tracker in your hand. So you can use this for Elite decks, Challenger decks, and Scout decks! Blinding Assault summons Valor, and so we can definitely use it to get an extra attack for the turn. We swing with Valor, grant us a second attack, then attack with Swiftwing Flight and friends. Not a bad cardespecially when you consider you buff your allies, and create card advantage.

Freljord Cards:


Fabled Poro (4-Cost Poro Minion): Freljord really got some fighting power in this expansion! Poro decks and Yeti decks both got some love. Fabled Poro may cost 4 mana, but it’s a ⅖, and when it’s summoned, all ally Poros receive a random keyword! Hopefully, you don’t get Ephemeral! But wow! You could get all kinds of nonsense that way! Love this, even if it costs 4 mana. Just means you can use it in the mid-game to really bomb someone down.


Abominable Guardian (8-Cost Yeti Minion): Good. God. A 5/5 for 8 sounds really awful until you give it a real close look. If, at the start of your round, you have 2+ Yetis in play, summon this card from your hand, and create a copy of it in your deck. On top of that, playing it draws a Yeti from your deck! You can just keep near-infinitely spamming the board with 5/5 Yetis! You just need to get two out to start the chain going. It won’t be hard, trust me.

Ionian Cards:


Defiant Dance (4-Cost Slow Spell): Easy, simple, to the point. It’s another card to help enhance Blade Dance decks. It Recalls a unit and triggers Blade Dance: 1. So you can use it on an opponent to remove a blocker, or use it on an ally to get an ability to trigger again (say, another Blade Dance). I appreciate the LoR design team’s dedication to bringing concepts back and reinforcing them in this expansion. 


Sacred Protector (7-Cost Follower): An 8/6 that draws a Shen? Oh yes. This card helps buff the Shen/Barrier shenanigans decks, and as a player of that, I’m here for it. When this is summoned, you draw Shen. Then, on top of that, any allies with Barrier also have Double Attack. This isn’t a temporary buff, so if you keep re-applying Barrier, they keep getting Double Attack. This is definitely a minion we want to give Barrier too, as an 8/6 right out of the gate. For 7 mana, we get more than our money’s worth. It’s an amazing late-game bomb, and can easily set up victory for Ionia. 

Noxus Cards:


Thorned Blade (4-Cost Burst Spell): Do you ever think to yourself “If I only had a bit more damage, I could easily close this game out, but I don’t want to be countered?” well worry no more! Thorned Blade is a burst spell designed to close out fights for Noxus, or whatever faction they’re working with! It grants an ally +5/+0 for the round! That is an immense amount of damage. Noxus just gets crazy damage all around this expansion. I adore this card because I’d totally run it in a deck with say, Shadow Isles when we can easily float damage across the line. 


Atakhan, Bringer of Ruin (10-Cost Minion): Honestly, I just love the artwork of this card. Make this unblockable, and you will end games fast. I want to pair this with Targon though if I can be totally honest. A 10-cost minion that will secure a win for you, it’s a 5/12 Overwhelm. When it attacks, it increases its Power by the total Power of all allies. It’s not temporary, either. It’s going to wear people down, or simply win in one turn. That’s why I want it in something like Targon or Freljord. A deck with lots of efficient, high-cost cards. Preferably ones I play for free, through Aurelion Sol. Just some food for thought.

Shadow Isles Cards:


Astral Fox (4-Cost Minion): Astral Fox is a 3/3 for 4, with a very useful ability. When you play it, you kill an ally to deal 3 damage to the enemy Nexus. As a Shadow Isles card, you can’t get enough of your own allies dying, after all. Especially when it leads to the destruction of your opponent’s Nexus. It could be a really fun card to close the game out with, too. That ability it features is called Symmetry in Stars, as a side note.


The Twisted Treeline (3-Cost Landmark): Twisted Treeline! Remember the days of playing 3v3 League with your friends, and trying to master Twisted Treeline as a map? I have a lot of fond memories of Annie-comp. Two tanks, and Annie, and we’d just smash people to bits. However, this early-game Landmark can do quite a lot. The Twisted Treeline is destroyed when it’s seen 3 Fearsome allies attack. When you do this, it’s destroyed and summons Vilemaw. Ah, yes! The guardian/big monster of the map! That means you get a 6/6 Fearsome without having to cast it. Now we have another way to summon the monster instead of just through Fresh Offerings

Mt. Targon Cards:


Heavens Aligned (1-Cost Focus Spell): This card is really interesting just in general. It has both Daybreak and Nightfall, so you can use it for whatever benefits you the most. If you play as a Daybreak card (first spell of the turn), you create a random non-champion Nightfall card in hand. The opposite triggers if you play it as a Nightfall spell (not the first card of the turn), so you get a non-champion Daybreak card. For 1 mana, you can do a lot with this. It’s very random though, so take it with a pinch of salt.


Starlight Epiphany (3-Cost Burst Spell): Oh, I missed Invoke, but it’s back! If you have a Celestial ally, replace your deck with 20 copies of Behold the Infinite. WHAT?! For reference, Behold the Infinite is a 2-cost Burst spell with Invoke. So you turn your entire deck into a big run of Celestial cards. I don’t hate this, but I want to see it in action. I’m more excited about the chaotic, RNG-themed possibilities you could get with this card. Who knows what would happen?!


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