Legends of Runeterra Patch Notes 1.5 Discussion

by in Legends of Runeterra | Jul, 7th 2020

It’s almost time for a new patch in Legends of Runeterra with 1.5! The Season of Fortune is rolling on, and one of the more exciting things is some of the balance timing. Some of these balance updates were scheduled for 1.6, but they saw an opportunity to balance something a bit early. Don’t expect to see significant balance changes in every update. That will still mostly be in the major monthly updates.

There’s nothing nailed down about their update schedule quite yet. It’s still early in the game’s life cycle. Figuring out what works best for the game and community is key. Before we get started, they point out a few things they’re working on for patch 1.6!

  • Adjustments to some of Heimerdinger’s associated cards (RE: his bots)
  • Reworking discard units to make them more useful/satisfying
  • Adjustments to direct Nexus damage on the cheaper Noxus units (expect nerfs)

New Content: Labs

With patch 1.5 of Legends of Runeterra, we get Labs! It’s like the Gauntlet mode, which will be a rotating, but challenging new way to play the game! However, Labs are less about competitive, intense action. Instead, they’ve aimed it at more fun, varied, chaotic gameplay. This shows with the first Lab, A.R.A.M.! For those of you who play League of Legends, you’re already at least familiar.

A.R.A.M. is “All Random All Mid” in League of Legends. It’s one lane, a random champion, and fight it out until one side claims the enemy Nexus. However, it’s going to work at least a little different in Labs. We can’t help you deck build for this one!

Rather than building a deck, you’ll make choices from a random selection of champions when the game starts. The champions will start in your hand, and it will also randomly generate a deck for you to play against the other players equally random deck! It is chaotic and wild! I think it’s going to be a really fun mode and should offer players something different. Card games, no matter what I say, do not have to be competitive slogs where you find the most broken deck and only play it.

Labs will last longer than Gauntlet mode, too. Every patch post 1.5 in Legends of Runeterra will feature a new or updated Lab. Some will offer small changes to the game, whereas others will be absolute brain-melting insanity. The idea is that each will offer something out of the ordinary; fun, but different. I hope they will see lots of play and that each patch will genuinely interesting us. I play aggressively in most card games I play, focusing on the competitive and trying to get as good as I humanly can. But modes like this? I won’t lie. I love them. I can’t wait to see how A.R.A.M. goes!

Card Balance and Various Updates

Two cards are adjusted for this update! They must have been a rather big deal if they’re the only ones being focused on. We can expect some likely serious adjustments in patch 1.6. For now, we’re going to look at Pilfered Goods and Solitary Monk.

Pilfered Goods (Cost: 2 -> 3)

This is mostly due to the “Nab” mechanic. Legends of Runeterra’s team state they look at the success of cards and mechanics through a variety of lenses. These include balance, promotion of skill, gameplay variety, and how fun it is. Nab is fun for the people using it, and it’s a core part of the majority of Bilgewater decks. But it is without a doubt, frustrating to see so early and so often. The dev team thinks that Nab is happening a bit too often, and want to slow down how frequently it pops up. Sounds like it was a necessary change. I haven’t explored the Bilgewater decks too much yet, but I can see the need.

Solitary Monk (Power: 4 -> 3)

Solitary Monk, for it’s casting cost, power, and keyword, might be one of the strongest units in the game. It has a drawback, but it’s not quite enough to justify how good it is. A 4/3 that recalls all other allies of yours? You can easily use this to keep a train of buffs going with a variety of units. She’s a threat and can push serious damage out, and you can use that “Recall” keyword to your benefit, instead of as a downside. It’s used in a wealth of decks, so they’re going to lower her damage output. This way, she’s still useful, but not going to be a bunker buster.

Some miscellaneous changes are being made to the game as well. One of the big things, the Vault’s unlock timing is changing. It’s going from Tuesday at 8 a.m. to Thursday at 8 a.m. To adjust for that, this week’s Vault duration will extend to nine days.

It also sounds like the last patches changes to tri-region Expedition Drafting has improved how viable they are. That’s good news, right? They’re going to tweak them just a little more. They’re also going to reduce the consistency of mono-region drafting since it’s been just a little too strong.

  • While drafting a tri-region deck, slightly increased how frequently you’ll be offered packs from the archetypes completely contained within your three regions during your Wild Picks.
  • While drafting a mono-region deck, reduced how frequently you’ll be offered the matching mono-region archetype during your Wild Picks.

If you check out the official patch notes, you can see exactly how some of these Archetypes are changing. There are many additions/removals across the board, so click here to see what you can expect if you’re a big fan of Expeditions.

All told, this isn’t the biggest patch Legends of Runeterra has set out, but Labs are going to offer something special for players who want to do something fun and different. That’s the part I like the most, and cannot wait to see what they’re going to offer in later patches. I’m also very glad they aren’t just a weekend-only thing, like Gauntlets.


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