Legends of Runeterra Open Beta Patch Notes Discussion

by in League of Legends | Jan, 22nd 2020

Depending on if you pre-installed Legends of Runeterra or not, the open beta begins on Friday. We got a little early peek at the Legends of Runeterra open beta patch notes, which you can find the full notes in this link.

A whole host of changes are coming to the game, but perhaps the most satisfying part to me is that everything is being reset. Sure, the people who spent real money will get it back, the amount may change slightly. That’s because the value and price of their coins have changed away from the League of Legends RP. But without further ado, let’s talk patch notes!

EXP and Purchasing Power

Riot is making sure that those who did spend money will have at least as much purchasing power as they did during the closed beta. They also adjusted Shard values and rewards, to preserve the 10:1 ratio between Shard and Coin costs for content, and some tweaks to the relative shard values (Rare & Epic 4th copies are worth more, Common 4th copies a bit less).

Other than that, Vault, Expedition, Prologue, and general chest rewards have all been updated. Much of this is tied to the above changes, but we’re also aiming to make Expeditions more accessible for everyone by adding an Expedition Token to level 10 Vaults and making Shards a greater proportion of the rewards you get from your Expeditions.

Players can also expect greater XP rewards to make the grind less frustrating. Summoners will gain bonus XP for the first few wins of the day, and get more XP from losses, while XP gains tail off as you reach many hours of Legends of Runeterra in each day.

Sounds like the more you play, the less exp you’ll get, but at least it starts you strong.

Ranked and Social Content

The Legends of Runeterra open beta will have ranked as of this update. One of their goals is to offer stiff competition, with plenty of tactical depth and interaction. With that in mind, the beta ranked season will start with the open beta and go until full launch.

At the end of the beta season, an exclusive icon will be doled out, based on your highest tier, to commemorate the first climb in Ranked. You never forget your first, after all. Unlike MTG Arena though, Legends of Runeterra is coming out swinging with fully functioning social features.

You will be able to make friends with and chat with anyone on all three of the current Legends of Runeterra shards (servers: Americas, Asia, Europe). But you can only challenge people in your shard. The Legends of Runeterra open beta has a friends list and chat built on a different service than the challenge service.

That’s why you can talk to anyone but can only battle people within your region. The shards/servers are bigger than League of Legends shards at least, which will give bigger, but separate challenge & matchmaking pools.

Notes About Friends List & Chat

  • Friends list added.
  • Includes cross-game presence—see whether your friends are playing LoL or LoR.
  • Friend chat added.
  • Friend challenge added.

The social panel is still a bit work-in-progress, so expect some wonkiness at first. Here are some of the more notable known issues we’re planning to fix with our next release in two weeks:

  • Players may see delays when adding or removing names from the block list.
  • Players won’t receive unread notifications for messages received while offline.
  • New message notifications aren’t correctly dismissed at first for active conversations but will be after a short delay.
  • The client may occasionally become unresponsive when receiving or accepting a challenge invite while performing other in-client actions (opening rewards, entering Expeditions, etc.). Relog to fix.

As a final bit, they also added a new Collections tab, to customize your gameplay experience. The first new boards are also out, one for each region, and new guardians. There are three more joining the original Poro. There are more of these to come, so you can customize your look as the game grows.

There are six new region-inspired boards too:

  • Hall of Valor
  • Reckoners Arena
  • Iceborn Peak
  • Clifftop Monastery
  • Hextech Lab
  • Cursed Ruins

The three new guardians are:

  • T-Hex
  • Gromp Jr.
  • Scaled Snapper

Champion Updates

We’re not going to talk about every single card change, just the most important ones. The patch notes themselves will highlight every single change.

When I was talking to friends in the closed beta, three champions came up over and over as the “strongest”. The most OP, the busted, easy win champions. Those were Anivia, Fiona, Tryndamere. As it turns out, only two of those was adjusted during the closed beta through the Legends of Runeterra open beta patch notes: Anivia and Tryndamere.

Anivia was incredibly popular and was often built to exploit her incredible strengths. She could be leveled up easily, with very few chances for the opponent to interact with her. They are preserving her copy and sacrifice synergy, while also giving opponents a more consistent ability to react to her. She’s been reworked to fit into an Enlightened deck, so she will have a better role as a control and ramp finisher.

They are also removing her inability to block and adjusted her stats to support both the ice-wall feel and a roadblock playstyle that synergizes better with her League of Legends feel and her Legends of Runeterra style.

Anivia (Level 1)

Cost: 6 (->7)

Power: 4 (->2)

Health: 3 (->4)

Old Text: Can’t block. Attack: Deal 1 damage to all enemies. [Last Breath]: Revive me transformed into [Eggnivia].

New Text: Attack: Deal 1 damage to all enemies. [Last Breath]: Revive me transformed into [Eggnivia]. Level Up: You’re Enlightened.

Level 2

Cost: 6 (->7)

Power: 5 (->3)

Health: 4 (->5)

Old Text: Can’t block. Attack: Deal 2 damage to all enemies. [Last Breath]: Revive me transformed into [Eggnivia]

New Text: Attack: Deal 2 damage to all enemies. [Last Breath]: Revive me transformed into [Eggnivia].


Health: 1 (->2)

Old Text: Can’t block. Level Up: Start of Round: Transform me back into Anivia and Level Up.

New Text: Level Up: Start of Round: If you’re Enlightened, transform me back into Anivia and Level Up.

Ezreal’s level 2 form saw a minor change. One of the things that made him too powerful and consistent was the 0-cost Nexus Strike. All he had to do was cast a spell and blast the enemy Nexus, making it easy to get wins.

Instead, the Legends of Runeterra open beta puts the cost back on. It won’t impact his early game, while still keeping his late game as a true display of skill. It will keep the “is this the end?” feeling to late game Ezreal. He’s going to put all his foes in a museum.

Ezreal (Level 2):

Old Text: Nexus Strike: Create a zero cost [Fleeting] [Mystic Shot]. When you cast a spell, deal 2 damage to the enemy Nexus.

New Text: Nexus Strike: Create a [Fleeting] [Mystic Shot]. When you cast a spell, deal 2 damage to the enemy Nexus.

Good ol’ Tryndamere. One of my least-favorite split-pushers. Tryndamere at level 2 was too hard to deal with, from what I understand. He had a pretty constrained window of interaction to deal with. This was doubly true when he was brought out due to mana ramp, or through other champions like Thresh.

All told, removing [Tough] from him should let the midrange decks have a chance to deal with the Barbarian King. This shouldn’t make him unplayable but will slow him down just a bit.

Tryndamere (Level 2)

Old Text: [Overwhelm] [Fearsome] [Tough]

New Text: [Overwhelm] [Fearsome]

Follower & Spells Updates

A whole host of followers and spells were adjusted, for a host of reasons. Most of them make sense to me, even though I wasn’t a part of the closed beta. Of course, the patch notes above will have the full details, but I highlighted a few that were the most interesting to me.

Battlesmith (Common to Rare): This is a change aimed at Expeditions. Demacia and the Elites archetypes are said to be overperforming in this, so this is a great time to adjust the rarity of certain cards. Instead of adjusting their stats and effects, they are making the Battlesmith a bit rarer. Silverwing Vanguard, on that note, was shifted from Rare to Common. That was likely done to preserve the rarity balance in the land of Demacia.

Fleetfeather Tracker: The Fleetfeather Tracker is used far too much, and it’s no secret as to why. Simply playing it as a one-drop gave it [Challenger], which is pretty darn strong. Instead, it was adjusted. Now, it only receives [Challenger] when you summon another ally. This makes players must work a little more for that vaunted power.

  • [Challenger] -> “When you summon another ally, grant me [Challenger].

Cloud Drinker: Cloud Drinker was a very powerful combo piece but was also too tanky. It was making it much easier to defend the combo strategy, so it was harder to deal with overall. But the [Enlightened] tag also could have created some infinite/easy game-ending combos in the future. So, with that in mind, it’s [Enlightened] was removed.

  • Health: 7 -> 5; Your [Burst] spells cost 1 less. [Enlightened] ability removed.

Wraithcaller: Most things seemed to be nerfed, but not the Wraithcaller. It was apparently a very fun card but was weak overall. They are trying to buff Wraithcaller to make the “Mistwraith” deck more fun and satisfying to play. It wasn’t made ridiculous though.

  • Health: 2 -> 3; [Fearsome] added; [Allegiance]: Summon a [Mistwraith].


In their patch notes, they will also have a Watchlist. This is where they focus on stuff that may need to be tweaked in the future, based on play data and internal testing. They are looking at [Deny] and perhaps a bit of [Elusive].

Deny is a card that helps Legends of Runeterra be an interactive game, even in the open beta. It’s also incredibly efficient, making it hard to interact favorably against decks that use it. That’s clearly the point of Deny, but it can also make strategies that require a prompt interaction in order to not be obliterated. That means Elusive-heavy builds.

Those Elusive-Deny strategies are apparently strong, without requiring an immediate fix. It’s something the Riot developers are looking at because simply removing [Elusive] from units doesn’t really help. They’re looking at it though.

The reason they say removing Elusive units makes it more powerful, is that the keyword increases in power if it appears less frequently across competitive decks. That means less incentive to bring proper removal, and fewer Elusive blockers. It’s complicated, so we’ll just have to see what happens.

All in all, we’re excited about this new card game, and sincerely hope it doesn’t wind up feeling as painful to grind and unlock cards as other card games do. Make sure you keep your eyes on Esports Talk since I’ll be doing deckbuilds and content as I do with MTG, to keep up with the latest in card games.


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